Luke Rudkowski At The G-20

Good job Luke.

Damn, that guy is a hero of

Damn, that guy is a hero of mine...

Luke is indeed a hero.

He makes me so proud to be a part of the same movement.

Thank You Luke.

You and WAC have my utmost gratitude, support, and respect. This is what TRUE PATRIOTISM looks like. This is what it looks like when one stands for humanity against the powers that would dehumanize and oppress. It is not hyberbole to state that this particular video calls to mind the famous image of that lone man standing his ground against tanks (the literal gears of the military industrial apparatus itself) during China's Tieneman Square massacre.

Justice, Then Peace...
Daniel Sunjata

And let's not forget this...

Sonic canons

"A YMCA concert"?

What's that?

Unfortunately those f**king pigs coated in tax-funded "riot gear" most likely had ear plugs to go with the loud speaker on the truck and didn't hear a word Luke said. And, luckily Sean Hannity is explaining the "truth" of the situation for millions of viewers sitting in their living rooms throughout this country...

But aside from my cynicalness... RIGHT ON!!


I find the footage from the G20 extremely disturbing, more so than the usual images of police brutality that seem to accompany every major protest nowadays.

The pre-recorded, looped message using euphemisms and bland language reminds me of "Shut Up, Be Happy (Martial Law)" by Jello Biafra and Ice T. The robot-like maneuvers by the police are designed to remove every last ounce of humanity from their appearance. The arbitrary demand to disperse when there is clearly no danger to the public or the politicians is an exercise in naked force, a reminder of who is in charge. "Free speech zones" are designed like mini-concentration camps.

New ltl's are being rolled out. First it was pepper spray, than Tasers, now its sound canons. How long before we start seeing microwave weapons and electro-magentic pulse?

If all else fails, just bring in the cop dressed up as an "anarchist" and throw a rock. Then the goons have their pretext to move in and start cracking skulls.

The cumulative effect of all this is to discourage people from showing up at protests. The imbecile roid monkeys in darth vator outfits probably think they're "maintaining order" or something, but these tactics are explicitly designed to instill terror in the public.

I'm very impressed with the poise and courage most protesters are showing. It looks very bleak indeed, but it would be wise to remember the old adage of the wild animal in the wood: it's more frightened of you than you are of it. Elites realize they're outnumbered a billion to 1. They're terrified of revolt. They're more paranoid than any of us could imagine. In the end, none of their scare tactic will be sufficient to stop humanity from seizing power and stopping the madness.

Sonic Attack

Interestingly enough, that Jello Biafra track you referred to is actually based on an old Hawkwind classic called "Sonic Attack" -- "Do not waste time blocking your ears. Do not waste time seeking a soundproof shelter. Try to get as far away from the sonic source as possible." -- very fitting with the whole cannon thing.

A few points to make as we move ahead...

1. Nobody will care or cover if anyone gets arrested as a result of protests anymore.

I say this in response to David Schesinger's calls for being arrested as a means for changing those in the peace movements...which is a very bad idea. There are much better ways to accomplish this valuable objective.

2. Average citizens will be intimidated by these new Homeland Security forces and be even more reluctant to expose themselves as being part of such large[er] gatherings. But this may be a good motivator if handled the right way.

3. However, its a very important tactic to get such draconian behaviors exposed as being supported by the Obama [CHANGE?] administration in which he has stated that dissent is patriotic. What a lightweight fabrication of a president indeed!

4. I'm pleased that slowly, somehow, WACs, Luke R and others are doing more to define what We Are Changes are all about...and that 9/11 Truth is really only part of what they are up to...perhaps as how the 9/11 Truth Movement is being used by the Libertarians...IE: for their own desperate schemes to grow their message because they cannot accomplish this by themselves...and for appropriate "fringe player" reasons.

5. Making more clear which group is doing what, especially with the Libertarians and Ron Paulers being pushed away into their own means of expansion, will be a very healthy process for the 9/11 Truth Movement as itself becomes more a-political. WACs certainly can become more clear as to what they are really up to also...again, something that will make all concerned even more healthy.

