Angry in America: Inside Alex Jones' World Radio Host and 'Conspiracy Theorist' Taps into Dark National Mood to Build Media Empi

Angry in America: Inside Alex Jones' World
Radio Host and 'Conspiracy Theorist' Taps into Dark National Mood to Build Media Empire

Sept. 2, 2010

To Alex Jones, the world is a very dark place.

"Good old Uncle Sam will stage attacks ... that's how they keep the slaves in line," the libertarian radio host says during a rant on his show. "We have to wake up and face the fact that we have a criminal government."

Jones, who sits at the helm of an independent media empire, is arguably the nation's premiere purveyor of what could be called paranoia porn.

"World government means world tyranny run by a scientific dictatorship of control freaks that want to carry out forced population reduction," he explained.

The criminal government is just one of many conspiracy theories Jones espouses -- although he thinks that term belittles his reporting. He also believes that the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center were an inside job, that President Barack Obama is an "unconstitutional criminal" and that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) runs concentration camps.

"They [FEMA] have designation sports stadiums," he said matter-of-factly, "They have designated fields, they have designated closed down prisoner of war camps for the American people during a civil uprising."

Second page:

You can count on Jones to push the envelope. Take his stance on the government poisoning the water. "I have all the other government documents where the government proposes -- or government think tanks propose -- poisoning the water to dumb down the population to make them more easy to manage," Jones said.

People who monitor hate groups say they're extremely worried about Jones' growing influence. His six-day-a-week radio show and webcast reach an estimated one million people a day. On YouTube and elsewhere, Jones estimates 200 million people have seen his various documentaries, like "The Fall of the Republic," "Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement" and "The Obama Deception."

Critics Say Jones Incites Anger

In 2002, Richard McAslin, allegedly a Jones listener, snuck into a men's club in California that Jones has called, "a haven for the global elite," carrying a rifle, a handgun, a cross-bow and a sword. Last summer, another Jones fan -- a mother of three on Long Island, N.Y., named Nancy Genovese -- was arrested for allegedly taking pictures of an Air National Guard base with firearms in her car. The charges were later dropped.

Jones' critics say that by floating his highly-charged ideas at a time when the nation is already very angry and anxious, he's upping the odds for unbalanced people to do stupid things.

"I've got to report the information I see and what I believe is happening," he said. "I have a responsibility to put out."

When asked if he's worried about possibly-deranged people who listen to his show taking violent action, he went on the defensive.

"I knew when you guys called that this would be the crux of your interview and that's fine because the government is going to stage more terror attacks like it did in 1995, like it did in 2001 and try to blame it on the American people," he said.

Beware Alex

People who monitor hate groups say they're extremely worried about Jones' growing influence...............

critics say that by floating his highly-charged ideas at a time when the nation is already very angry and anxious

The man says you may be getting too big for your britches. I personally would like to see A.J. raise the level of his own professionalism with more structured reporting and less emotionalism. If he stuck to the facts with less ranting it would be better for his reputation and could result in expanded viewership etc.

Don't get me wrong he is a true patriot with a head full of knowledge that we all need to consider. While I don't agree with many of his non-regulation ideas relating to a smaller government, I admire his courage to call it "an inside job" !

less emotionalism

AJ is just an emotional person. That is just his personality. At first it turned me off but after getting through that I came to realize he is a true patriot and I just wish more people were like him. I listen to his show just about every day. I think he is trying to unite the truth movement which is the way to go. He has been interviewing David Icke and Webster Tarpley and I like that. Meria Heller has been doing the same thing. They both know that we must stay united even if we don't agree on everything. Anyone who pushes the fact that 9/11 was an inside job is OK in my book even if I don't believe in shape-shifters.

That gets my vote

He is emotional because he has PASSION!

He will apparently be on the UK Talksport late show with Ian Collins tonight from 11pm GMT.

