AE911Truth Professional asks Congressman Cliff Stearns to press for new investigation.

Gainesville, Florida - 2/19/2010

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Dennis Shuman, PhD is a professional signatory with more than 1,000 AE911Truth colleagues and building professionals who are demanding a new investigation into the events of 9/11/2001 that destroyed the Twin Towers and WTC-7 skyscrapers.

Dr. Shuman delivered new and conclusive forensic evidence to Rep, Stearns' Gainesville office. District Aid, Jean Clough provided nearly an hour of friendly hospitality where Dr. Shuman and three accompanying AE911Truth advocates provided a comprehensive dialog outlining principal science issues and consequences of continued denial of justice involving the biggest un-solved crime of mass murder in American History.

Great job!

BTW, who was the music in that vid?

Great example

of doing more than just signing a petition - but personally taking it to their representative and explaining it, Good idea to go in twos and threes. Great job.

Jean Clough deserves a big "thanks".

I hope the fall out for being so nice and cooperative doesn't hurt her! In any event the deed is done and reflected great work done by great patriots.

Spoke to Jean and thanked!

She is very nice!

Great Job Florida!

You guys make it look easy!

One suggestion when presenting this information to newcomers:

Bring a laptop computer and show a video of WTC7 collapsing. (Busy people may never follow-up)

Then ask; “Have you ever seen this before?”

When they say no, which they almost always do, say; "This is the worst structural failure in modern history. Don't you think it is peculiar that this is the first time you have seen this?'

The visual image speaks a thousand words (saves time) and the fact that the newcomer will realize they have never seen before screams of cover-up.