6. There could not be a better comparitive event supporting the massive and worldwide use of CI...Civil Informationing as a means of informing the public and getting citizens involved in their own governance than the net results of this video.

7. At the end of the day, it will be people quietly uprising against the establishment that will resore our democracy [if there ever was one], and these events in Pittsburgh will accomplish very little in informing citizens about how to accomplish this...and possibly, it may make people climb back into their "holes of fear" in which the Bush Crime Family had driven them for years and years.

8. However, this type of video will show what has happened to their country after 9/11 and WHY citizens need to take their country back. In this regard, the 9/11TM, WACs, AJ, Luke and so many others have something very much in common with the action in Pittsburgh and the 9/11 attacks.

Its gonna take thousands and thousands of "villages" to improve our planet...and the more "villages" the better because they can't cointelpro all of us out here...and the ruling class certainly doesn't outnumber us. hence the police tactics!

CI...Civil Informationing has small groups spread out all over the city corners and the like...and they do not need any permits...and they simply go to where the people are...and perform their civil duties in being our own media and being our own educators as we encouraging citizens to become more engaged in their own governance more this year than they were involved last year. This is an empowering approach in contrast to the dismembering approach as shown in this video.

I'll be aoutside the Seahawks-Bears game at Quest Field in Seattle tomorrow with my 9/11 TRUTH for World PEACE banner and 1/4 page handouts...

Anyway, chances are that even fewer citizens will take to the streets now that these tactics against them are so clearly exposed...part of the HI PERPS" plan.

We will eventually change things for sure...but in different ways than those tactics developed last century in the 60s and 70s.

Thanks Luke for being you...same goes for AJ and some others...but there are other ways to get done what needs to be done.

And as David Ray Griffin has recently suggested, some tactics may need to be changed in order to accomplish the thrust behind the 9/11 Truth Movement. So, I do appreciate that you were not wearing the ususal black 9/11 "T"s...and that you were there!

I fully acknowledge that I stand in partial hypocrisy because of my own use of the events of 9/11 which are: "9/11 TRUTH for World PEACE". I've been at this for decades and the events on 9/11/2001 represent the best opportunity of my lifetime to expose all the horrible elements within the Military Idustrial Complex , US politics and the ruling class.

And my only justification is that I believe the attacks on 9/11 were conjured up and allowed-helped to happen in order to justify military profiteering in yet another series of never ending warring activities.

I see the 9/11 TM as a peace movement...but that's my view.

love, peace and progress...

...and for separating issues to get even stronger villages constructed...yet still moving ahead together...

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA


Compliments to Robin for remaining polite, though your request that I forward my remarks from NYC WDT might imply you should forward any remarks in criticism of those words to me directly.

Would be nice after 2 years if you spelled my name right, even though it is more often misspelled than not.

To try to be concise,

Polite public outreach on street corners is a great idea. It needs no new name of civil informationing.

Robin is unhappy with my proposal to do civil disobedience on the left. I'd be ecstatic if we could have a real discussion of that point. Too bad you are so vague about better ways to reach the left. As you know, most truth activists hate the left adversaries so much they couldn't even HAVE a civil conversation with them.

As I said in my talk at WDT, the great lesson from my efforts against nuclear power during my youth
was that repression is a sign you are getting somewhere.

If polite public outreach were to spread enough, you would STILL have to deal with repression.

If Americans don't have the stomach to stand for freedom, we don't deserve that freedom, no matter how much you and I want it.

The real issue is whether one can respond through daring persistence WITHOUT HATRED, as Luke's appeal to cops as people demonstrated.

If we are close enough to making significant headway, totally legal activity will STILL generate repression. If your skin was darker you'd have a better intrinsic understanding of that problem.

David Slesinger

this says it all ...

whereas the united states has spent the last century perfecting the appliation of violence and domination against the citizens of foreign nations, today we see that malign force turning against its own citizenry ... this creeping fascism is the face of america the rest of the world knows all too well ... the peoples of the world understand and empathise with the citizens of america, for we all know and loathe the oafish stupidity and belligerence of the united states peculiar strain of pathologically militaristic authoritarianism...

the more the establishment and the authorities treat the citizenry with violence and contempt, the more likely the citizenry will respond in kind, and as the mutual enmity and alienation deepens, the establishment will find itself increasingly locked into the rigid, inflexible application of brute force with diminishing effectiveness as the dispersed, decentralized, disorganised nature of people power adapts more readily and rapidly to the changing circumstances...

the energized global protest phenomenon is activating people everywhere and furthering the movement toward greater public involvement in the struggle against the narrow and destructive self-interest of the internationalist military-corporate establishment


So, the chief of police can just declare a gathering - any gathering - an unlawful one? Just like that?

