Jesse Ventura Interviewed on the Alex Jones Radio Show.

Jesse covers a wide range of topics in this hour long interview with Alex Jones.

Alex welcomes back to the show former Minnesota governor, retired professional wrestler and color commentator, Navy Seal veteran, actor, and the host of Tru TV's popular series Conspiracy Theory, Jesse Ventura. Jesse's latest book is American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies That the Government Tells Us. Ventura's previous book is Don't Start the Revolution Without Me!





AJ at his best!

Jessie seems to be on a fast track to a deep understanding of DEEP Politics!

He must run for President, just for the exercise....revolution, evolution awaits us all!

Regards John

Jesse has been my political

Jesse has been my political idol since 2002, LONG before I was into 9/11 truth. His stances on the issues just made too much logical sense! Imagine...

I'd like to see a major bus tour

promoting his book around the country

Jessie V Hosts Larry King Live April 10-1of 4 Youutube

Great show

This was a great show Jesse led a civilized discussion on a wide range of topics with representatives of ``all 2`` major political parties as well as Ron Paul, the Libertarian representative. Towards the end one of the studio guests held up esse`s latest book and all agreed there were unanswered questions about 9/11 and that it was unusual that the book wasn`t reviewed by anyone in the MSM despite being on the NYT top 10 for weeks.

all agreed there were unanswered questions about 9/11

"all agreed there were unanswered questions about 9/11"


Oooh boy... (rubbing hands together)

I just watched the first 3 parts and am 10 seconds into part 4, embedded below. I'm guessing it happens in this part. (I'm still in shock that CNN/Time Warner let Jesse host Larry King.)

Edit: Well, that was pretty disappointing. :( And no, they did not "all" agree; in fact only the one woman (the democrat strategist) even mentioned 9/11. She simply said "A lot of people have questions about 9/11, that doesn't mean all of them are kooks about it."


That caption at the bottom of the screen says it all.

'Are Tiger's troubles over?'

How can you even parody this crap news media anymore when they seem so hell-bent on doing it themselves?!