Sue Supriano Interviews David Chandler

On July 19, while I was in Portland to speak at the American Association of Physics Teachers conference I was interviewed by former KPFA programmer Sue Supriano, who now lives in Portland and does radio and podcast interviews for a show called "Stepping Out of Babylon." The interview can be downloaded as an mp3 file and is available here:

Solid interview by Chandler.

Thank you, David. We are very fortunate to have your calm, reasoned voice speaking for the truth.

Excellent interview

I enjoyed listening to David explain without frills the basics of scientific 9/11 research and his own contributions, which are groundbreaking. I think what David did for me was activate the physics lessons I remembered from my own teachers and apply them to the destruction of the WTC buildings. I've refreshed some of my physics knowledge, in fact a whole range of technical subjects, just by studying the science of 9/11. There is a lot yet to learn by all of us. There is a goal aside from holding the government to account: that is to equip new generations with the critical thinking and insights required to understand ourselves and the undemocratic moloch that claims to represent freedom in our name, but has a double agenda.

P.S. I hope that David's explanation of freefall reminds 9/11 truthers that freefall is determined by acceleration, not speed. The term "freefall speed" is misleading. It was this very misconception that NIST abused to obfuscate the 2.25 second period of full freefall during the demise of WTC 7, by averaging out the "speed" using two data points: start, and stop.

Will This be Broadcast?

Will This be Broadcast?

Nice job David

Please thank your sister for me too.

FYI - Don Paul and I will be on KPFK this Friday evening.

I hope you will give us details and link so we can listen

I hope you will give us details and link so we can listen.

"FYI - Don Paul and I will be on KPFK this Friday evening."

Joe, it's Friday 3 to 5 PM pacific

with Bayard Condon.

Not sure about a link other than the KPFK site.

Thanks, I'll be listening

Thanks, I'll be listening

My apologies

The show is being taped today but not aired today. It's called Counterintelligence Digest, I believe. Sorry for the confuision..

Pls inform us about the sending date

interestingly enough, that format was direct founded through other fighters for 9/11 truth:

Clear, lucid and focused!

We are fortunate indeed to have Mr. Chandler among the leadership of this movement. This interview is a good example of how valuable his input has been. It's straightforward, well articulated and well reasoned. I appreciate the way he focuses on and elucidates a few key aspects of the physics, without over-complicating anything, and he just sticks to those points and makes them understandable.

Having read some of his writings it's clear he can delve into very complex physical phenomena when needed, but he knows how to speak to the layman—priceless. Thank you, Mr. Chandler!

David Chandler and Erik Lawyer

David Chandler and Erik Lawyer are excellent spokespersons.

If you have "connections", please arrange interviews wherever possible.

We need more people like David and Erik out front.