South Tower Smoking Guns -- A new AE911Truth YouTube video by David Chandler

This view of the destruction of the South Tower of the World Trade Center displays a remarkable number of features that support the interpretation that it was destroyed by explosives. I want to acknowledge the tremendous service provided by Nate Flach who serves as the defacto "video archivist" for AE911Truth. He is the one who first called this video to my attention, because of the huge number of simultaneous squibs on the west side of the building above the impact point.

The projectile at the end of the video that changes directions is a remarkable find. I haven't seen this item commented on before, nor have others I have spoken to. A change in any component of momentum requires an impulse. Regardless of perspective effects, this projectile underwent a sudden loss of horizontal and simultaneous gain in vertical momentum. The fact that the white smoke trail intensifies at the turning point strongly suggests thermite (which produces white aluminum oxide smoke) as the source of the impulse. One debunker argument I can anticipate already is that the projectile was affected by the air flow from the falling debris. My response is that if that were the case the entire smoke trail would have been swept downward. Instead, you can see it make a sharp turn.

Another point that became clearer to me while making this video is the fact of the disintegration of the top of the South Tower and the utter incompatibility of this fact with a gravity collapse. Tony Szamboti, in a conversation with me, earlier this summer expressed the fact that an extended object in freefall has no internal stress. This is obvious upon reflection, but it is a concise statement of an important principle. He had another collapse in mind, but this principle underlines the smoking gun significance of the disintegration of the top 30 floors of the South Tower.

Thank you Nate and Tony.

--David Chandler

Choking of Second Hand Smoke

Brilliant as usual, David. Keep these videos coming. There are so many smoking guns and we just need to keep forcing this evidence on the world until enough people in power to do something about it begin to choke on all this evidence.


Great finds

These are great examples broken down very quickly and in a way that is terribly easy to understand. Thanks for this, David and all of the AE911Truth staff!!

The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry

Excellent video.

Excellent video.

This is excellent!

Thanks for this amazing new video analysis David. I currently e-mail the KMPH Fox 26 video and your North Tower Exploding video to newcomers. Now I will add your South Tower Smoking Guns video for the perfect trio. By the way, you have an excellent voice for this type of work.

Best video evidence ever about twin towers

That incredible change of direction of the projectile on the right side of the screen is not explainable by any natural forces. Also, the most clear video of the downward, outward acceleration of the explosions that occurred above the impact point.

Wasn't this the tower that had the firefighter who radioed that they could put it out and called for two lines of firehose? It's about one minute into this clip: As others have pointed out, they had to take down this tower first because the fire was obviously waning and controllable.

Along with the WTC 7 video evidence, this is the clearest video evidence of controlled demolition. It is also very helpful that it is History Channel footage to seal the deal.

Excellent work, David!

We don't just see mid-air pulverization of concrete blasted out into banana-peel formations (which in itself indicates explosive demolition) but projectiles which change direction! Very exciting and incrimination evidence. And the missing pile driver. Which is doubly problematic considering the tilt of the upper block of stories of the S. Tower in defiance of angular momentum.

Excellent work, David. Your video "North Tower Exploding" is a masterpiece of evidence. I submitted several WTC clips to collegues who work at the library of a NC college and they all felt that this was the most convincing. I'm very happy to see you take on the South Tower.

"Sharp Turn Rocket" Projectile

Finding the little projectile that did a sharp turn was literally a last minute find while making the "South Tower Smoking Guns" video. Today I went searching for the same projectile on other videos and found it on several of them, one even clearer than in the original. The downward trail persists and can be followed practically to the end of the collapse. I'm waiting to receive a higher resolution version of that video and will post it as soon as I get something.
--David Chandler

Would you please determi the acceleration of the "rocket" ~ 1:24

Both before and after the close-to-right-angle turn, which is shown about 1:24 into the video? It's such a dramatic change in acceleration that I have to assume that the downward component of acceleration (after the 'turn') is much higher than g. If that's the case, then I would say that this is prima facie evidence of something 'explosive', not necessarily a high explosive, but something that can create significant momentum by virtue of rapid gas expansion. (I'm reminded of the rockets that I flew when I was a kid. You don't hear a cracking sound, reminiscent of high explosives. What you hear is a "whoosh".)

