WeAreChangeLA interviews Alex Jones at Bilderberg 2008

WeAreChangeLA's Stewart Howe stands in solidarity with Abby Martin of truther.org, and Alex Jones of infowars.com at Bilderberg 2008 in Virginia outside the Westfields Marriott Hotel.


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Dear Abby

Boy do I envy you. I would love to meet all my 9/11 truth heroes like Alex Jones ect. I guess I am not as good looking as you. I am just a 9/11 truth grunt........... Seriously, keep up the great work. You and your San Diego group are doing a super job. If I lived in San Diego I would be right there with you guys bike and all. Keep on truck'in, We will win this thing, no doubt in my mind.

Orwellian Truth = Tought is Burdensome!

Thank you for the video clip from Bilderberg 2008. Jones is right, "America has become a country of drones in their little bubbles afraid to say anything." "It's total mind control."

It's a pretty sad state.

Total Mind Control = Afraid to Think...because it's too ugly.

...don't believe them!