Boehner posts terrifying video with 9/11 images, implied support of torture

From Rawstory: "House Minority Leader John Boehner has posted an alarming new video on his YouTube page that includes images of the Pentagon burning on Sept. 11, 2009, and implications that the Congressman, or those who created the video, support torture techniques used on terror war prisoners during the Bush administration."

Note that Sept. 11, 2009 should have read Sept. 11, 2001, but I've quoted Rawstory verbatim, errors included. They or may not correct it soon.

Supposed to say...

"September 11, 2001", I think. Pretty much standard fear mongering from the Republican Party, which appears to be all they have left in their arsenal.

These are some of the REAL

These are some of the REAL CRIMINALS

I wouldn't support even torturing these wicked men.

Justice but not Vengeance.

The Repubs & Dems had best be careful though, endorsing Torture for the "Guilty" may BACKFIRE very painfully on them once the WHOLE GENERAL POPULATION KNOWS........

They should be very careful. They' are pushing it. You CAN'T Fool ALL the People ALL the Time.

BTW, the purpose of Guantanamo etc is to Inflame the Islamic World, creating more Conflict so this Profitable War of Civilization$$$$ can go on. So Torture is Big Buck$.

Nothing about Making America or the World Safe.

I, however feel Very Safe. Knowing How Much PROGRESS the 911 Truth Community has made WorldWide.


Niels Harrit

Alex also talks with Associate Professor at the Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen, Niels Harrit, who has written on the collapse of WTC7.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it