Also, the instructions seemed a little vague. If I was there, I wouldn't know what to do. Where were they supposed to go and how far? To a different street, 2 blocks away, beyond the city limits? If this gathering would have continued to move away from the police as a group, would they have been hunted down or would they have been considered "dispersed"?

Just trying to be ready for this police-state thing...

No he cannot not...

...and I think that is what Luke was trying to say here. Those protesters had every right to be there, and the cops had no authority to arrest them. Anyone arrested for simply being in a specific spot at a certain time will have the case thrown out of court by any judge that knows anything about the Constitution. The point is for the cops to make the protesters THINK they are doing something wrong, which enables them to move in on the protesters and causes the protesters to give in to police intimidation by leaving the area. If the cops actually tried to arrest anyone and bring them to court it would be thrown out. This is where I disagree with Robin Hordon that certain willing people should allow themselves to be arrested next time so that it can be established in court that what the police are doing is un-constitutional.

"Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government." -The Declaration of Independence

Color Guard

A bunch of American flags and Don't Tread on Me flags are needed for the next demonstration. That way the police will look really stupid, which they are, attacking patriotic folks. Imagine how they'll look on the news clubbing protesters with American flags - they'll look ridiculous and not so powerful.

Luke on TV

I watched a news clip, where they were describing the situation as if they were speaking to morons. They called Luke "The RingLeader" or something like that. It was quite funny, because when they listened in on what he was saying, Luke was just speaking about what rights we have as people of this republic and the newscasters where were basically speechless because it didn't play into their culture of chaos they were promoting.

We really need to address how tv is manipulating the people before we can really get the people to understand the depth of deception they have been under.

Remember the movie 'Zulu'...?

What's with the scary march of the cops...? Zulu.....!!!!!!!!

Tyranny Respose

Luuuuuke! It's been a real treat to watch this guy evolve.

I second that!

He had the requisite balls of steel to confront the rockefuckers, zbigdick brezinski, and other wholesale treasonists mano-a-mano - - and now he OWNS the swagger of truth in a global humanist movement dubbed We Are Change!

Rock on, Luke!

"Swagger is to to move with confidence, sophistication and to conduct your self in a way that would automaticaly earn respect ."


History in the making

This young guy is making history.

Loved it when they were telling the cops to disobey their orders. This is what we must do, confront the police's psychological programming head on by calling out their hypocrisy and the moral bankruptcy of their actions.

Way to go Luke!

Remember Sinclair

When communicating with police, it is wise to remember Upton Sinclair's famous line: "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!"

Amazing job, Luke! You are a real inspiration.

I kept hoping they would

I kept hoping they would line up in front of them (at least 4 feet in front) and done the zulu march/step with them, thus mocking them. That is footage you might not see on tv. Humor is disarming.

Luke did a great job.


I tend to think asking police questions like 'why are you doing this?' or saying 'you took an oath' is for the protesters and cameras ... the police never answer anyway. But the police look *ridiculous*, and they are supposed be intimidating.

See here (sorry, I don't know how to embed - maybe instructions could be put on the help page?):

This really looks like a weak point to me. The 'Thriller' idea below might work also, for example. There would be no problem of distribution even if the press avoided it.

It may be better to use 'good humor', as opposed to a (possibly more amusing) confrontational style.

WeAreChange needs a legal defense fund

Legal defense funds are now desperately needed for We Are Change reporters

While reporting from the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this 24-25th of September, We Are Change were specifically targeted during their efforts to report accurately while observing the wrong doings of both police and provocateurs whose actions were not only highly illegal but immoral and cancerous to a free society.

