32e Onze Bouge à Paris (32nd Every 11th of the month) at Paris this 11th November 2010

Herblay FRANCE

Here in France as you have probably seen on your televisions lately, we have been strongly fighting for our retirement rights, so hardly won by our parents ( as we say "par la lutte" !) . Of course, no one is talking about the robots, computers and system experts which are slowly, stealing our jobs but not giving us a buying power to buy their robot fabricated products ! Not paying retirement payments for us !

Except us in France ( I am in the Robot since 1989 and you cannot see me like the hundred of thousands of people who have taken my robot in photo at different manifestations in France and Europe )

Despite our problems caused by our French president Nicolas Sarkozy, we try to put some time on the 911 truth.

Below is the email I received from Yves Ducourneau who is the French's most active militant for 911 truth ( see annex °1 in English , °2 in French ). This guy never gives up and tries his best ( with his own poor means ( his own small wage and his little free time ) ) to inform the French on the importance to open a new investigation into the 11th of September attacks. Of course there are a lot of people ( me included ) who are doing their hardest to get out the truth. However I cannot help myself from saying that we have a chance to have Yves.

As well you have to realise that the French hate being taken in photo ( are they scared of the CIA , French "Renseignements Généraux" ?) and it is very difficult to put on the internet the French in action for the 911 truth. Thanks Yves for your photo courage.

Also the French and others French speaking people can thank the French association loi 1905
for their excellent work. Better than our rich nation televisions FR1, France2 and France3, we can thank
reopen911.info for the very latest Geraldos Rivera's show "Geraldo At Large Fox news" 180 degree turn on 911 with French subtitles

Oui ; la version sous-titrée est déjà disponible on the internet at :



°1 _ _ _ _ in english

De : yves.ducourneau@club-internet.frAjouter aux contacts
A : "ReOpen911 Paris"
Compte-rendu du “Onze Bouge” de novembre : Salon de l'Autre Livre

Report on the French " 32 nd Onze Bouge" of November 2010: The other book exposition in Paris


A big thanks to Arnaud911, glaza and afsvfr for their participation in the stand of Demi-Lune during the "Salon de l'Autre Livre" between the 12th and 14th of November. For their distribution of flyiers at the entry of the Exposition and leaflets from the stand, during 4 days.

This year will remain the marking point where "Demi-Lune" was at last recognized for the importance of their work by the other editors !!!

More seriously, I was happy to see that the public are more and more informed and favorably accomodates our information, the only book having caused a sharp reaction of the public being that of Lounis Aggoun on Algeria. A country admittedly nearer to us, remains as always a sensitive subject for some of us.

A young man tells that after having lost a close relations in the Paris attacks of 1995, was interested in terrorism, without managing to form a personnal opinion about these attacks. Nevertheless, in the moment of the attacks of 2001, as of the first second it does not believe in the VO! This short history shows, if it was necessary, that the information is the best vaccine against State terrorism.

°2 _ _ _ _ en français

De : yves.ducourneau@club-internet.frAjouter aux contacts
A : "ReOpen911 Paris"
Compte-rendu du “Onze Bouge” de novembre : Salon de l'Autre Livre

Un grand merci à Arnaud911, glaza et afsvfr pour leur participation au stand du Salon de l'Autre Livre et pour avoir tenu le stand de Demi-Lune, distribué des flyiers à l'entrée du Salon et des tracts sur le stand, pendant 4 jours.

Cette année restera comme celle où Demi-Lune a enfin été reconnu par ses pairs !!!

Plus sérieusement, j'ai été heureux de voir que le public est de mieux en mieux informé et accueille favorablement nos informations, le seul livre ayant provoqué une réaction vive du public étant celui de Lounis Aggoun, sur l'Algérie. Un pays, il est vrai, plus proche de nous, resté un sujet toujours sensible pour certains.

Un jeune homme raconte qu'après avoir perdu des proches dans les attentats parisiens de 1995, il s'est intéressé au terrorisme, sans parvenir à se faire une opinion sur ces attentats. Néanmoins, au moment des attentats de 2001, dès la première seconde il ne croit pas à la VO ! Cette petite histoire démontre, s'il le fallait encore, que l'information est le meilleur vaccin contre le terrorisme d'État.