Yeah, I'm all for the passion and especially sincerety

don't get me wrong. I am just worried about the media protrayal or betrayal for that matter. For instance Robert Bowman is very passionate but you could never make the case that he's some kind of "nut". We all know AJ's not a nut but the spin doctors will try to paint him in a bad light as some kind of Fringe personality. Someone like Richard Gage, David Ray Griffin, Peter Dale Scott and Steven Jones will always be viewed as a professional because of their demeanor and knowledge. AJ's got the knowledge and if he could master the demeanor he would even be more effective and dangerous to the criminals running the place. The next level is to master the sound bite when you can articulate the position so well within 15-20 seconds that you leave the ignorant commentator no room to budge. Last year CNN tried to ridicule Steven Bassett about his UFO disclosure project. Within 20 seconds in an extremely professional tone he articulated the underlying truth of the matter that left the talking head from CNN speechless and they had to end the interview.

Very well stated, PW and I

Very well stated, PW and I couldn't agree more. I was first attracted to Alex back in 2002 and collected all his videos up to Endgame, but recently, I've distanced myself from him because he IS too emotional. His evidence is heart-stopping but his presentation of that evidence is not only embarrassing, it's counterproductive to the cause. He scares more people away that he attracts because of his ridiculous ranting and nowadays, I've stopped handing out his movies to people. When WTC7 survivor Barry Jennings suddenly turned up dead, Alex went on his show within two days of the breaking news and basically pointed the finger directly at Loose Change director, Dylan Avery, and blamed him for the his death. To this very day, nobody knows how Jennings died and for Alex to insinuate that Avery was indirectly responsible for Jennings being "whacked" by the government with no evidence whatsoever is a testament to just how unprofessional Alex can be. He makes us all look even more kooky that we already are perceived by the mainstream media and gives them PLENTY of ammo to use against us. His heart is in the right place, but he seriously needs to bring the energy down a tad if he hopes to attract more people to the truth.

Alex attacking Dylan two days after the breaking news of the death of WTC7 survivor Barry Jennings:

Alex Jones and Glenn Beck

Alex Jones clearly has an unbridled jealousy for other successful filmmakers such a Dylan Avery and Peter Joseph.

Jone's "interview" with Peter Joseph was an astonishing and shameful display of venom and petty mindedness. It is also clear that Dylan Avery quickly broke relations with Alex Jones after his involvement with Loose Change: The Final Cut (2007).

Where as Dylan Avery has freed himself from any association with Alex Jones and refined his output with the release of Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup (2009), Jason Bermas continues to be influenced by his producer and the result of this influence is reflected in the quality of Bermas's films particularly Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined (2010).

Alex Jones is disturbing because more often than not he appears to represent a mirror image of Glenn Beck.

Hyperbole on everything frequently defeats Jones

The guy always runs every issue with "pedal to the metal" reporting. After a while it's difficult to tell the real bad news from the really bad news.

The Obama deception is an example of unnecessary show-boating that sank his credability when he painted his face. He lost a lot of credablility.

The cold facts are bad enough. He doesn't need to deliver like Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck to sell air time.

Yeah, well, you are right, but...........

.............99.9% of the journalists who are NOT like Alex Jones, who are more refined and careful and less sensationalized, are completely ignoring the truth about 9/11, because it is way too hot and controversal and will not enhance their careers.
Even those in the alternative media criminally censor the truth of 9/11, such as Amy Goodman of DemocracyNow, and Joshua Holland of Alternet, Raimondo of, the Cockburns of Counterpunch, CommonDreams, Nationmag, Zmag, NoamChomsky, MotherJones, and on and on.

I wish I could get Alex to be more responsible in many issues, but at least he isn't part of the real conspiracy to block the public from the truth of 9/11, and frankly, whatever (within reason) gets millions to hear that truth is ok by me.

Oh I love this. So we don't

Oh I love this. So we don't have a criminal government??? Preemptive war? Illegal invasions of sovereign countries? Criminal neglect of the citizens of a major metropolitan area-Katrina? Criminal neglect of the ocean environment and livelihoods dependent on it-Deep Horizon? Non-prosecution of financial criminals-Goldman, AIG- BofA, CitiBank, Chase, Wells Fargo.? The president's austerity commission headed by Social Security dismantler Alan Simpson? Targeted assassinations of American citizens & internationals- no trials???