Not needed

You don't need to know the acceleration to know there was an explosion at the turning point. A change in momentum requires an impulse (i.e. a force for an interval of time). To stop and make a sharp turn is proof of an impulse. I am working on a follow-up video now that will show it in greater detail. It undergoes a series of impulses causing it to weave after the big change in direction.

We only need to pay taxes and die

Another point of interest, though maybe not computable due to resolution problems, is the duration of the 'right angle' impulse.

ETA: While you're correct in saying it's not necessary, it is sufficient, and furthermore, from a psychological point of view, in talking to laymen, (as well as considering how 911 collapse arguments have long been framed), I think it's superior to focus on the downwards acceleration, particularly if it's much greater than g after the 'right-turn'.

Love to see it!

All these pieces of evidence add up. Thanks again for the great work and follow up.

Other explanations? ...

Doubters will look for other explanations. What will the 911 Liars say to discredit this evidence?

First they'll look for other plausible or semi-plausible explanations to misdirect people. To make this evidence remain convincing, we need to be prepared to provide clear and authoritative answers to the misdirection.

For example, the 911 Liars might say this could be part of the refrigeration component of a freezer that has burst open, or may be a canister of oxygen used by a person with breathing problems, or even a fire extingusher that lost it's nozzle when struck by a smaller object in mid-air. There are probably more, those are the first three to come to mind.

Can such alternative explanations be ruled out somehow? If not then placing any emphasis on this explosive rocket directional change is likely to become the one item emphasized by the Liars to discredit all the other evidence presented in the video (& elsewhere.)

Well it's not 100% proof but what is?

Virtually nothing has ever been proven to 100% scientific certainty because humans are flawed in understanding and will always create some other possible scenario, however remote. I get your point about it being a fire extinguisher or something but we are talking about an object that has already shot out much further than the rest of the material at a much higher trajectory with a unique lighter color emitting (read: propellant of some kind) even before the change in direction. Also, we are talking probabilities as in all scientific forensic analysis and odds are that this cannot otherwise happen, especially after everything else in flight has already turned to dust at anywhere near its elevation. That said, when trying to convince some people of a fact that is beyond their world view, their minds can become very creative in implausible scenarios that allow them to cling to that view.

That's it.

You just provided a clear and convincing rebuttal to doubters (that the 90 degree turn is indeed more evidence of high explosives), i.e. "we are talking about an object that has already shot out much further than the rest of the material at a much higher trajectory with a unique lighter color emitting (read: propellant of some kind) even before the change in direction. "

Good stuff, and you're right about people's world view - it's tough to break through but that is what's needed.

The "doubters?"

They'll do what they do regarding all other hard evidence:

"Oh, but I read the James Randi Educational Forum! You see, it's got the word educational in its title, and the guidelines state that only critical thinking is allowed there! And there's this virtual unanimous agreement over there that the OCT is true, ergo it must be!"

Slow and steady.

Piece by piece, brick by brick the 9/11 Truth Movement is slowly but surely destroying all facets of the official story. The explanation that Popular Mechanics and others gave for the "squibs" was either the pancaking of the floors or compressed air caused by the downward motion of the upper block(i.e. piston effect). Obviously, those explanations don't hold water.

"Slow and steady wins the race."

Compelling evidence.

As Romill noted above, those who either refuse to accept the truth or have an agenda to hide the truth will find or create explanations for every piece of evidence that questions the OCT.
In a criminal case the government in this case would be considered innocent until proven guilty.
The burden of proof is on the prosecution to present enough compelling evidence that the accused is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
This is only one piece of the puzzle.
I don't mean to be a buzzkill but just point out the enormity of the task.

That logic went out the

That logic went out the window when the Bush administration declared Al Queda the perpetrators and went to war.

Absolutely superb. However,

Absolutely superb. However, I felt that as a new viewer I would be left hanging at the end when you say "Watch for the smoking guns..." I realize that you have done a follow up but even that didn't really address it for me. What I think we need to see is a breakdown of what you think the smoking guns are with close and more zoomed in analysis. Take us through it step by step. Also, there are a few brilliant stills of the South Tower tilted that could be used as additional support for your arguments.