The Canadian Charger interviews Dr. Graeme MacQueen on 9/11

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...Is one of our most eloquent spokespersons.

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"social and political activists,"

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"In The Canadian Charger, we are committed to presenting a diversity of views and counter-views on issues of importance to Canadians, written by journalists, academics, outstanding professionals, award-winning experts, social and political activists, literary essayists, novelists, poets and artists."

FL 93

He expresses surprise that Flight 93 "disappears into the soil, an extraordinary notion"

Just wondering, does anyone know if he believe planes were swapped and that no plane ever hit? Or does he believe it was shot down?

Crash debris is not always what one would expect --

How about

shot down?

I guess it would depend on

I guess it would depend on where it was hit. If a fighter is supposed to bring down a Boeing, where do they aim, and how long, once that part is hit until it goes out of control? Pilots can fly on one engine, but not none. They would have had to take out all engines.

"an engine core was separated from the main impact crater by about 2000 feet."

"Light debris ("It was mainly mail, bits of in-flight magazine and scraps of seat cloth") was also found eight miles away in New Baltimore."

From this it would appear that they blew a hole in the fuselage when they hit the engines to get in-flight magazines to come out. Or maybe an exploding engine could rip it's own fuselage apart. In any case, what a mess. It must have been horrible for those inside. No one should ever have to die like that, for a war.

Flight 93

has been underinvestigated, imho. We should change that. We've spent inordinate amounts of time on the other three already, I think. The more detail we unearth, the more the body of evidence grows. A while ago the pilot who was supposed to have shot down flight 93 was identified as "Rick Gibney" and/or a member of the "happy hooligans" squadron. However, this was later denied and it was said that Gibney was instead flying some official eastbound at the time of the crash. I don't know where that line of research is now.

2 Questions I've had...

"A while ago the pilot who was supposed to have shot down flight 93 was identified as "Rick Gibney" and/or a member of the "happy hooligans" squadron. However, this was later denied and it was said that Gibney was instead flying some official eastbound at the time of the crash."

The official was Ed Jacoby Jr., the director of the New York State Emergency Management Office.

"According to Air National Guard spokesman Master Sgt. David Somdahl, Gibney flew an F-16 that morning--but nowhere near Shanksville. He took off from Fargo, N.D., and flew to Bozeman, Mont., to pick up Ed Jacoby Jr., the director of the New York State Emergency Management Office. Gibney then flew Jacoby from Montana to Albany, N.Y., so Jacoby could coordinate 17,000 rescue workers engaged in the state's response to 9/11. Jacoby confirms the day's events. "I was in Big Sky for an emergency managers meeting. Someone called to say an F-16 was landing in Bozeman. From there we flew to Albany." Jacoby is outraged by the claim that Gibney shot down Flight 93."

"Jacoby has been saying since 2002 that he was rushed to NY in an f-16.... The center's director, Ed Jacoby Jr., who had been rushed home from an emergency preparedness conference in Montana in an F-16, says the type of officials sitting at those desks were "people who can make decisions on the spot"

You can see Gibney get his reward here, along with the three other pilots....

Check out the 1:15 to 1:42 part of the clip. These are the four. They say 3 flew Security over the nations capital, and the 4th flew a "special Mission" over NY. (Gibney)


They were from N.D. but stationed at Langley(3 of the four, so the story goes)....

>>F-16A<< that scrambled on 9/11 put on display at McChord AFB
"Col. Brad Derrig became a part of history as one of the first responders to the terrorist attacks, flying over the nation's capital in an F-16 fighter jet. His aircraft on that fateful day, better known to the Happy Hooligan airmen as tail number ‘82-929', was one of three F-16s from the N.D. Air National Guard that scrambled from their alert detachment located at Langley Air Force Base, Va."

>>F-16A <<
"Just to start from the beginning, Colonel Mike Wobbema is my name. I am actually with the 119th Wing, the Happy Hooligans out of Fargo, North Dakota. Up until this spring, we were flying the F-16 -- air defense version of the F-16, actually, aircraft; the A model, actually -- in fact, the last operational A model unit in the Air Force."