And then tell me that most of US television isn't pornography of some sort or another? I'll tell you all, it' a pornography of incredible deceit & deception.
Alex Jones is bombastic, egotistical, often over the top, but correct at least 80% of the time. He's energized hoards of youthful listeners and stays on message regarding 9/11. We need his voice. We need his boot kicking in the lies of the ruling class.

Don't forget


Don't forget Genetically Modified foods

which are pushed by Monsanto, a company saturated with CIA, Rockefellers, Kissinger, and many, many powerful people in our imperial government.
When Alex Jones talks about the globalists, he is right.
Who else talks about them? Not the progressives. Not the liberal groups. Not the alternative press like DemocracyNow.

Again, I wish I could get Alex to be a bit more reasonable about some issues like global warming, but I'll take him for the good that he DOES do.

Yes, when the government, OUR government...........

............the government we grew up believing was the best in the world, the most honest, humane, open..............When THAT government consistently lies, definitely has an agenda that is secret, an agenda of global domination in order to have hegemonic control of all of the worlds important resource areas..........then I don't think Alex is the problem.
The problem is US, all of us, because we put up with all of the crap that Alex exposes.

I am the first to say Alex is definitely wrong about a lot of stuff, like global warming, and way out there on some issues, but I think overall he is on the right track. We really do have global elites in control and we follow blindly like brain dead sheep.

I give him credit. He works his butt off, is extremely dedicated. A lot of what he says I realize is way out of line, but he often seems like the only person I can regularly hear that tells the truth that the entire media miss, purposely miss (it is called censorship).

To lambast Alex and not lambast the msm and alternative media (DemocracyNow, Alternet, Counterpunch, CommonDreams,, the Nation magazine, and others who censor 9/11 truth) is ludicrous.

The enemy is the media, almost all of it. Alex is not the enemy.


If anyone wants a positive experience regarding the awakening of 9/11 Truth, check out the over 100 comments on the ABC article.

HEAVILY in favor of the truth.

A Comment ABC pulled off.....

I made the following comment on their lasted a few hours until they pulled it.....

According to the article...

"The criminal government is just one of many conspiracy theories Jones espouses"....

Just because the head of Intelligence gets a medal for his great work on the 9-11 "intelligence failure" or the "intelligence failure" of WMD in Iraq, doesn't mean they were not really failures....right? That's called a criminal government. You get medals for a job well done, not failures. So ABC is going to tell us how silly it is to not trust the MSM or the Government it works for? I will believe you when you out your sources of disinformation that assisted in getting us in the Iraq war. Until then...clean up your own act before pointing at anyone.... You guys used your top "investigative" reporter to be a propaganda tool for the Government in the BS Iraq War. As Grenwald points out, you protect "sources" that lie to you so you can maintain "access" ........
“ABC and Ross back in October and November 2001 were the driving force, really the exclusive force, behind news reports strongly suggesting that Iraq and Saddam Hussein were responsible for the anthrax attacks on the U.S." "Ross claimed at the time, and there is no reason to doubt it, that these false reports -- clearly designed to blame Iraq for the anthrax attacks in the eyes of Americans -- were fed to him by "at least four well-placed sources." Who were the well-placed, multiple sources feeding ABC News completely fictitious claims linking Saddam Hussein to the anthrax attacks, including false claims about the results of government tests?"
I don't believe every word AJ says. And I don't believe every word I hear from ABC either, and I just showed why.
end Comment

I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did. I guess they don't like it when it's shown on their own website that they are used as a propaganda tool for selling lies to Americans to convince them to start wars. That's not really good for business so I don't blame them for removing the comment, but I will continue to blame them for putting out disinformation that has devastating consequences....gee ain't I horrible?

They can't delete this though...

