The last acquitted by the Supreme Court in Spain denies that the Leganés group committed Madrid Bombinbs

Note: 11-M is what is used in Spanish for the madrid bombings.
In Leganes the supposed terrorists alledgidly blew themselves up after the bombings when the police were at their door (one policeman died).
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Orignial article:

MADRID .- First they said that he and his brother Moutaz were the brains of 11-M. Later, he was sentenced to 12 years and, last July, the Supreme Court acquitted him. Today he speaks for the first time in the newspaper El Mundo and considers that he and his family have become "the other victims of the 11-M" and that the confidants know much more about the attacks.

On July 17th he received the good news in the prison in Alicante that the Supreme Court was acquitting him of all charges and that he was a free man. This is an excerpt from the interview.

  • "If it were true that those who were on that floor had killed 192 people, how could they become friendly terrorists and wait until the entire building was cleared to commit suicide?".
  • "Serhane ( 'El Tunecino') and those who died in Leganes had no technical capacity to carry out the attack. Moreover, Serhane did not know even how to join two wires."
  • "We are convinced that the attack was planned before the election, and that it is closer to the criminals than the Muslims. The police informers and their controllers know much more than what they have said."
  • "The police wanted me to say that Zougam and Serhane were friends. I told them again and again that I had never seen them together. Then a policeman approached me and said:" False testimony is not a crime ...'".
  • "No Justice has been done. If the ones in Leganes had not died, none of us would have been sitting on the bench. They needed some authors or perpetrators in order to present them in front of the Spanish people, and they choosed us."
  • " 'El Pais' released a police report saying that without the 'Almallah' the attack would not have been committed. It has been demonstrated to be false. That at the end my brother had no connection either with or Abu Qutada nor 'Abu Leche' . (note, abu leche is joking (leche means milk, also kind of curseword).
  • "My family and I are the other face of the victims of terrorism. I lost my job, my reputation, and stil some neighbors look at me with bad side. Who will reward me for my losses?".
  • "The president of the Association of Muslims told us we had to integrate into society. I joined the PSOE without any endorsement. I have not received any note of expulsion nor have they asked me for forgiveness when I have been acquitted." (note: PSOE is the current party in goverment in the present).