Local paper in Osaka introduced Richard Gage lecture

When the organizser of the lecture in Osaka got hospitalized(from too much work) while only twenty tickets have been sold, Senti Times in Osaka printed to notify citizens about Richard's lecture which is going to be held tonight!!

This is a real BIG NEWS! ;O)
Yumi says she's going to give away Richard's DVD on top of that special leaflet of 24 pages. DVD is available for up to 150/Osaka, 50/Kobe, and 100/Okinawa participants.

See the details of the lectures here.
And please tell others and encourage them to go and listen to him!!

Also, on top of several architects and engineers who attended Richard's lectures, he's met with Prof. Akira Wada of Tokyo Institute of Technology and Associate Prof. Daigoro Isobe of Tsukuba University.

Richard has been getting the most out of this tour for sure, and Yumi and all others in Japan have been working so hard to achieve the best. I am really proud of them!

Thank you Yumi - domo arigato


Thank you and your husband for your tireless work and generosity and dedication to the truth about 9/11. You two are heroes for the Japanese as well as the American people. You two are amazing.

We need to honor those who were murdered by finding out who actually committed that crime and hold them responsible for it and the wars that followed on using 9/11 as the cause.

While more and more people are seeing that the reason for the two wars was a fabrication built on lies and deception they need to demand that the reason - 9/11 be seen as the same - lies and deception.

We must have truth and accountability.