New York Magazine: Evan Dando, formerly of Lemonheads, believes WTC was "blown up by bombs"

Dando uses both hands to pick up his piece of the World Trade Center. “Open the window,” he commands. “The towers were right there. That morning really fucked me up. The second plane was so close, it went shoom, right over my head.” He pauses and absentmindedly pats the pack of Marlboro Lights in his shirt pocket. “Because I was so close, I know what really happened,” he says. “I shouldn’t get into it, because I’m not a political person, but they were blown up by bombs. They were not taken out by those airplanes. Those fires were going out and then the buildings blew up. What I saw and heard that day was a crime, and not by the people they’re saying. That’s all I’ll say.” He pauses. “I’m worried about our country. But then again I’ve been worried about America my entire life.”


'Twould be nice to see a pic of that "a melon-size chunk of rippled steel poached from ground zero".

Good for Evan Dando

These entertainers must know that being quoted saying such things isn't going to get them far with pretty much anyone outside the 9/11 truth movement. It's good that they do so anyway.

The only music by them I ever had was 'It's A Shame About Ray' from circa '92, and I find that still holds up.

whats a shame

Is that he talks openly about his drug use, and that will continue to add to the false portrayal of truthers as not having it together and living in a deluded world.
Other then that, good on you Evan for coming out of the Truth closet!

The more speak out..

the more dare to follow. Better late than too late!

“I shouldn’t get into it, because I’m not a political person"

This is such a sad statement and all too common. Besides, what does politics have to do with it, really? This is about murder and making murderer's accountable. We must all "get into it".

We need to have a big 911 truth


Interesting slip in report about the bag of C4

buried in Marble Cemetery:

"There were was no detonator found with the eight blocks of C-4, weighing 1.24 pounds each, so there was no way for the explosives to go off, Kelly noted. But the “potent” material — the same kind used in the 2005 terrorist bombings in London — could have packed a powerful kick. Each block was reportedly equivalent to 10 grenades and powerful enough to blow up a car."

Can This Be Accurate?

At ae911truth at 12:46 ET 10/13 "We have 31505 guests online"

That's a lot of people visiting the site, hope it's true.

Joomlas statistics is not reliable..

ae911truth is built on joomla and that counter in the footer is the standard one which is not accurate. Sometimes search engine "robots" goes to a site and adds alot of viewers to this. There are better more reliable statistics for joomla than this. However 31505 guests is alot of traffic even if some percentage is serach engines and other index robots...

At 4:30 Central...

"We have 29,865 guests online" Scroll to bottom

I'm surprised that Dando

I'm surprised that Dando hasn't signed onto this new 9/11 Truth list: Artists and Actors for 9/11 Truth.

Send New york mag your emails

We all need to send our collective comments. I have, join me.

Is this the address you used?