"We'll Soon Know if Obama Will Expose 9/11 Truth"


As internet activists, it's always good to do regular news.google.com searches on "9/11," "9/11 conspiracy" and "9/11 truth" to see if there are any recent articles worth mentioning. Today, I happen to find the following piece, very favorable, written by an obviously well-read Shelton Lankford. While the article is positive, the first 10 or so comments are rather hateful, negative comments telling Mr. Lankford to take his meds. I was the first positive comment. I realize that many of us feel lazy when it comes to registering an account with a paper in order to comment, but it really does only take a minute. Please take the time to not only comment but also e-mail the author and thank him.
We'll Soon Know if Obama Will Expose 9/11 Truth

The calendar has ticked over and in 16 days, we won't have President Bush to kick around any more.

One of the most grating things about the events of 9/11 is the people on whose watch it occurred, who did less than nothing to prevent it and who were duty-bound to investigate it and report to their bosses -- us -- what happened, remained in office, presiding over further disasters they deliberately caused or made worse with their incompetence. To compound the felony, we had to sit through seven years of speeches from them about how they were the only ones who could protect us, even as our economy disintegrated.

While I hesitate to proclaim it, for fear there is a grand finale in store, that chapter is nearly over and we will soon have a self-proclaimed reformer at the helm, with a staff of familiar faces. A healthy, if not filibuster-proof majority in the legislative branch will be in place and a new attorney general.

In the interim since 9/11, a wealth of investigative work and analysis by citizen investigators, scientists, scholars, architects, engineers, and military and government civilians has been brought forth. It renders the government account as endorsed by the 9/11 Zelikow-Kean Commission impossible to reconcile with the facts. The first several months of the new administration will reveal what we may expect. Given the players, I am not hopeful.

Will the truth remain a tell-tale bulge under the carpet?

Shelton F. Lankford


Shelton F. Lankford is a member of Delmarva Patriots for 9/11 Truth (www.delmarvapatriots.org). -- Editor

And now for the opening string of comments:

-What a wild imagination. Possibly delusional. There is no conspiracy. Take your meds and have a rest.

-Mr. Langford, nurse Ratched is looking for you.

-here we go again-he has beat this dead horse to death. i have serious doubts that Obama is going to drink the kool-aid too.

-Someone is off his meds again. No need for "The Prince of The Press" to expose the truth of 9/11 -we already know it.

-"OMG", someone left the door to the asylum open again.

-Why dont you start finding some other subjects to carry out your psychotic rants. There was no plot. That secret would have been too big to stay a secret. Especially with all the cut throating in politics.

-The only 9/11 aspect that might be a conspiracy is that the pick three number 911 hit in the NY Lottery on the anniversary of 9/11. I suggest Mr. Lankford, you look into a conspiracy associated with the NY Lottery system. That will keep you busy in NY and free up the Daily Times of your absurd dribble.

Folks, tip the seesaw the other way over there!

No Chance In The World!

Obama is just another NWO stooge. Don't let his good looks and personality fool you. He is as slick as a used car salesman. Wake up people. The NWO thugs put him in.

We know that, and so does

We know that, and so does Shelton Lankford. But his writing an article about 9/11 truth might make a few heads turn.

Thanks to everyone who added comments there. Please continue!


I just added a very low-key and reasonable comment. The "debunkers" comments there do not look good at all.

Sorry Gang

Mr. Obama is going to show you guys once and for all that Presidents (and congress for that matter) are puppets - serving the same puppet masters as Bush and Cheney,

Like I said in my above

Like I said in my above comment, we KNOW that. I posted this article so that rawstory's readers could read some intelligent comments in the feedback section about 9/11 facts.

Sheila, if you read this comment: I agree completely that some of those "debunkers" must be paid. I found this article by doing a google news search on 9/11. You think the paid opposition doesn't do the same thing? Of course they do! Then they blitz the comments section with typical "debunker" talking points. One thing they like to do is repeat "this has been debunked over and over!" A newbie might believe this unless they are also exposed to our facts and credible websites.

I noticed that too Kameelyn

If you look at the first 4-5 comments, they all appear to come from different people, but all sound very much the same, with the same tone of condescending venom. I have made this same observation in comments on NY Times articles and my comment was not published.

I'm so sick of that defeatest argument.

Was JFK just a puppet of the same Bush/Cheney masters? RFK? Come on. There is always surprises.

You are correct Orangutan

When they put JFK in they thought he would dance to their tune. He fooled them and became a real president. It cost him his life. RFK was poison to the NWO so they didn't waste any time. They got him before he had a chance. It breaks my heart. If Obama becomes a REAL president they will snuff him right now. I can just see it. The patsies would be the skin heads or the KKK.

And the Master is the Vatican

Its time we rely on the Presidency of We the People

not just one man.

If we have the Constitutiton as "President" in the Country - presiding over all decisions etc. then finally we will have Government BY the People FOR the People once again.

It was so long time ago.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it