Keith Olbermann nails Bush on legacy including My Pet Goat, Air Quality & Rescue Workers, Anthrax, and 9/11.

Countdown: Comment on the Bush Legacy

Includes Commentary on:
- My Pet Goat
- Air Quality at Ground Zero
- Health of Rescue Workers
- Bin Laden Family Fleeing Country
- Opposed 9/11 Commission
- Anthrax Attacks Unresolved

Email Him ~

Holy Sh*t !..........

I like you Keith. Although i am sure a man of you're intelligence knows the whole truth. At least you point out the obvious in this clip. Thanks

An Easy Lie To Nail Bush & Co. With

Why doesn't Keith Olbermann nail Bush & Co. on a verifiable lie: That NORAD on 9/11 couldn't monitor American airspace. The five articles on NORAD at recount articles/documents published before 2001 that show that NORAD was not only actively monitoring American airspace on 9/11, but that NORAD radar operators were tasked with identifying aircraft flying through American airspace (those aircraft that fly higher than 18,000 feet, which are required to file flight plans with the FAA).

Dean Jackson/webmaster
Washington, DC

Olberman's rant misses on Russia.

He apparently didn't get the memo that Russia was retaliating for Georgia's (sanctioned and assisted by the US and Israel) murderous attack on unarmed citizens of South Ossetia. Of course he also missed on OBL and 911, dutifully touting the OCT.

What is the date of this broadcast?

It's always a good idea to reference the date in a correspondence, yes?

Thanks for posting this, Orangutan.

I think we should focus especially hard on the "Air Quality at Ground Zero" and the "Health of Rescue Workers" in our emails to him and encourage him to take up the cause of those suffering from the dust/smoke. These folks need help NOW and it is a "safe" subject for him. If we put enough energy into this it will go viral in the media and they will get the help they need and this can become a bridge to the greater truth about the events of 9/11/01.

Imagine if he gets thousands of emails and piles of postcards, especially postcards from firemen all across the country (and the world, for that matter)?

If we focus we can generate some real change for people who need it and build a massive constituency for a new investigation.

I remember hearing something about Mr. Olbermann leaving this show and returning to sports. Is this true and, if so, when? The end of the year?

Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

Love is a verb, brothers and sisters, let's get busier!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Original Air Date ~ Tuesday, December 9th, 2008.

Also reached number one story on

With General Gul of Pakistan saying 9/11 was an inside job on Fareed Zakaria's CNN show this Sunday.
Jonathan Turley on Rachel Maddow's MSNBC Show saying there's a "Strange Alliance" between Bush and KSM.
And now this on Countdown with Keith Olbermann. There may be some momentum to build on. Keep pushing.

I love Olbermann but

I wish he would come clean on 9/11. He knows. They all do.

And he signals that he knows

with seeing first plane strike, remaining in classroom, ushering out Bin Laden family, opposing 9/11 Commission,.
Straddling half the truth makes his critique curiously unfocussed and incoherent - but I suspect that's as far as he can push it without dropping off the airwaves.

You bet

that is as far as he can push it. They would nail him to the cross if he told all he knows. Look what happened to Mike Malloy. Air America really gave him the shaft for telling the truth about 9/11. That is why I love Malloy so much. That man has some balls. A true American. He has all my respect.

I agree

Malloy is the man. When he is pissed off nobody does it better. I have heard some stunning rants from that guy.

me too on Mike Malloy.

He knows the truth and has the balls to say it on the air.

Mike Malloy is a must listen for me.

You can catch his show streaming live nightly at and various other alternative talk station sites.

Full Transcript....

President Bush tells interviewers he does not care how history will portray him.

But in our third story tonight, the Los Angeles Times has obtained an internal White House memo giving cabinet members talking points for painting history a rosy portrait of Mr. Bush even though his image will only get worse, as new, damning facts emerge.

What does the memo say? And how are we obliged to correct its bizarre claims?

To start, it says Mr. Bush, quote, "...promised to raise standards and accountability in public schools -- and delivered the No Child Left Behind Act," an act so poorly received, that the Times points out it became a standard applause line this year... for Democrats.

Also from the memo: he curbed AIDS in Africa.

Its spread has slowed, and Mr. Bush has won praise for this but he has not won any praise for withholding funds from groups that promote condom use, a proven life-saver in favor of abstinence-only programs, which have also failed in this country.

Also, Mr. Bush's foreign-aid puritan, Randall Tobias quit last year after patronizing an escort service linked to prostitution.

