Police State UK

Regarding the Jury thing...

Perhaps someone with legal expertise will comment, but I think you are not legally allowed to attempt to persuade the Jury outside of the court when a trial is underway in the U.S. or Canada, either.

The Ripple Effect guy may have just written his own arrest warrant, and of course, if the authorities were simply waiting for him to do something stupid like this, they got their wish.

7/7 Ripple Effect

Someone posted a comment on

Someone posted a comment on truthaction that links to a review of "Ripple Effect" --

J7's review of Ripple Effect is here.

Excerpt of the review:

"7/7 Ripple Effect continues on in much the same vein, from which we can only conclude that using every known discrepancy in the reports of the events of July 7th, many of which are examined in detail by J7 in our sections Mind The Gaps I and II, and weaving them into a totally evidence-free and fanciful hypothesis, which would be more honestly described as a 'What If' rather than what 'Really did happen', will do more harm than good in aiding anyone to get to the truth of the events of that day."