We Are Change Boston 4th of July Street Action


Thanks to youtube.com/NoxWarsxNoxKings for making this video. Please check out his videos and subscribe to his channel.

Any brave bostonians want to do some highway blogging? Join our meetup @ http://www.meetup.com/WeAreChangeBoston/ or contact me via email wearechangeboston@gmail.com or facebook.com/markedup

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Good job

I thought this was quite effective.

Thanks for reminding us of what it's all about!

Not theories and b/s arguments...getting on the street and educating the public that the truth about 9/11 is not known and we need to get our troops home!

Good work Boston WAC!

Sydney WAC and Truth Action are out today on the street as part on the 11th Day of Every Month Campaign and we will be out again this comming Friday:)

Power to the people!

Kind regards John

Getting the job done...

This is another example of people rising up and getting the job done. A joy to see.

Why are they playing the music over the dialogue??

Get rid of the music and let us hear the dialogue.

I'd like to hear what the girl with the ice cream cone, and others, were saying.

my friend that came down all the way from Maine

....was having audio problems with his camera apparently.

Ahh....that sucks.

Thanks for the reply