"The planes used by 119th fighter wing (happy Hooligans)
The unit's last fighter was the F-16A Fighting Falcon which they received in April 1990
The Wing maintained a detachment at Langley AFB, Virginia and was on alert to handle any potential terrorist incidents."

"In Jan. 2007, the 119th Wing converted from the>> F-16A<< Fighting Falcon jet mission to the new missions of the UAS and the C-21A Lear Jet cargo aircraft."

The F-16A is the SINGLE seat model....

"The F-16A (single seat) and F-16B (two seat)"

Which to me brings up two questions.
1. Why would 3 fighters take off on one mission, and one on another when they usually fly in pairs......
2. How could Gibney use a single seat model to pick someone up?


excellent information. Very interesting.

I think

he believes it was shot down, same as me. I cant really prove it though, so I focus on other things.

In Their Own Words
The Truth and Lies of 9/11

Flight 93

I think 93 was probably shot down, but I seldom talk about this in public because it's not our strongest case. The point I was making here is a different one (although it's true that I do not believe the plane could have disappeared into the soil). I was trying to get people to see the contrast between the disappearing plane and the remarkably intact "terrorist" paraphernalia at the scene. These are signs of a staged crime scene. While the pictures of plane crashes Victronix has shown us are useful, we have to keep in mind at the same time the condition of the stuff recovered from this scene (and the other crash scenes) that is supposed to point to Islamic terrorists.

Thanks, that's what I was

Thanks, that's what I was hoping you were doing -- creating a contrast -- but I just wanted to make sure since the plane-swapping meme continues to be advocated in films, etc.

The talk was very good overall, btw. I especially like the end, where you begin to discuss the future, and what must be done.

At the moment, I tend to feel pretty cynical about change ever happening in this country (or it's bordering nations). I honestly think -- although I hope I am wrong -- that pockets of the rest of the world that are still sane (areas of South America, places like Norway, Denmark, etc) will ultimately have to work together to try to stop the onslaught of the US in one way or another. I don't think it is possible to happen from within. Not here.

It's possible this country will implode under it's own self-generated catastrophes. And that actually probably has the most potential for a good outcome. But the nightmare of the system created in this country is always spreading like a virus around the world, like a drug, the insatiable need to consume instead of commune, unfortunately, so each day brings another part of the world lost to the latest propaganda machine. China, for example, now has the potential to do as much damage as the US to the world and it's people since it's gotten onto the capitalist train wreck. Capitalism, consumerism, and the inevitable destruction of family and community that these bring, is the real pandemic virus.

the future

Eloquently said. I hope you're wrong but I fear you're right.

Dr. MacQueen, please write about what you said at the end

about civil society evolving defense against corruption and false-flag attacks- and these may include manufactured or cultivated diseases or other disasters, not just overt terrorist attacks.

There needs to be accountability for 9/11, but society needs to prevent these things from happening in the future (investigating 9/11 and agitating for truth and justice helps toward that end, by exposing info and increasing awareness).

There are many people and organizations that support and work for truth, justice, peace and transparency/accountability in govt and corps and they are our natural allies, imho - they will support measures that increase transparency and accountability. Public access to information and communications levels the playing field, and technology continues to evolve rapidly, improving access and making it cheaper. Imho, this is part of the solution, cultivating the desire and will in people and organizing are another.

You would probably be interested in the History Commons, home of

the Complete 9/11 Timeline

and since expanded into many other projects

history commons

History commons is a great example of what I was talking about: cooperative, independent research. Then the challenge arises--how do we turn all this research into a socially and politically powerful force? I feel we are still struggling with this issue. It's too complex to go into here, but I hope at some point we'll be able to discuss it fully.

& the impact crater?

I suspect that 93 was shot down as well. This seems more consistent with the debris field, spanning 4 or 5 miles with parts and paper found all the way to New Balt., etc. and is consistent with some key eyewitness reports. However we have this crater with a well-defined imprint of a plane-- A Wile E. Coyote outline of a plane! So if the plane didn't disappear into the soil, then what caused this? And if the plane did submerge deep into the soil, then how can the debris field be so widely scattered?

"A Wile E. Coyote outline of a plane! "

That works

Almighty wind

"And if the plane did submerge deep into the soil, then how can the debris field be so widely scattered?"

