Where there's smoke, there's...?

I have watched the Naudet film "9/11" carefully, but never noticed that it includes a clip of the WTC2 collapse that captures a dark smoke plume rising at a considerable distance apparently SW from the towers. No doubt its approximate location can be triangulated by reference to landmarks.

The plume does not appear to be industrial exhaust as it is dark grey and has not drifted laterally, but is typical of aircraft crashes.

It appears at 54:00 on the DVD, and blooms upwards for several seconds as the WTC2 cloud expands. A still from this clip is discussed as Item 5 here:


The source of the clip is unknown and may be among the film's credits, but there it is--smack in the middle of this slick Naudet CBS/Paramount production.

I link to Raphael's analysis of the Naudet film "9/11" because it is the only place I have seen this still isolated, NOT because I seek to promote his conclusion that the film is evidence of complicity by the Naudets or--more devisively--certain members of the FDNY.

Do the timing and location of this smoke bloom corroborate Patricia Ondrovic's testimony? Ondrovic describes an aircraft becoming a "fireball" "over Jersey" as she flees the WTC2 collapse.


"As I was running north in this park, and then I could start seeing again a little bit, and I just kept looking in the sky. Cause the captain was saying there's another plane heading in our direction, I was looking for another plane. I saw something in the sky, it was a plane, but it was way out. It looked like it was over Jersey or something, then it wasn't there anymore. I saw a small fireball, and it was gone. I saw two other planes. One came in one way, and the other came in the other way, and there was a plane in the middle that was way far off in the distance. Then the plane in the middle just disappeared into a little fire ball. It looked like the size of a golf ball from where I could see it. And the other two planes veered off into opposite directions. I just kept on running north. About fifteen blocks later, I had no idea that that was just the first tower that had come down."

Is anyone familiar with the clip in which this plume appears? Is it visible elsewhere in the video record? Can anyone post this clip and relevant stills in comments here?

Smoke in Lower Manhattan as WTC2 Falls

Hi Michael Fury

I remember this was first pointed out quite some time ago, I first seen it in 2006 but did not really pay attention until I saw the longer clip.

Dylan Avery posted a reasonable quality DivX version in June 2007, which corroborates the Naudet's clip.

I posted on YouTube at : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wt7r_fMPhzk


In the video (More Info) section, I included a link to Dylan's DivX version for download and some rough estimates as to where I believe the smoke cloud originates from, and came to the following conclusion...


The smoke cloud appears approx 17 seconds into this clip (bottom left screen) and seems to be the result of an explosion occuring in Lower Manhattan (South of Wall Street around Hanover Square / Old Slip) area.

Further checking on the Line-Of-Sight, it is possible that something occurred across the Hudson, in the vicinity of "Liberty State Park", New Jersey.


Regarding Patricia Ondrovic's testimony (not really related to above smoke cloud, different location completely), that she was parked on West Vesey (by the WFC) and experienced many cars explode etc, this ties in with Car Park fires/explosions seen in the Dr. Mark Heath video, which includes some guys in close proximity fire suits coming from that area and heading towards a Beth Israel ambulance #1720 (imo to make a GETAWAY).

I have seen no other footage of these guys (and I've seen a lot) and consider them suspicious considering the timing of their appearance (approx 10:35 - 10:45am)

Some snaps from Dr. Mark Heath's footage (from archive.org CNN mpegs - Aired approx 4:25pm on 9/11) - click to enlarge...

Low-res version... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1l72oZwCvU


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These guys would be worth an interview !!!

Best wishes

Thanks, Veritas

Very interesting.

Definitely an explosion, but no visible aerial object. So perhaps this is a "van full of explosives" type of explosion? If it occurs "across the Hudson" it must be very large, yes? As for the "Hanover Square/Old Slip" area, was this near the location of the truck/van with the strangely prophetic mural reported to have blown up in a police transmission?

Here is the radio report. He clearly says that two men got out of it and ran away, and that "the van exploded".

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