Also from the memo: Mr. Bush lifted the economy with his tax cuts and, quote, "responded with bold measures to prevent an economic meltdown."
In 2005, Mr. Bush told a 57-year-old single mother of three, one of them mentally challenged, that it was "fantastic", "uniquely American" that she had to work three jobs unlike half a million people who have no job as of November... in the first presidency for decades during which family earning power fell, and income disparity continued to rise.

The "meltdown" he "prevented" now having claimed several Wall Street institutions which had weathered 1929, and 9/11... but not 43.
And, of course, the old standby, quote, he "kept the American people safe"...

Not counting twenty percent of his first term, January 20th, 2001, until September 11th, 2001. On 9/11, he sat reading "My Pet Goat" for seven minutes after learning America was under attack. Then covered up environmental dangers at Ground Zero, and failed to provide for the health of rescue workers. Helped bin Laden's family flee the country. Opposed the 9/11 Commission, the Department of Homeland Security. Tried to outsource America's port security to Dubai. Did not keep us safe from the shoe-bomber... alert passengers and crew did that...
Did not keep five Americans safe from anthrax... and never caught their killer.

Still hasn't caught the killer of 17 sailors aboard the USS Cole.

Still hasn't caught the killer of 3,000 on 9/11... outsourcing that to Afghans... turning that country into a narco-state, giving bin Laden a safe haven in the region of Waziristan by literally endorsing a truce that Pakistan signed with the Taliban there.

And most of all, not keeping safe 4,200 Americans dead in his war, a war that made us less safe, invading a country that posed no grave or gathering threat, provided a check on Iran... then igniting insurrection by disbanding the Baathist Party, creating a Muslim theocracy purged of its moderate intelligentsia. One in which freedom has marched backward for women.

And Lebanon, too, elected a Muslim theocracy... run by Hamas, no less.

Keeping us safe?

Terrorism is rising worldwide.

The still-thriving enemy has claimed Pakistan's Benazir Bhutto...

And thousands of people in India... including 200 in Mumbai last month.

Russia can now invade U-S allies without fear of retribution.

And Mr. Bush failed to prevent Kim Jong Il from joining the ranks of nuclear powers.

Despite even more ample warning than he received prior to 9/11, he lifted not a finger to keep a major American city safe from wind and water.

And what, finally, of the claim in the talking points... that Mr. Bush has always upheld, quote, "the honor and the dignity of his office"?

You must define dignity downward to find it in a lie.

The lie of "Mission Accomplished."

Of upholding the Constitution... or protecting habeas corpus.

That we do not eavesdrop without warrants... do not eavesdrop on Americans.

The lie that we do not torture.

That we do not play politics with justice... that we do not use the wheels of justice... to crush dissent.

That we do not betray those who serve us in secret.

That we uphold, rather than commute, the penalties for those who do.

That we do not stage fake news conferences, do not censor science... do not plant propaganda in Iraqi newspapers... nor pay US columnists to write it in American newspapers.

Or push respected Americans to vaporize their honor and dignity with lies to the world.

Or lie about the causes of the credit crisis, high gas prices, or even that he watched the first plane hit the North Tower on TV.

Where is the honor in vowing a crusade? Of daring those who would kill American troops to "bring it on?"

Of promising to care for the troops after you put them in harm's way, without body armor or up-armored vehicles?

Where was the honor, the dignity in giving a dead soldier's mother a presidential coin and telling her "don't sell it on eBay."?

His memo, revealing yet another lie.

He does care how history will portray him.

And now... he knows.

Please stop jamming up our assets...

Blunt words my blogger friends...

KO does MORE to "flip" the average citizen with these broadcasts than ALL of those 9/11 truthers who find it important to criticise him will ever do, or have ever done.

The continuing KO broadcasts in which he...inches closer and closer to the truth...and slowly nudges the same public that we know as being reluctant to the facts closer to the truth...and does so with GREAT controls around him...namely...GE...General Electric...a major arms manufacturer...ARE A PIECE OF BRILLIANT AND COURAGEUOS WORK right in front of his captors and paymasters.

And that these invisible, nameless and I think far less courageous than KO, 9/11 bloggers choose to criticize him and JAM him up because he doesn't come out and sacrifice his career's voice to bring down the governement exactly on the schedule developed by these 9/11 bloggers, is a flat out shame.

And this complaint of KO is lodged even when the fact is that we ourselves in the 9/11 Truth Movement are still only partially on the way to developing enough evidence to do the same on our own?

And here is another HARD TRUTH...

These types of comments are the EXACT model of the self-destructive and undermining statements that cointelpro has cleverly implanted over the years to destroy movements from within...and there is only history to prove this... there are NO DOUBTS about this FACT!