Impressed and unimpressed

He was quick to call 9-11 an inside job on the very day. That's pretty in-your-face, and right on target. But I find his stand on immigration irritating and problematic. I would think, and I in fact believe from my own knoweldge base, that the people that Jones categorizes under the New World Order hate immigration, want to control the world's population and make sure everybody stays in their place. Not too long ago there was a raging debate within the Sierra Club as to whether it should declare that immigration was a threat to the environment. Where did that proposal come from? It came from the bowels of the Sierra Club, which has close ties to the "establishment" Rockefeller family. The measure was, if I remember correctly, defeated by the Sierra Club. Jones has come out with incredibly derrogatory statements about Mexicans, such as that they take a "dump" in toilet tanks, one of their mischevious techniques for trying to undermine America. Fact is, anti-immigration measures are against the human right to live where one chooses. No country has a right to keep people out of its borders. Borders are for maintaining services within a geographic area, not for regulating the passage of people in and out, an action which has little or no justification. I used to listen to Jones regularly, but I stopped. He has good guests on, but often gets in the way of what they are saying by talking over them. I think, on balance, that its great to have his voice out there, and glad that he has a million followers or listeners, glad to see that he is seriously ruffling some feathers. If people are inflamed by the truth, that's too damned bad for the self-styled anti-"hate" groups.

Maybe I'm going out on a limb here but:

I think of borders specifically the USA borders as that which designates the constitutional freedoms earned by the people of the United States. We had a wonderful country filled with freedom and opprotunity which took courage and hardwork. The labor unions had to fight for fair wages, safe working conditions and retirement benefits. In addition we had to struggle for safe enviromental regulations to protect our health and the health of our children. The world looked on as the standard of living for the middle class rose to a great society. Actually, a single wage earner in the 50's somehow supported a family, sent kids to college, and included vacations. The idea was to export this way of life to other countries who would value the freedoms and protections created and earned by americans. Instead the mature companies americans built with their backs and sweat over so many years exported the jobs outside of our constitutional borders to low cost slave labor markets. Our own governmental authorites participated in the looting of our manufacturing base for the sake of exploiting profits to the upper class. Economic refugees need to struggle within their own countries to create a better way of life by demanding conditions which were earned in this country. Now not only are our constitutional rights being eroded but the american dream is being dismantled. In the past immigrants had to believe in loyalty to the USA and the american way of life including adopting english and the civic responsibilities of the american culture. Now as the borders of a once sovereign nation dissolve into the NWO the american dream dies not only for americans but for everybody.

I like him but how can he be so wrong on global warming?

Global warming, and Peak oil, are arguably not only the biggest issue of our time, but maybe the biggest issues since the beginning of agriculture.
And yet Alex gets global warming completely wrong.
How can he see a government conspiracy that fraudulently informs us that global warming is a reality, when, in fact, it is the scientific community all over the world, the scientists from all walks of life, from different politics, different sponsors and agencies, that are virtually all saying the same thing?
Global warming is a fact. And it is precisely the kinds of people that Alex accuses of conspiracies that have actually conspired to con the American people into thinking that there is no real evidence of global warming.
He's got it all backwards and confused.
And that is too bad, because on many issues he is a good thinker and pulls many bits of information together and makes sense of them.

He is, by the way, right on GM foods and other issues in the food industry, and deserves credit for bringing to his listeners a lot of information that the msm ignores.

All in all, I'm glad we have him. I'd just love to get him straight on global warming.

By the way, he may be right about some of the "fixes" for global warming, which he feels are just sleazy ways for the globalists to steal money from us all. As Naomi Klein has emphasized in her book, "Shock Doctrine", the elites will always take advantage of any catastrophe and profit from it, and they are probably going to do it with the "solutions" to global warming, like carbon credits or carbon taxes.

"It's Not Paranoia...

if they really are trying to kill you."

He called the shot months before 911. (Did ABC Nightline?)

My hat is off to him for that.

EVERYTHING can't be a planned conspiracy

Michel Chossudovsky at is another for whom even Indonesian tidal waves are caused by deliberate weather manipulation. You simply can't fully rely on someone who cries "Wolf!" every single time, even though they might be interesting occasionally.

