WeAreChangeLA confronts CIA Director Michael V. Hayden on the controlled demolition of the Constitution and 9/11 treason

On September 16, 2008, CIA Director and former Director of the NSA Michael V. Hayden came to speak to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council. WeAreChangeLA decided to go and join the conversation.

Stewart Howe, taking the civil approach while referencing a speech Hayden gave to the CFR last year, asked the Director whether, in the post-9/11 United States of America, we were, in fact, witnessing the controlled demolition of the Constitution and Bill of Rights under the guise of a War on Terror.

During Hayden's answer, Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, taking an disuptive approach, asked Hayden whether it was possible that a couple of Mossad agents could have been documenting (and celebrating btw) in the minutes after the 1st hit on the WTC, while Hayden and almost the entire military-intelligence command structure learned about it from CNN. Really, this is their story. Most, including Hayden, allegedly attributed the 1st attack to "pilot error."

It is our duty as Americans to confront, with the power of truth spoken, those war criminals who are, under guise of a War on Terror, waging war on We the People and our Republic, and who have declared the entire planet to be their war-zone.

Only a truth, justice and peace revolution based on love will prevail.

video: Bruno Bruhweiler
editing: Jeremy Rothe-Kushel
intro music: Libra Project "Information (acoustic version on WERS '03")
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This is the longer question I would like to ask Mr. Hayden that had to figure out how to boil down to 10 seconds in the moment. If he wants to come clean this treasonous matter, I'm sure he has my phone number, and he can give me a call.

As the director of the NSA, even with such institutional resources and programs such as the NRO, NGA (then known as NIMA), Project Groundbreaker and Trailblazer, you claim to have had no indication of “Al-Qaeda’s plan to attack NY or Washington or the US in general." A message had been intercepted but not translated until after 9-11 that said “tomorrow is the zero hour.” Fair enough, since you were apparently not alone in our government in being in the dark about what happened on 9-11. While the NRO, Joint Chiefs, NORAD and FEMA were running wargames and terror drills that were fairly mimetic of what actually happened, people like Bush and Rice said that no one could imagine what happened. And it appears that many people in a crucial position of responsibility that day not only said they thought the 1st hit was accident, but found out about the entire event from the TV. The secretary of Defense allegedly learned that the Pentagon was under threat by the loud boom from the other side.

But meanwhile, a couple hours before the attack, a message had been transmitted through Odigo, an Israeli messaging company that warned of an imminent attack in NY. And then, in the minutes after couple few Mossad agents in New Jersey are immediately aware that a terrorist attack is occurring and just so happen to be in place to document it and celebrate it, while people like the president and his whole contingent allegedly believe the 1st hit was “pilot error”,

So, what we have here is almost the entire top tier of the civilian, military and intelligence command structure supposedly learning that the nation was under attack from CNN while someone’s text messaging their Israeli friends a pretty exact warning a couple hours before the attack and Mossad agents are perfectly positioned in New Jersey to immediately document and celebrate the 1st strike on the Towers.

Either we’re dealing with a full on Israeli-cultivated, architected and/or desired terrorist attack against the US, catching the entire US military and intelligence establishment unaware, or people like the President and Vice President, you and others in and out of our government were likely knowledgeable and/or architecturally complicit in the attacks.

So, I would like to hear which of these two possible scenarios you assert to be true.

And then finally I need to ask you, if, God and patriots forbid, there were to be another terrorist attack on the people of the United States of a nuclear, biological, chemical or other nature- as we are promised is INEVITABLE by the people such as Vice President Cheney, Department of Homeland Security Czar Chertoff who should, if operating from a place of good faith with the American people, only be promising to do everything they can to stop it from ever happening again- why should we the patriotic American people of conscience and courage and those of our soldiers who take seriously the oath they took to defend us and our Constitution against ALL enemies both foreign and domestic, not immediately look to lawless individuals within institutions and companies in places like Chantilly and Langley, Virginia, Fort Meade, Maryland, San Diego, CA, the City of London, Tel Aviv and 1600 Pennsylvania Ave for accountability?

And the even more glaring and pressing question is, with all the evidence that points to lawless individuals embedded in these very same places being the architects of the 9-11-01 terrorist attacks, what do you suggest we the American people do right now to resolve this ongoing treasonous cover-up of an act of war on the American people and the murder of almost 3000 human beings from the United States and almost a half of the countries of the world?

Why, except for the difficulty of slipping your guards and convincing the police to back up the arrest, should I not consider it my duty as an American under the law of the land to attempt a citizen’s arrest on you right now for your guilt, at the very least of treason in your role in the ongoing cover-up of 9-11?

And if you happen to still think that I am joking, I have right here in my hands the letter and information that a group of patriotic Americans delivered to Federal Judge George H. Wu 2 months ago to fulfill our constitutional duties to inform the judiciary of treasonous actions and inactions by the heads of the executive and legislative branches.

Hayden kept the juice flowing to "Al Qaeda" in the mid 90s...

Cultivating a rich crop indeed for the patsy harvest of 2001;

Bush CIA Nominee Turned Blind Eye As Arms Flowed To Al Qaeda In 1994, 1995

"From 1993 to 1995, money, arms and expertise flooded from the United States to al Qaeda military networks in Bosnia-Herzegovina -- all under the watchful eye of Gen. Michael V. Hayden -- then chief of U.S. military intelligence in the region and named Monday as President Bush's nominee to take over the CIA.

Hayden served as director of the U.S. European Command Intelligence Directorate, based in Stuttgart, Germany, from May 1993 to October 1995...

Hayden's role in Bosnia is far from clear, but his name has been linked repeatedly to allegations that the American government provided arms and other support to al Qaeda-linked militants inside Bosnia – support that continued even after investigations stemming from the World Trade Center bombing revealed a direct link between the Bosnia initiative and terrorist attacks on U.S. soil...

Hayden "had access to virtually all intelligence" generated by the U.S., U.N. and NATO regarding military activity in the Balkans, according to a 450-page report commissioned by the Dutch government to document a wide range of intelligence activity in Bosnia.

Yet Al Qaeda operatives openly exploited U.S. political support for Bosnian Muslims to spearhead a global expansion of Osama bin Laden's anti-American jihad thoughout Hayden's entire tenure as senior military intelligence commander in the region..."


Something tells me that Mr. Hayden is pretty uninterested in bringing the light of day to this can of worms.



Good work. Suggestion

I think it would be a very good idea to more widely use the term "controlled demolition" like that: metaphorically ("controlled demolition of our constitution/civil liberties/..."). It plays on many levels psychologically. The obvious gets mentioned even when it is not stated and not directly argued about.

Great wording!

Great job, guys, I love the question about how could 5 Mossad agents be in place to watch the demolitions yet our "intelligence" agencies were out of the loop. These guys know damn well that those of us looking for the Truth of 9/11 are doing our homework. When will the first book come out giving the most truthful account of what occurred? This is history, and We are Change people should appreciate their place in it. Thanks for your tenacity and keep up the great work!!!