Gone with the almighty wind, of course!

the debris field

most of the plane parts debris was near the crash site- paper and in-flight mags that were up to 8 miles away may have been from the plane fuselage being shot (EDIT- or perhaps some trying to bail out- can the doors be opened in mid-air?), there was some debris found a couple miles from the crash site, and 1800-2000' from the crash site an engine was found- most likely explanation is it was shot off- and the plane may have been shot more than once at this time. Numerous eyewitnesses reported hearing more than explosive-type sound, seeing the plane on its side, upside down and/or going straight down.

further research, incl. maps of where debris was found:

An ODD tidbit in hijacking

Since Dr. MacQueen has done such a great job at showing how 9/11 may have been used to set up the Muslim world as enemies of the "west?", thusly replacing the old "evil empire"...the USSR...with the new "evil Empire"...Osama Bin Laden's gang of cavedwellers using asymetrical warfare?, I thought that I'd drop this little tidbit of my personal history when working in airspace and procedures at the Boston ARTCC during the 1970s...when hijackings were more common and many new procedures were concocted...including the hijacking scramble protocols.

During one of the meetings that I attended regarding the development of new hijacking procedures to deal with the uptick in hijacking events, there was considerable conversation about what could be done about making airliners less susceptible to passengers hijacking airliners.

Great discussion was shared about El Al [sp] the Israeli national airline and what they had done to thwart such cockpit takeovers. It was simple...reinforce the cockpit doors so that they could not be penetrated. El Al did this and have not had hijacking issues since.

Representatives from US Flag Carriers [US airlines that operated internationally] and, or the ATA, the Airline Transport Association, dissallowed this idea because it would cost them ONE passenger per flight. YUP...the reinforced doors would weigh approximately 200 pounds and that would mean that ONE less seat could be sold per flight...presuming that they would always be full...which was RARELY the case!

Not being as "savvy" about how our intel agencies set up patsies, enemies, foriegn politicians who would soon be flipped into the next "Hitler", I did not make a connection to how Intel plans well ahead in creating its own justifications for their own survival and future commerce or "kingdomhoods"...and I always wondered why such a simple solution as that of El Al was not accepted.

Well, now I think that I know...the the good ole political infrastucture of USofA, its State Department, the Pentagon, the international Intel agencies such as the CIA, and many multi-national corporations simply WANTED the possibility for hijackings to take place onboard US Flag Carriers.

Sounds quite bizzare, but $2000 and 200 pounds per international airliner is simply not enough reason to NOT do what El Al did to its international fleet.

I have long felt that the good ole USofA is being run by a "white collar military coup" that has a very cozy relationship with international finaciers and other military establishments which pretty much perform the same underdetected management of their countries. Militarists are buried well into our governaces in congress...well into the corporate infrastructures...well into international financial operations...and of course...well into the Pentagon and our war colleges. I say the last so as to make full the circle painted by John Perkins as he has written so clearly about the "corporatocracy" in his books...most noteably: The Confessions of an Economic Hitman". Its the revolving seats in corporations, politics, the military-intel and finances that sustains the environment in which these same few "seat swappers" keep as much control of as much of the world as they do.

The military and intel organizations and the military industrial complex have departments, colleges, and entire sections of their establishments that concern themselves with: "What's next down the road."...and as we now see, sometimes from whole cloth, they create the very events that sustain and justify their positions of power and control.

BTW...during these meetings, discussions and periods of comment, it was pointed out that increased "airport boarding identification and security" should be implemented...which again, El Al certainly has accomplished.

DOT...DOT...DOT...DOT...slowly, over time, so many DOTS are begining to get connected.

On the afternoon of 9/11/2001 after I had found out that the FAA and NORAD had NOT had a major communications breakdown between them, I quickly KNEW that the attacks were and "inside job", and immediately the rememberance of the above noted discussions while working for the FAA popped into my head.

Thank you Dr. are definitely on the exact right track along with millions of us...

love, peace and progress...

Robin Hordon
former Air Traffic Controller at ZBW
Kingston, WA

making aircraft secure

Thanks, Robin, for this information about the ease with which cockpit doors can be reinforced and hijackers thwarted. It's all new to me.