Now, I am not saying that anyone who...isn''t capable of seeing the position of KO...and seeing the positive value of his commentary...and is making negative commentary about KO...IS a cointelpro, but make no mistake about it, at the very best, these people wake up in the morning and the only thing that they can see is BARK...and they are mindlessly uttering cointelprospeak!

FYI for all our nit-picking complainers who don't "get stuff" too easily...

The above reference is to an old joke or addage made in reference to the fact that some people are simply too overmatched with daily existence to be able to understand that all the trees that are standing right in front of them, and serving to prevent them from locating the nearby forest, might actually BE part of that very forest that they were desperately looking for in the first place!

And being the BWA [Boston Wise Ass] that I am, I have taken liberty to "stretch" this addage a bit by noting that the person who can only see "bark" and complains that they can't find a single damn tree, is, perhaps, even MORE overmatched...

Time to figure some stuff out well BEFORE thy trap opens up too much more I'd say...

Get a glove, get in the game, or take a seat on the bench!

Now, lets focus upon the word "progress" here...


Robin Hordon

I wake someone up every day

It seems much easier than ever before to wake people up. It seems that they just need to hear somebody say it and it all becomes clear. Keep hitting the streets or whatever it is you are doing to get people to know their true threat.

Obama isn't the only reason that the people buy guns.
Together in Truth!

Good work.

That's the best way to get at it.

One person a day.

It makes a World of Difference.


The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

It isn't all or nothing

In this and other broadcasts of Olberman, I appreciate them insofar as he helps 'flip' people's eyelids open to the fact that they've been lied to--but groan at those points where he seems to pull them back down again and effectively encourage people to believe what they've been told. For example, criticizing Bush for opposing the creation of a Department of Homeland Security (I would rather NOT have people encouraged to see DHS as a good thing); and above all, showing not a hint of doubt that bin Laden was the 'killer' of 3,000 on 9/11, and regretting the outsourcing of the war in Afghanistan to local forces. This is the outlook of those who, like Obama and Biden, want to escalate the war in Afghanistan. I don't want that encouraged either.

Is it 'nitpicking' to point out these problems when they pop up in the rhetoric of Bush's critics in the MSM (Olberman is, of course, one of the best of these)? Is it 'jamming our assets' to refuse to pretend that such problems aren't there? Is it unfairly 'attacking' him to point these out? Of course there's much good in his presentation; bravo! And, true, he is there in the belly of the beast where he has to walk a fine line. But I think the kind of examples I cite above are eminently avoidable. I can understand why people in his position are reluctant to come out and declare that the OCT of 9/11 is a Big Lie. It's not so critical that they do so--what IS critical is that they not actively reinforce those lies. e.g., You if you're not ready to come out and say, 'Bin Laden didn't do 9/11,' please, please do not treat it as an undeniable fact that he DID do it!

Exactly Robin.

This is a huge thing for the MSM. And we are ultimately going to depend on flipping the MSM and forcing them to deal with these issues. They will make the process a lot easier at the least. Let's keep encouraging people like Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow to further push the envelope of exposing the truth. It's working.

Welcome KO, MSM Teasers!

There will come a day ( and many are beginning to realize this) when main stream media, politicians, silent majority will come forward and say " We knew it was an inside job all the time"... That day is coming and I for one am willing to welcome those coming out of that silent closet and join the growing movement of brave ones willing to go the mile for truth and Justice...I don't see KO recent observations on the Bush legacy as cointelpro here but more of getting ready to cover their damaged corporate butts... Advertisers pay attention to consumers...That's us....The Media (soulless as they are) are loosing advertisers dollars because the media war propaganda machine and the covering up the lies of 9/11 are killing the one truth they understand most... pissed off - I DON"T CARE- MAKE ME RICH -stock holders...Our job as 9/11 truthers "being the media", education the public must continue to strengthen our commitment to inform our communities regardless of these teasers MSM and KO are willing to let loose once in a while...World Public Opinion and how we work hard with-in the 9/11 truth movement to earn there respect as citizen media is all that matters... I'm willing to welcome these teasers...with or with-out MSM we have truth as our sword and many miles to go before we rest! miles to go before we rest!

it is all very sad but if i

it is all very sad
but if i allow myself to feel sad i am, to that degree, letting them effect me and win
so i watch this man telling half-truths (speaking truths while omitting others) about a man who has no discourse with any truth
and i inspire myself to put out more truth and to realize that i, and we, have that much more work to do.
"so...let's roll"


Meet The Truthers


Exactly Robin ... you said it perfectly and I couldn't agree more.