WeAreChange meets Chris Jericho

Brian from CHANGE meets wrestling star Chris Jericho.



I really like the idea behind this. Meet all kinds of celebrities and public figures and give them a respectful heads-up on 9/11 Truth. It's a good reminder that the vast majority of our encounters with public figures should be friendly and respectful, not confrontational.

Someone has to do this with Mirko Cro Cop! (Famous MMA fighter, member of Croatian parliament and anti-terrorist police.) I will if he ever makes a local appearance here. :-)

seems like a nice guy but...

I think it is great to get celebrities to come on board and to publicize those that are on board with the movement.

However, this guy hasn't much to add except that he is open to checking it out.

Jesse Ventura has proven himself to be more than an actor in the industry of "professional wrestling". He is a smart man who was a successful governor of the state of Minnesota. He is also a demolitions expert, a skill he learned while in the Navy Seals.

I don't know the background of Chris Jericho, but he is in an industry that some people believe is legitimate competition, while most of us know that it is staged show business.

My question is whether the fact that "professional wrestling" is obviously fake will impugn his credibility and possibly leave the movement open to debunkers' retaliation that we are counting on fake wrestlers to verify the movement's validity.

I am open to hearing an alternative view.

I was just wondering.

Celebrities will grow our voice

The wrestling business has a huge following and Chris Jericho is an established figure. 8x Intercontinental champion. Celebrities of all kind should be educated and encouraged to speak out. People will listen to them. And who cares what the debunkers have to say? They have little to no impact on public opinion, if you ask me.

PS - And yes that is Richard Christie in the background (Howard Stern Show / metal drummer). Didn't get a chance to talk to him, unfortunately.

Wrestling is real and I was wrong. Please forgive me.

How stupid of me.

I have supported We Are Change time after time on this site. Y'all do great things for the movement. I think Luke is a real hero. But if you say wrestling is fake, you must be misinformed and you will be given negative feedback into oblivion forever and ever Amen. Now I understand.

Clearly you are a big fan and I apologize for my insensitivity. Keep up the good work.

Maybe we can get Richard Christie to tattoo 911 Truth onto his nut sack. That too, would be good for the movement.

Who said wrestling is "real"?

You don't have to get so defensive dude. No one really thinks that wrestling is "real" anymore, do they? That is a given. The point is that we are getting the word out, and while he may not a qualified expert on the subject, he would bring awareness to the issue to thousands, if not millions of new people, were he to speak out. We need to reach out to all areas of media and entertainment, this is only a start. It's about building bridges.

oh, ok!

Good job. Now I am clear.

Keep up the good work Brian.

I don't want to be perceived as a wet blanket. I agree that we need to reach everyone.

Wrestling is real. It's

Wrestling is real.

It's real entertainment, like any other TV show. No one who watches it except children or the mentally deficient actually believe it is "unscripted" (although some things happen that make it have to change course). It's like watching the Sopranos and thinking that it is really happening, which would be crazy. It's just another form of a TV show. I don't understand how people can get so biased towards professional wrestling yet spend 5 hours talking about shows like "Lost" or "Heroes".

However, the athletes perform incredible acts, they work their bodies down to the bone, and many are seriously injured or even die. I could never discredit the work they do by calling it "fake".

Great minds ... think for themselves.

You forgot first WWE UNIFIED

You forgot first WWE UNIFIED CHAMPION and Lead Singer of the Band "Fozzy".


Not a bad video, but why not give him Press for Truth? Why give him something that has such a stigma to it already?

Great minds ... think for themselves.

That's called getting the god damn job done.

Nice work.

Break down the walls!

Rock on! Excellent work Brian and all of WeAreChange!!

With you in solidarity!,
WeAreChangeLA - http://www.wacla.org

My hope is...

...this sort of celebrity confrontation, will become so common word gets out! Any celeb will be on notice to be prepared as well!!!

...don't believe them!