Blair Gadsby "The Hungry Man"

All involved in the 9-11 Truth Movement have worked hard over the years struggling to educate others concerning the events of that fateful day. Many have held street prostests, creatively made sign and banners, some have written books, made documentaries, lobbied our respective representatives in Congress, handed out DVD's, forced a family member or a friend to read a book or watch a movie, we have held speaking engagements, book signings, held press conferences, and some have changed their license plate to read - WTC 7 WTF !! There should be one car in every state with that message. In terms of education there is little doubt that the 9-11 Truth movement has failed. We would not be here were it not for the tireless efforts of all involved. You refused to be silenced despite the taunts and ridicule. You refused to accept the media's lie that they forcefully spoon fed you on a daily basis. You refused to cower to "THOSE" who wish nothing more than for you to be good little sheeple and "go shopping" like your president told you to do. Rather than hide, you stood up. You stood up for what was right. You stood up for your country, your family and for those who didn't deserve being stood up for. Which proves your efforts were not self-serving and were most definitely for the greater good. One of those efforts took place one year ago today, May 26th. Blair Gadsby, a religious professor in the Phoenix metro area, started a 16 day water only hunger strike to garner attention concerning the biggest crime/coverup in U.S. history. This type of effort was a first for 9-11 Truth. His plan was two-fold. One, to confront U.S. Senator John McCain, then the Republican nominee for President, and ask that he explain his forward to the Popular Mechanics book, Debunking 9-11 Myths since this book had been known to contain many falsehoods. Two, to garner media attention for 9-11 Truth. Blair endured the brutal Phoenix heat for 16 without food in front of Sen. McCain's office. Although there were numerous successes to Blairs hunger strike the media responded as the usual gatekeepers we know them to be. The "Hungry Man" showed us all what it means to be a true patriot. He is an individual who was willing to put his reputation and personal safety on the line for the benefit of his country, this movement and his fellow man. He conducted his hunger strike with humility and dignity all the while holding true to his motto "Kill em with Kindness" Despite not eating for 16 days he refused to resort to anger or hostility, displaying a respectful manner while dealing with a few media types that were less than sympathetic to Blair and his admirable efforts. This was a testament to his genuine kindness. Blair believes, and still does, that non-violence can be an intensly effective force regardless of the curcumstances we may find ourselves in. A great lesson to learn for all who are involved in any effort to confront evil. So on this anniversary date and in close, to a good man and a better friend a very simple and heart-felt thank you to Blair Gadsby, "The Hungry Man"
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Blair is a legend and a hero!

Still the best 9/11 Truth Action I've seen!

Kind regards John

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