Building 7 Reporter Byron Pitts: "A number of things don't add up."

Byron Pitts is the CBS reporter who, on 9/11, said: "About an hour ago World Trade Center Building No. 7 collapsed. A 42 [sic] story building, weakened by the devastation that had occurred earlier today... This was the one calamity that was not a surprise."

It is quite interesting that Pitts would have said this given that no steel framed skyscraper had ever collapsed from a fire. Anthony from Ohio, along with members of WeAreChange Chicago, spoke with Pitts at a book signing in a Chicago Borders store, and mentioned Pitts' report about how the building's "collapse" was not a surprise. I started to type an essay here but I just deleted a bunch of text, shall keep this short and just say: watch. :-) But basically, he maintains his allegiance to the OCT (and also the greatness of American Freedom of Press) while letting a few kernels of truth out, particularly about the present day corrupt nature of the media, here and there. He's very friendly and non-defensive, and doesn't get nervous over a bunch of truth activists showing up and raising legit points, which is at least a good thing. I wonder what kinds of things he would say on the subject at a party with no camera rolling.


He was nervous, he just wasn't defensive. Why do guys with the professional stature of Pitts look nervous when fielding 9/11 questions?

It doesn't even matter why. The fact they are nervous says it all. He knows that we know way more than he should.....and he was there.

Thanks, WAC, for not embarrassing him too much. We need to be coming across kinda "chill" for a while, but not let up for a minute..

OCT, why, of course

he's close enough to the Psy-op, having reported on it as it happened that he knows about the Mysterious Death of Barry Jennings.

Byron Pitts won't be giving the PTB anything to concern themselves about.

Oh my ...

"Engineers ... knew at some point in the day it would fall down ... they knew it would collapse" Oh really, how did they know that?

It's never happened before, fires cannot cause steel frame buildings to collapse in that manner, it's a physical impossibility how could they know it was going to collapse before it did... were they getting their information from a clairvoyant?

Byron Pitts is smooth and charming but clearly incapable of confronting the truth about 9/11.

If he were at all interested in the issue, he would have done some research by now, and be at least a little more knowledgeable than he seems.

I wonder if he will bother to read the information he was given by WAC, or contact them about it ... I doubt it.

Then knew

Because 9/11 was an inside job. Building 7 isn't just a smoking gun. It is absolute proof of what we all say is true. The laws of physics didn't take a day off on 9/11.

Oh well,

He did sign the book with the message 'Keep fighting'--as though he wishes for others to have the courage that he clearly lacks himself.

keep fighting for 9/11 truth

that's promising ... it's never too late to awake ...great work guys :-)

Well done guys, very professionnal, when will we see you on TV ?

thanks very much for this excellent reportage. Very professionnal and brings out many points.

Especially the "Thanks for not throwing us out, as normally we can not ask 911questions" , etc

Noticed he placed some mis information (video ~2.0) in saying that the architect that had built the building knew that it was unsafe and would one day fall down, they had cut corners etc"
I had heard the architect in the past on other video say that the towers were made to withstand serveral areoplane collisions !!

This is the first time for me that some one who had sold the official story is able to talk about it without going nuts.



Sorry but this guy stinks!

Come on, the architect knew it couldn't take a plane hit? Bullshit? Mafia Cement? Bullshit! But then he pretends he is so careful about the Fox survivour
story. This guy knows the truth and odds are he is compromised. Oh , so the engineers knew that building 7 was comming down? Which engineers could know that? The ones who placed the thermite. Did you ever hear of Richard Gage? What about a 60 min story on him! I doubt it! Yeah right, your're a real journalist who knows how to check the facts.....bullshit....if your mama only knew the truth! Do you think she would be proud of you? Good job getting him on the record.

a baby among journalists

it says so on the sign right behind him.

but seriously, he actually said:

"there's talk that the architect, the man who designed the building,knew that it couldn't withstand that kind of force, and he tried to warn people early on."

WHAT? You can't just make shit up man! People will notice. We just did. You are on record as either the dumbest journalist to cover 9-11, or part of hiding it on purpose. Byron, we don't believe you. I agree about what your momma would think. She raised you better than that, I'm sure she thought.

Seems a nice guy but...

I wouldn't trust him. Can you trust people who sign books in general?

Jesse Ventura has written

Jesse Ventura has written three books and is working on a fourth. He signs books. Despite any criticisms I had with his TV show, I still respect and trust him.

It was just a question,

I like Ventura. And this journalist discredits himself by his statements alone.
But many WAC confrontations were at book signings and those people in general were not very nice.

Book Festivals/signings

I try to attend the LA Times Book festival at UCLA every year in May. Often times when I stand at the mic to ask a question of the illustrious authors/ "journalists"...I wish it were DRG or Richard Gage in my place challenging members of a panel or an organizer from the LA Times as to why there is censorship of the writings of qualified professionals who question the government's version of the 9/11 events. For instance Richard could introduce himself and recommend the attendees do their own fact checking at ae911truth and ignore the ad hominem attacks.

...After all we all know how we were told the "truth" about WMD's in Iraq, Pat Tillman's death and Jessica Lynch's capture...Perhaps they would relate....