Website for the reopening of the case against Mounir El Motassadeq up and running

Dear friends,
as David Ray Griffin announciated in his letter to the 9/11 Truth Community on 9/30/09 on this blog, the website is now up and running.

The Committee for Mounir el Motassadeq is an international campaign for the reopening of his case, after a Hamburg (Germany) court sentenced him to 15 years in prison, for allegedly helping his friends, Mohamed Atta and Co. to prepare the attacks of 9/11. Mounir is undoubtedly innocent. First, he did not know anything of the preparations for 9/11. And second, there is not a shred of evidence that his friends, Mohammed Atta and Co. participated in the attacks of 9/11.

By demanding the reopening of the trial, it is our aim to force a judicial determination that there exists no evidence of Muslim participation in the attacks of 9/11. We expect, evidently, that the US and German governments will fiercely oppose any attempt to reopen the case because such reopening could - if the court acts impartially - undermine the official legend of 9/11, the raison-d'être of the Western Alliance, and the basis of the the War on Terror and the Occupation of Afghanistan. However, the wrongful condemnation of Mounir presents a unique and historical opportunity to reveal to the public the extent of political, judicial and moral rot, that afflicts even a country such as Germany, which claims to have learned lessons from history.

Our work has the full support of Mounir, his family and his lawyer, who all are convinced of his innocence.

The website of the Campaign is up and running: You are welcome to contribute articles, resources. Please inform your friends, colleagues and other people of good will, of this important campaign and urge them to endorse our APPEAL through the link of the website.

In solidarity with all 9/11 victims and scapegoats,

Dr. med. Jens Wagner,
Elias Davidsson


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From their website...

Their names do not appear on authenticated passenger lists;

From here: "He later testifies that upon seeing Almihdhar’s name on one of the passenger flight manifests, he angrily yells “This is the same Almihdhar we’ve been talking about for three months!” From here: Within 45 minutes of the attacks, Customs forwarded the passenger lists with the names of the victims and 19 probable hijackers to the FBI and the intelligence community”

their boarding cards have never been produced;

From here: "When she arrives, a supervisor hands her four boarding passes."

no certified security videos have been presented that prove their presence in the respective airports;

From here: "Dulles Airport has surveillance cameras monitoring its security checkpoints, and video later viewed by the 9/11 Commission shows the two passing through the Main Terminal’s west security screening checkpoint at 7:18 a.m."

no person has seen them board the aircraft;

From here: "He is selected for additional scrutiny by airport security under the FAA’s CAPPS program" I can't find any reference of anyone actually seeing them boarding the aircraft, but being stopped by the FAA's CAPPS program is an indication that they were in the airport, and most likely boarded the aircraft.

and their bodily remains from the crash sites have not been identified.

From here: "Seven years after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, the remains of 13 of the 19 men responsible have been identified and are in the custody of the F.B.I. and the New York City medical examiner’s office."

Then there is this entry which shows "proof" of the alleged hijackers purchasing tickets for the planes.

Do I have the documentation? No. Are there indications that it exists? Yes. In my opinion, things are not as clear cut as this page would lead people to believe.

Keeping in mind that I find this case extremely interesting, which is why I referenced it in fact #24...

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Mohammed Atta and Co.

"And second, there is not a shred of evidence that his friends, Mohammed Atta and Co. participated in the attacks of 9/11."

The US govt claims the 19 alleged hijackers were aboard the flights, hijacked it and crashed the planes- it should be able to publicly produce verifiably authentic passenger manifests and boarding passes, as well as compelling evidence the named people knowingly participated in the claimed plot, if they are to be held responsible, even posthumously.

However, i think it's a mistake to assume all/most of the alleged hijackers were not plotting against the US, to commit the attacks. They may have been patsies- but knowingly involved in a criminal plot, even a different kind of plot. If some were double agents, they were plotting against the US. Search their names at to get the most complete record of everything known about them.

Hanjour's flight instructors (except for Shalev) said he could barely fly a Cessna- and the Commission said he was the best pilot. There's obviously 'reasonable doubt' they were piloting the planes, and there's many legitimate questions about who was helping them. There's a great deal of evidence that 9/11 couldn't have been accomplished by them alone, as well as evidence pointing to the involvement of other parties- including providing financial and logistical support to the alleged hijackers, and obstructing investigations that might have disrupted the alleged plot. Many people in the US govt- and Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Israel- have a lot to answer for.

"no certified security videos have been presented that prove their presence in the respective airports;"
Video of the 5 alleged 77 hijackers passing thru Dulles security -

Absolutely, the US govt needs to make a better case for its claims, and to make public ALL the evidence it possesses- including that which incriminates other people- but the people organizing this Motassadeq effort are making claims which are not supported either. Asking questions and demanding evidence and answers is not the same as making claims of fact. The 'public myth' is riddled with unacceptable holes and inconsistencies- the one thing that is most clear is that we haven't been told- and we don't know- the whole truth- there needs to be a full investigation, to determine what people were involved, what they knew when, and what they did.