Facing tear gas, LRAD sound weapons, heavily armored, black ski-masked thugs, and the military working in tandem against the American people with the police, these brave reporters stood their ground to defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They suffered arrest, physical abuse (batons, mace, constrictive plastic wrist cuffs, and jarred shoulders and arms) intimidation, and finally baseless and costly legal charges.

While defending everything that is what this country must remain our reporters have been unduly persecuted and charged by the true criminals with crimes they did not commit. This is an offense to every man, woman, and child in this nation, and we must now rise up in defense of WeAreChange as their battle is ours. Luke Rudkowski and Lee of We Are Change Chicago were specifically targeted and sent to state prison meanwhile the hundreds of protesters were released and not charged. They are facing charges of disordely conduct and failure to disperse, you will see soon the entire video of the arrest.

Please donate what you can and help the fight for the 1st amendment of the United States Constitution, because if they violate a persons right, they violate the rights of all people.

Careful Who You Worship

I expect this will get disapproval from the general audience here, but i can only stomach so much.

Luke Rudkowski is, at least sometimes, a lying, insecure, back stabber that is hiding some secrets too. He should not be emulated by anyone. I say this, as do MANY people around New York City, from personal experience. Perhaps the image Luke projects is inspiring, but that is not the TRUTH of who he is. We are in a "Truth" movement aren't we?

Even his girlfriend, Sabrina, lied about being a "family member" when she is in fact not a relative of anyone that died on 9/11. Yes I know she had a boyfriend before, I know the whole story.
Ok here is a better sample as I expect people will likely be in denial about this. -
skip ahead to 3:10 to hear Sabrina say she didn't find her family member because they were thrown on a landfill.

The landfill

"On the Hornings' first visit to Fresh Kills, during the 10 months of sifting and sorting material from Ground Zero, the couple saw the ashes and asked to have some to bury. They say they were told the ashes, or "fines," were being kept separate from the building debris. The family would be able to bury some after the sorting process ended.

But when the sorting operation closed down in June 2002, the Hornings discovered that the fines and larger debris were put together into the landfill — separated by a layer of dirt from the last of the city's trash hauled there before Fresh Kills closed in March 2001.

Horrified and angry, the Hornings and a small group of other families formed the World Trade Center Families for Proper Burial. They have gathered nearly 46,000 signatures on a petition on their Internet site. By Diane Horning's count, relatives of more than 1,000 victims of the terrorist attack have signed it."

So the landfill story is a bad one to "proof" anyone lying about missing relatives.

I did not reference "the landfill"

I merely asked people to listen to Sabrina's own words. In the video, when confronting Ghouliani, she states she could not find her relatives because... etc.etc. My point is that she claims to have relatives that died on 9/11. She did not. That is not a picture of anyone Sabrina is related to hanging around her neck. Ask her yourself, please.

The reason she says she is a family member is because the boyfriend she had before Luke WAS a 9/11 Family Member. Dating does not, in my opinion, make one a 9/11 Family Member.

Luke's got his own secrets too. If the hero worship continues his real story should told.

You are

NYsentinel, right? Your obsession with Luke and Sabrina has disclosed this little secret. Go elsewhere and spew your ad hominem lies. Oh, nevermind, half the web is full of your poor insults yet.

Sit Down Sitting Bull

You said: You are NYsentinel, right?
The answer is: No, I am not NY sentinel.

I have been a 9/11 truth activist in nyc (and elsewhere) since '03. To my knowledge this NYSentinel guy is not actually pro 9/11 truth. He's just an Uncle of Dan's that doesn't like his brothers image being used. My beef is not such a personal a thing. It's more the lying and misrepresentation while "fighting for truth" that bothers me.

How about the "treasurer" of nyc We Are Change being the girlfriend of the "president", do you think that is a good idea? And no, I'm not Louie either, although he's pretty cool.

Thanks for asking though, I'm sure some others where making unfounded assumptions just as you were.

There was nothing he said

There was nothing he said there that wasn't true.

great video

Mid way into the video I thought Luke Rudkowski would morph into Micheal Jackson and start some bizarre fuckin dance "Thriller" style,,disappointed it never happened.

That would'a been sweet!

That would'a been sweet!