WeAreChangeLA facilitates scientific discourse on 9/11 nano-tech thermitic material w/ Gregg Roberts and Priya Vashishta

On October 14, 2009, at the same event at the University of Southern California where WeAreChangeLA had confronted former Secretary of the Air Force Thomas C. Reed on 9/11 war games and the threats of nuclear treason ( http://www.911blogger.com/node/21693 ), a conversation was struck up with Priya Vashista, a nano-energetics expert and USC professor. Vashista gave his version of a possible explanation for a spontaneous type of thermitic reaction involving the aluminum from the planes and rust from the buildings' steel. After being asked whether he was describing what he saw as the potential for the formation of nano-thermite specifically, Vashista said that he was. It was clear that he had not been familiar with the "Active Thermitic Material" itself or the specific nano-tech qualities that it displays. However, in addition to openly stating that "many questions have not been fully explained," Vashishta was quite open and thankful to receive the abstract from the "Active Thermitic Material" paper and said that he would be willing to comment on it after looking in to it. Although Vashista has not yet responded to an email sent on October 17, 2009 asking for an educated comment on the paper, Gregg Roberts, of www.ae911truth.org and one of the co-authors of the "Active Thermitic Material..." paper, graciously responded to Vashista's statements in a clarifying and engaging manner.


video: Paul Wittenberger

p.s. This is some more of Gregg Roberts's response in written form:

"This was not just ground up rust and aluminum that were laying next to each other as he suggests.

This was rhomboidal crystalline grains of Fe2O3 measuring consistently 100 nm across, intimately mixed with hexagonal aluminum platelets 1000 nm across and only 40 nm thick. These two particles were held in a well-mixed configuration by a solidified gel solution containing additional fuel. This is NOT common to buildings!!

And the nano-scale allows the reaction to proceed at much lower temps."

Good work

>>"This is NOT common to buildings"

How does he know?

Just kidding Gregg . . .


Great to see you out there doing events like this. I've heard that you're a great speaker and panelist - you should be out there doing more of them!

Is Mr Vashishta serious?

This guy is priceless! Spontaneous thermite creation from aluminium and rust? Well I never knew the towers were so uniformly filled with rust. Also how on Earth can aluminium metal parts disintegrate into microscopic platelets scattered uniformly throughout the dust?!!!! The only forces were gravitational collapse as far as the official story goes, what disintegrated the aluminium into such miniscule platelets? Any hot, explosive event would cause aluminium spheres like the molten iron spheres, not nano-platelets. Where did the silicon come from? How did they mix in uniform consistency? A random collapse event cannot cause uniform nano-consistency, there would be much larger and varying fragments.

And here's the kicker. How can a random collapse event, or even an explosive event CAUSE LAYERS????!!!!! It's impossible lol!!!

Sorry Mr Vashishta. No credible objective scientist would not make such scientifically baseless and inaccurate assertions without knowledge of the subject unless they were politically motivated.