No evidence

A crime is not only an attack upon the victims but against society. Society has delegated the authority to courts to conduct trials, but remains entitled not only to follow the trial, but also to see the evidence on which the judgment was based. In the case of 9/11, the alleged perpetrators have disappeared and were not brought to trial. In that case the public is entitled to a full, effective, impartial and transparent investigation. Part of this entitlement is to see the evidence on which the accusations by the government are based.

The elementary evidentiary items are:
(1) Authenticated passenger lists (or flight manifests)
(2) Authenticated boarding cards- coupons
(3) Authenticated security videos from the boarding
(4) Depositions or open testimonies by individuals who observed the boarding of the aircraft and had been asked to identify through photographs whether they had seen any of the 19 hijackers board the aircraft
(5) Positive identifications of the bodily remains.

The US government, which should have possessed the means and the motive to produce all of this evidence, presented nothing of the kind. Of the above items the US government presented exactly zero.
- Until today no "authenticated" passenger list has been produced by the US authorities. The one which is usually presented in public has never been authenticated and is, additionally, dubious.
- Until today no boarding coupon cards have been produced that prove that the "hijackers" boarded the planes.
- Until today no authenticated security video has been shown in public from the three airports. The one that was released from Dulles Airport cannot be considered authentic because it does not carries a time-stamp and the number of the camera, information that is always imprinted on security films in order to assist in locating the frames in time and space. Additionally it is too grainy to help identify anyone with certainty.
- Until today no person has testified in public to have actually observed the boarding of any of the four flights of 9/11. Apparently the names of those who observed the boarding and could testify remain a secret (although many other names of people related to 9/11 were published).
- The claim, above, that the remains of 13 of the 19 men responsible have been identified, is misleading. The article referred to, makes it clear that regarding the samples from the alleged Pentagon and Pennsylvania sites, the "remains" were identified by a system of exclusion, namely what could not be compared to any family or crew comparison sample, was deemed to belong to the "hijackers". That's not "identification". Their death certificates were accordingly issued as "John Does". As to those who allegedly died at the WTC, it is claimed that 4 samples were identified. Yet also here, no name was assigned to any of the samples. If you read the NYT article till the end, you'll understand why the above quote by Jon Gold is misleading.

Some people might attempt to defend the US government by claiming that it simply hides the evidence in order to spite us all and will release it at some future date in order to put us all to shame; and that it is not possible to conclude from the absence of this evidence that the official account is false. Such reasoning might be theoretically correct. However, in practice, this reasoning must be rejected for the following reasons:
1. The US government has a legal obligation under international human rights law to fully investigate a mass murder that has occurred on US soil. Entailed in this obligation is that of identifying the perpetrators and produce the evidence.
2. The US government has a moral obligation towards the victims of 9/11 to establish the truth and prove to the victims who committed the crime. The government's word cannot be equated with the Truth.
3. The US government has a political obligation to the American people to establish the truth on the mass murder of 9/11. This obligation includes the production of evidence for its accusations.
4. The US government has an incentive to produce the best evidence it possesses regarding the identities of the perpetrators of 9/11, because doing so it would eliminate most "conspiracy theories" that undermine its authority.
5. And finally, the US government has been given the benefit of the doubt for more than 8 years. It has already caused the deaths of more than one million people on false grounds. It is thus irresponsible to wait more years and more dead people until someone will discover that that King is naked and has no evidence.

Accordingly, I submit that the simple reason for the absence of this evidence is that the US government is unable to produce it, because it is unavailable. I see no other plausible explanation. If someone has a better explanation, I would gladly hear.

It's not misleading...

I think Kevin Fenton posted some 9/11 Commission docs regarding this. I can't find them. However...

"A combination of dedicated FBI detective work and the brilliant skills of forensic scientists eventually put names to the fragments by matching them with DNA traces discovered at the terrorists’ hideouts."

I don't disagree with a lot of what you're saying. The point of my post was to show there is reason to think these things exist.

Edit: I found it, however, it only mentions one of them.

Edit: Also, take note of footnote 27 of this article. I am all too familiar with the alleged hijackers.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

good points

I missed that the Dulles security camera was missing the date/time/camera info- this is unacceptable, and unless some insiders put up a fake camera, it would seem that info was removed at some point, for some reason- (unless for some reason the formatting for youtube caused it to be outside of the frame)- in any case, it can't be claimed the youtube version is authentic security camera footage.

"... the simple reason for the absence of this evidence is that the US government is unable to produce it, because it is unavailable."

You may be correct, but I don't see the need to go so far as to claim this is the reason, as it's speculation. However, this speculation prompts lines of inquiry, which may yield hard evidence.

The burden is on the US govt to make the case
The US govt hasn't made a complete case, and it hasn't produced the evidence it should have in its possession, that it has implied or claimed it has.

If the US govt has the evidence, it needs to produce it- "The government's word cannot be equated with the Truth." And the public is not obliged to accept the government's word, in place of the evidence it's obliged to produce.

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