If you think everything CAN be planned, then you have to explain that apparent violation of Chaos Theory.

It is sensible to be concerned that many events are planned.....

once you have determined that the 9/11 attacks were planned by the elites in control of our government, and we KNOW this to be a fact, and we have watched as the entire media system has covered up the facts and censored the truth.

You can be sarcastic about tsunamis being controlled by conspirators, but the fact remains that our own government was complicit in the 9/11 attacks. Where do you draw the line?

It is far more planned that we are led to believe.

The more I read and research the more I think there are few surprises.

I was an avid listener for

I was an avid listener for quite some time until the negativity got to be too overwhelming day in and day out. I could no longer stand Alex blood curdling raging rants as well. What was most peculiar and bizarre was his consistent handling of callers who would attempt to report their frontline experiences of tyranny and whatnot. Alex would inevitably and in rather short order cut them off through sarcastic play-acting of the oppressors. It was so out of place that it was quite uncomfortable to listen to. I mean here the show would get eye witness testimony of what he was constantly railing against and instead of taking the opportunity an initiative to glean a half decent impromptu informational interview, Alex would taint the whole thing with his sarcastic yelling and play acting. I thought it was extremely disrespectful and counter-productive to say the least.

Then I saw this:

That says it all I'm afraid, Alex's crashing and totally blatant disruption of a peaceful, organized protest reveals the real Alex Jones. He is the honey pot to which he speaks of so often I'm afraid. I fell for it hook, line and sinker. He's good, really good at what he does. This man is in all likelihood a charlatan/agent, or an incredibly useful idiot.

Could you give some background?

What was this about? There is an apparent conflict. Who is the woman he is referencing? What book did she write?
The editing of this film along with the effects seem to be another form of hyperbole. I am interested in what exactly is happening and why?
It appears that there is some bad blood between Alex Jones and someone or several members of this group. I suspect there is a back story that may make this make more sense.

I am not an Alex Jones apologist. I don't like everything he does. I have been impressed by how many times he has been right, but I don't agree with some of his antics or some of his beliefs. I also agree that the negativity can be exhausting and his behavior is sometimes manic. I also think he is torn between his ego and his reported objectives. I still listen to him, but I don't buy everything he says. He is far from perfect, but still more informative than the MSM.

It is akin to Coast to Coast AM. One has to have discernment to separate the information that rings true from the stuff that you don't buy into.
Case in point, Coast to Coast is on as I type this. The subject is big foot. Unfortunately, even if they sometimes talk about real issues, the message is clouded by all the times they talk about nonsensical topics with ZERO skepticism. In this respect, I see how Alex Jones shoots himself in the foot by some of his antics and hyperbole. Is this on purpose? I don't think so but I could be wrong.

When Art Bell was on Coast to Coast, I blew off the whole show as total BS. With George Noory, sometimes they talk about real issues.
His opening run down of news us usually pretty real. If I had a magic wand, LOL, I would change both shows and eliminate the crap.
Unfortunately, I loaned out my magic wand and they never brought it back.

In my opinion Alex Jones should have retired years ago,

but this video is an obvious hit piece.

The international 9/11 truth movement should keep Alex Jones as far away as possible, as his positive attributes are now far outweighed by his negatives, imho.

He is a very good self promoter and seems to be quite the business person, as was Madonna in her heyday.

I got tired of his schtick after five minutes.

That said, this is a free country (sort of) and he is entitled to make a living as an entertainer, if he so chooses.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Sept. 6th, 2010: President of ABC News resigns...

President of ABC News resigns: Resignation may be the result of conflict with ABC's parent company.

In his e-mail, Mr. Westin said, “There are some other things I want to do professionally — things that I cannot explore while fulfilling my responsibilities here.”

This year, the division’s late-night news program, “Nightline,” has advanced to a much more competitive position against the late-night entertainment shows on NBC and CBS, hosted by Jay Leno and David Letterman, which have both had sharp slides in ratings.