Life in a Post-911-Truth World

I'm not sure if the topic of "what would happen after (if) a 911 cover-up/plot became exposed" has been tossed around at much length here, but I'd be certain most people here have thought about it in one way or another. While I have yet to really see much discussion on this topic, I did run across this article several weeks ago posted elsewhere, but never saw a re-posting of it anywhere. Its a bit goofy, a bit dark, and very hypothetical, but it is a seed for serious consideration and does deal with a very plausible and complicated scenario if we are ever successful with our plight for truth. Ultimately, I would agree with the conclusion of the article that it is something which should be openly discussed because it may be why so many are turned off/unable to accept any investigation.

(also, there is a link in the sidebar there to a poem called "September 1, 1939". It is indeed quite creepy to see how history is repeating itself. I remember first hearing this poem way back in High School, and then again on NPR (I think) soon after 9/11/2001 in a WTC memorial broadcast. It is definitely worth a sobering read as well)

I've given it a lot of thought

The author concludes: "It is always better for us to seek the truth, no matter what the cost, as that is the only way towards a more positive, progressive, and enduring future. Only the truth will set you free, and whether enough influential others will ultimately agree in order to make a difference, only time will tell...)"

I often think of how the families of those slain in the bogus wars will react, or how those who will live out their lives with missing limbs or brain damage.

Excellent article. Thanks for posting.