Bowman Exposes "culture of war" in "fascist" America on KPFA

Review by John Bursill

This absolutely brilliant interview by Bonnie Faulkner of Guns and Butter brings out a new depth in the Bowman story. This enlightening discussion with Bowman and Faulkner does more to explain the military situation of a fascist American oligarchy than any before! Bowman reiterating many times that it is the "pinnacle event" of 9/11 that still provides the only justification for the current political reality and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq it ignited.

Titled "Vietnam, Star Wars and 9/11" with Dr. Robert Bowman."
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Dr Robert Bowman
Dr Robert M. Bowman

From the show notes: Dr. Bowman discusses his US Air Force experiences in Vietnam in 1968-69; as Director of Advanced Space Programs Development in the Ford and Carter administrations; the 1982 Defense Guidance Document; his public opposition to the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) better know as Star Wars during the Ronald Reagan administration; his take on the events of September 11, 2001; and wars of aggression. -END-

Faulkner delves deep into Bowman's tour in Vietnam and his feelings during his service as a career military officer in the US Air Force. We discover through Bowman's personal struggle with what he had done during his military service has led to him becoming the most powerful spokesman for the "9/11 Truth for Peace" argument today. Dr Robert M. Bowman is possibly the only person "talking truth to power" that can put all the geopolitical pieces together in such clear context, and so well articulate why an end to the Neo-Con "War on Terrorism" is required immediately!

Dr Robert Bowman is currently on Tour across America and details of his appearances are found here: The Patriots (Bob's Schedule)

Out of all the Peace Activists in action today Bob Bowman and Cindy Sheehan stand out as simply exemplary examples to follow. This is because of their honesty, their dedication to truth and most of all there clarity of purpose! Bowman has done more for the 9/11 Truth Movement in the Peace Movement circles than possible any other individual and in historical terms will be possibly the greatest American Patriot of his era.

Recently did another excellent interview with Bowman which can be found here: Dr Robert M. Bowman Talks "9/11 Truth To Power" on Visibility 9-11
In this interview Bowman goes into more detail of his views about the 9/11 Truth Movement and his wish for us to keep it simple and focus on things we can prove like the demolition of Building 7. Bob Bowman is not a supporter of "conspiracy theories" or "speculation", he is a supporter of exposing evidence that demonstrates a criminal cabal at work in America today and doing all that is required to put them out of business.

By Bowman letting us see deep inside his military experience and admitting finding military combat and war somewhat "addictive" allows a much clearer understanding of the difficulty we face as peace activists. This interview makes clear that 9/11 Truth will have more to do with a new conciousness of the American soldier that any other signal issue. If we are to win their hearts and minds and encourage them to keep their solemn oath to object to illegal orders and fighting illegal "wars of aggression", we must enlighten them to the truth of the pretext to war, 9/11.

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Bowman in Los Angeles

911TruthLA is proud to host Robert Bowman at our 9/11 memorial event this year.

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