9/11 honour and dishonour

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By Frank Moher

As it becomes increasingly clear that the official explanation of 9/11 is insupportable and won’t stand the test of time, I thought it might be apropos to establish a media “Honour” and “Dishonour” roll, recording those news organizations who have or haven’t done their job in reporting the story. The idea here is that, 10 or 15 years from now, when the great majority of people have cottoned-on to the fact that the government lied — just as the great majority now realize that about the Kennedy assassination — we’ll be able to look back and see which of them maintained the best traditions of journalism, and which were compliant or complicit.

This list is pretty much off the top of my head, and certainly subject to change, persuasion, and the wisdom of crowds. In other words, if you have suggestions for additions and subtractions, or moving an organization from one list to the other, let me know via the comments form. Please explain your reasons, and provide links to back them up when you can. Note that organizations can appear on both lists, and that individual columnists are excluded, as an organization may well maintain a columnist it disagrees with. We’re looking for institutional responsibility here. The exception is columnists, like Alexander Cockburn, who also have senior editorial responsibility, and thus are the institution, or part of it. Maybe I’ll start a category for just-columnists down the road.

As well, the fact that a newspaper or magazine or network is big and mainstream, and possibly even corporate-owned, doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be recognized when it does something right.

“Doing the job” is defined here as not swallowing the government line wholesale, remaining sceptical, reporting new evidence as it emerges, and investigating the facts where warranted. Or at least some of the above. “Dishonour” means credulity in the face of government explanations, ignoring or actively suppressing contrary evidence, deriding debate, failing to correct information that has been proven false, and various other forms of pernicious and/or bush-league behaviour.

So here’s the list for starters:


Add Chris Matthews @ MSNBC

Chris Matthews, as late as last night 04-14-10 he stated on his "Hardball" show that the "Birthers and Truthers just won't quit" when talking to Bill Mayher of HBO Fame. Bill Mayher is another one who doesn't want to hear the truth and belittles and bullies activist. Interestingly enough, Mr. Mayher only commented on the "Birthers" and failed to mention the "truthers". Is he seeing the light? We'll have to wait and see.


Yes, I noticed the same thing. It seems Maher will cross the street these days to avoid the subject. It is my opinion that he “saw the light” some time ago. He’s not a stupid man. But having lost one TV show by taking an unpopular stand, he knows he won’t have many more chances to retain his cushy lifestyle. So 9/11 denial is his plum to lick up to his masters. Pretty disgusting, and I will never forgive him for it.
Matthews is, simply put, just an idiotic arrogant asshole, and should be hounded incessantly to present this issue fairly on his program.

Agree on Matthews/Maher

For me, they both belong in a special Hall of Shame, because I used to watch both of them, believing once upon a time that - even when wrong - they were principled. Now I hold them both in contempt.

I agree that Maher likely has his eye on his job and the $$$, having been burnt once.

Matthews ... I'd really like to go one on one with him and show him what real hardball is all about.

Chris Matthews, Billy Maher, and Sheila Jackson Lee...

All these guys are cowards.

Thankfully for groups like We Are Change LA for forcing these people to confront the truth and show their true colors.

Isn't it all so amusing

"haha, hehe, it's so arrogant how they react to 911truthers. I even get it in my close family circle!! I normally don't like public displays but there was passion and courage in the outcries. They think we don't want to be called nuts and crazies so we will just shut up and behave!
The audience was so pleased with Bill Mayers violent reaction.
Thankyou Wacla, 911 Truth needs you.


shows his true colors. What a pig. Swearing and cussing like a fool because he knows the truthers are right. Creatures like him make me sick. Let him talk that way to Jesse Ventura or even DRG. That I would like to see. People like him are what is wrong with this country.

Chris Matthews and Mayor of L.A.

Pressure Mounts.

Mainstream Media vs 9/11 Truth

Good Video Compilation. We need more.

There is no excuse for any competent journalist to not have looked into 9/11 by now and spoken out about it. Look at the repercussions of that event that they all have to report on day by day.

I hope we win this thing.

Web-based publications

Honor role:

Web-based newsletters Dissident Voice, Information Clearing House and the Guerrilla News Network -- "progressive" sites which have bucked the trend. Also: Project Censored. These orgs are not as large and widely read as Counterpunch etc, but they deserve special praise for charting an independent path and doing the right thing.

And begin listing AUTHORS?

Nice to get a list going of which media outlets deserve criminal prosecution/ severe fines/shutdown when the Truth becomes obvious. But why not also save a list of anti-Truth articles and such to confront such authors as Matt Taibbi ("The Hopeless Stupidity of 911 Conspiracies",etc.) when 'the Day' comes. Why do they chose to so strongly denounce those such as David Ray Griffin who are coming from the direction of logic and facts?

I suppose they get well awarded to go along with the majority opinion, but if they are being advised what to say by 'other' agencies, it becomes a more criminal matter.

The current arrogance of the "anti-Truthers" at this point astounds me, but with the possible future awareness that most modern instiutions (governments/media/universities/etc.) are corrupt to the core, I see why they must react so passionately to an issue that that leads to uncomfortable questions about the "goodness" and worth of modern 'civilization'.

Not that history shows much evidence of less corrupt civilizations.
And the 'winners' get to write the history!

Thanks for the suggestions

I especially like the idea of adding Project Censored. I've put a few individual journalists (or "jorunalists") on the list in a new blog post. At some point I'll create a master list incorporating the suggestions I've received, too.