Jesse Ventura's latest appearance on Hannity & The Hot Blonde Subbing For Colmes

(Edit - from 7.28.2008 - missed this one.)

Not much needs to be said except Keep it Up Jesse!

As a high-profile 9/11 truther you may arguably be able to actually have MORE of an effect with this cause than you would have in the restrained PC, taboo-forbidden, controlled nature of the halls of our U.S. Senate. Don't let your wife's disgust with politics keep you from perpetually speaking the truth!

Excellent job spreading the Herman Goering quote!

Thank You Jesse

War With Russia Is On The Agenda Paul Craig Roberts 8-25-08

Hot blonde?

.......time for a new prescription. As always Jeese is the man! I was sad to see him not run , but i understand.
Hannity is scared shitless. but still tries to speak over him.
I would love to see Jeese back on faux to speak more about 9/11. I really believe there is alot of facts Jesse could learn about 9/11 if he dug just a little deeper, and with his voice would be an even bigger truth asset.
Does anyone have his contact information? I would love to send him a few e mails, at the very least just to say thank you.

I can't stand the sound of her voice

Sorry, I couldn't listen to the interview.

Are you sure that's a "she"?

holy god

her voice is terrible.

her voice

Is because she smokes cigarettes.

Her name is Susan Estrich, originally from MarbleHEAD (capitals to help with pronunciation)Mass. Just as Obama was the first African American to be president of the Harvard Law Journal, Susan was the first woman to hold that honor. She is or was a law professor at the University of Southern California. She was Dukakis' campaign manager in 88. She actually had the courage to admit she was responsible for the tank picture fiasco.

She was Wellesley College '74 (Hillary was Wellesley '69)

I know this because I lived in the same Wellesley dorm as Susan in the 71-72 school year.

She used to skip dinner to keep her weight down and order a pizza at night. She was very attractive as an undergrad and had no reason to worry about her weight.

I was a little surprised to see her because she could wipe the floor with Hannity in a debate. I guess it's because she doesn't disagree with him that much.

"Her name is Susan Estrich,"

Ah yes, I remember when the documentary "OUTFOXED: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism" exposed her. She's what they call a faux-liberal; someone who claims to be the opponent to Hannity but in reality mostly tows the repub party line.

The voice I can't stand is Hannity's. He's a CIA mouthpiece, a

traitor, & a boldfaced liar!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

The "Hot Blonde" comment is

The "Hot Blonde" comment is unnecessary.....

and exaggerated ;-)

Great minds ... think for themselves.

Okay, fine, jeez!

A failed attempt at humor after a few beers!

Anyone else notice...

The upside down stars on the elephant making them pentagrams? Just an observation.

elephant in the room


If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

guess I never really looked...

they're always upside down on the elephant... unlike an american flag.


Ventura, like so many others, allows Hannity to get away with the gargantuan lie about the US having to invade Iraq because Hussein wasn't cooperating. At the time, Hans Blix said he only needed a short time more to complete an investigation that was likely to conclude Iraq was not a threat.


Saddam did allow the weapon inspectors into his country. He was not in violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1441 which was passed on November 8, 2002. As Hans Blix wrote in his book, Disarming Iraq,

"Although the inspection organization was now operating at full strength and Iraq seemed determined to give it prompt access everywhere, the United States appeared as determined to replace our inspection force with an invasion army."

"Our inspectors in Iraq continued to work on Monday, March 17. They supervised the destruction of two Al-Samoud missiles, bringing the total number destroyed to seventy-two." Hans Blix

Hannity said that intelligent people can disagree. Maybe. However, all of Hannity's arguments for why we needed to invade were false.

Jesse Ventura is a true Patriot

Keep up the great work Jesse. Get on the tube every chance you can. Your country needs you. The world needs you.

With you in the solidarity,
WeAreChangeLA -


Please run for president. Please...