Jean-Marie Bigard: Please Obama, Do Something Simple!

As promised, famous French comic Bigard speaks directly to Obama in his latest weekly episode while still poking fun at the Official 9/11 Commission Report. Bigard uses the age old art of humor to explain once again what disturbs him in the infamous report riddled with lies, contradictions, omissions and distortions.

It looks like Bigard doesn't buy the official story which propels him to demand that Obama himself should instruct the FBI to release a video showing a Boeing 757 ...but only if Obama has the courage to do so.

He wraps up this week's installment by mentioning the name Silverstein. "He's a funny guy!", says Bigard, which leaves us wondering what he'll be talking about in next week's episode!

His comeback is even more amazing given the fact he has just become papa at the ripe young age of 55 with his wife Claudia giving birth to their son, Sacha. Couple all that with the death threats he spoke about on the prime-time French show Le Grand Journal, which stemmed from his original doubts. The man is quite simply ...énorme.

We wish nothing but the best for Bigard and his family and call for everyone to support him in anyway they can think off. If only other famous celebrities and other well-known public figures would be as brave as Jean-Marie Bigard, who knows how many people who already doubt the official story would stand up and be counted?

Vive Bigard !!!

Another good article

From Strength to Strength !

This man Bigard just goes from Strength to Strength !

I'm loving this !

The Association ReOpen911 France is a voluntary citizen initiative, independent from all political, philosophical and religious movements.

C'est superb!

Moi Je voudrais également savoir: Où sont les videos du 757 avec ses ailes pliantes?!

That's Superb!

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Me too, I'd also like to know: Where are the videos of the 757 with it's folding wings?!

I love these episodes!! "Comedians for 9/11 Truth"

I am thrilled at seeing this type of approach!

It does provide some levity

while fighting for one of the most sober, somber and serious causes in history.

I agree

and keep in mind the emotional aspect of 9/11 is what keeps many people from addressing the issue, but when you laugh it allows you to deal with that emotion in a way which allows you to face it in a more comfortable way. Go Mr. Bigard!


This is what we must be fighting.