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Nanothermite: What in the World is High-tech Explosive material Doing in the Dust Clouds Generated on 9/11/2001?

This DVD, hot off the press, contains the dynamic multimedia presentation given by Dr. Jones in Sacramento, CA on April 30th, 2009.

Yellow Nanothermite DVD Cover

Steven Jones, Ph.D., Physics Professor Emeritus, Brigham Young University, brilliantly describes his carefully researched new discoveries made as he analyzed the dust from the World Trade Center high-rises on 9/11. Jones presents the controversial new article in the peer-reviewed “Bentham Open Chemical Physics Journal” - the result of 18 months of intensive scientific collaboration – exposing “the loaded gun of 9/11”. The beauty of the photos and the depth of understanding are breathtaking. The implications of this new peer-reviewed paper are profound. Nanothermite, a highly engineered energetic nanocomposite, was conceived around 1990. By 2000 it had been weaponized and manufactured in top secret military laboratories. This nano-engineered form of thermite does not just burn extremely hot, it explodes. Bonus video includes: Niels Harrit, PhD - TV interview on nanocomposites in the WTC on 4/6/09; and, “9/11: Blueprint for Truth” – 10 minute WTC 7 version.

Looks Like It Could Be Excellent....

Any trailer available for posting?


Thanks again Dr. Jones!

I highly recommend cheap dvds

I highly recommend having a deal similar to the 100 paper sleeve Blueprint For Truth dvds for $150. This helps spread info faster via the low cost. A very useful strategy in this economy.

Edit: Yes, they're now available! Go to

Thanks to the producers of the video, and a note...

There was indeed a sustained effort by a great team to study the dust generated on 9/11... I feel there is much left to learn, yet the crucial goal of achieving Justice and ending the 9/11 wars must remain foremost now IMO. We are now studying actual primer paint used on WTC steel, comparing with the red/gray chips which we found in the WTC dust... 'nuff said for now.

I will add my sense that the 9/11 wars are not fought only in the Middle East... 9/11 is used to justify various attacks on humanity, unfortunately even today. These 9/11 wars must be brought to an end as the truth about 9/11 expands.

The other note is this -- I wish to emphasize once again that I make NO PROFIT whatsoever on DVD's of my talks or from my scientific researches. Long ago, I determined that what is at stake here is so important that I would not seek to make any profit from my scientific efforts and talks. To date, I have not profited ONE PENNY from any of my 9/11-related work.

Thanks to all involved in spreading the truth about 9/11 and seeking justice -- and an end to the 9/11 wars against humanity.

Thank You

Thank you very much, Dr. Jones, for your work on this vital matter. The thermite evidence is so unambiguous, and it irrefragably demonstrates that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job. What's particularly so powerful about the evidence is that people can independently confirm for themselves that some form of extremely powerful incendiary was used, given the videos of yellow-hot molten metal seen cascading off the South Tower immediatly before its collapse.

I very much look forward to watching this documentary.

"Terrorism is the health of the State."--James Redford, author of "Jesus Is an Anarchist," SSRN, May 3, 2009 (orig. pub. Dec. 19, 2001)


Thank you so much, Dr. Jones

It was great to have you back in California and working on another video shoot together. You're always a great pleasure to work with.

I hope that you and yours are well.

I look forward to the next project we get to do together.

As you probably know, we're getting ready to do a live shoot with Dr. Griffin during our 5th Annual 9/11 Film Festival at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland on Sept 10th. He will be giving a lecture based on his forthcoming book about WTC 7. He will also give a short talk on Osama bin Laden the night before.

Keep up the great work!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Icons of this Age.

There can be no doubt as to the lack of personal profit, no doubt as to the lack of personal gain, for icons such as Jones and others. Anyone who has followed the evolution of 9/11 Truth can readily recognize the tremendous financial costs and personal burdens for icons in the movement. I think most people in the 9/11 Movement deeply appreciate the personal integrity with its emanating compassion for humanity of these icons.

We all can support the icons of 9/11 Truth by personally disseminating. This is the Hat which most of us should wear. It is our duty to work diligently at promoting this hard-fought Truth. I personally would feel remiss to sit inactive on the sidelines... inaction seems so reprehensible to any decency within my own humanity.

Publish this as book!

Dr. Jones, could you publish this in book form as well? It is high time to receive national distribution for this work. Many illustrations could accompany this book in a readable form that lays out the evidence. Would DRG's publisher, Interlink Publishing Group, Olive Branch Press, be willing to publish you? If not, someone would.

As much as I admire DRG's efforts, it is HIGH TIME for you and other experts to get published and get in Borders and Barnes & Noble!

Bravo Sir.

That's actually a really

That's actually a really great idea. Your papers are written simply and are easily accessible to the general reader. A short book (<200 pages) encompassing the scientific/forensic evidence individually and collectively would be ideal.

I very much appreciate how you let people draw their own conclusions from the evidence--as the undeniable bits of evidence trickle in bit by bit, it becomes impossible to draw any other conclusion.

Thank you for your work and courage

Thank you Prof. Jones, and your colleagues for all the work you are doing to help bring out the truth about this awful crime. I will purchase this DVD and spread the info out to as many people as I can.

Here is a little YouTube video I did highlighting that botched demolition job in Turkey, and how it failed to lose it's structural integrity and fall down like a house of cards. We all know there is only one way a building can come down like that, and it sure ain't from some scattered fires -

The good people give me hope

Sometimes when I look at what the powerslaves have done, between 911, GMOs, public water fluoridation, depleted uranium, dental amalgam, unnecessary wars, financial frauds, enslavement and all the other atrocities - I start wondering whether humanity is worth saving at all.

The sad thing is they're doing the best they can within their worldview and can't be making themselves any happier or more fulfilled. It's blindness and insanity.

But it's people like Dr. Jones, Cynthia McKinney, Richard Gage, and Sibel Edmonds, that give me hope and keep me going. They remind me that, yes, humanity does have the potential for greatness after all!