Judge Andrew Napolitano on WTC7

Alex Jones interviewed Judge Andrew Napolitano and asked him about his views on World Trade Center Building 7:



the video embedded

Judge Nap! Another Patriot Questioning 9/11

Olbermann talking about this...

Early Christmas Gift

You don't have to like Geraldo or Napolitano. It's about the information they are acquiescing to. What we have here is proof that 9/11 truth in the form of the BuildingWhat? campaign has broken Fox news twice in a month.

Thank You Judge Napolitano,

The dirty, lousy pain in the ass Truth Armada.

Judge's Quote

"It's hard for me to believe that it came down by itself...I am gratified to see that people across the board are interested. I think twenty years from now, people will look at 9-11 the way we look at the assassination of JFK today. It couldn't possibly have been done the way the government told us."

Important point about that quote..

"... I think twenty years from now, people will look at 9-11 the way we look at the assassination of JFK today. "

I think that's worse thing that could happen. Does our view of the Kennedy murders lead us to the truth? Does it open a new active investigation? Will anyone stand trial.? Will we ever know what really hap;pened? And in the meantime, pompous sellouts like Chris Mattews cry their crocodile tears over what Oswald did to this country. It makes me ill to watch it. Not to mention the rest of bile that is spewed by mockingbird moles in the MSM everyday. The dog and pony show our so called Government is. All the world is indeed a stage. It reminds of the I.T. term G.I.B.O. Garbage In, Bulls*** Out.

9/11 Truth has the potential to produce a lasting sustainable change in our values and culture as a society. It also has the potential to produce rage and vengence. We must guard against that too. It's not what happens that determines the result, it is how we react to it that does.

peace everyone

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"The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie; deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought." - John F. Kennedy
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EXACTLY Who's seen the truth and lies of 9/11 with mike Ruppert?

He starts off with the zapruder film.............
It gives a scary awareness that there's generally something wrong.
To nail perps we need sworn testimony, verifiable documents

Don't get me wrong - a 9/11 truth vid woke me up (LC2E), but we need to go beyond the zapruder stage

It sounds sick to say it but the zapruder film can, for some people, give a general awareness that theres some bad people who are very powerful and do evil things and that the US government can lie and coverup

at worst its become in a way entertainment- conspiracy porn that many dont move beyond


He was one of the first I payed any attention to - he was all over this right away, and had a paper trail to follow from the beginning. I think I just may need to embed this great vid just because you mentioned it, thanks for bringing that up, Douglas.

It is quite sick that it takes MORE than a clear film of our president being shot in the front of the head with the driver slowing down, watching to be sure the kill shot was made, then driving off, to see that there was more than one person involved, and that he wasn't shot from the rear. The "Building What?" campaign has the legs, in my opinion, to tackle this barrier if it can be shown during "Skating With The Stars" or whatever sheeple are watching these days...

Please watch this, it has a lot of info that may be fresh to you. Thanks!


All I can say is

WOW!!! I joined the 9/11 truth movement 8 years ago. At the time I figured we didn't have a chance in hell of exposing this thing. Boy have things changed. All I can do is thank people like Alex Jones, DRG etc. for all their hard work. I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. By God we are going to win this thing. It's a dream come true for me. I have three kids and I see a bright future for them. Good-by NWO. Don't let the door hit you in the ass when you leave. Sure we still have more work to do but in the end we will win this thing!!!

I became active about that time...

and I thought the the the whole damn thing would be over by now.

I wish it was too Joe

But in the long run it was worth all the work. Think about it. We are up against the most powerful and wealthy people on the planet. To see them go down brings tears of joy to my eyes.

You must be seeing things.

No one has gone down, they are still in control.

I wish I had your optimism.


What we are fighting are the demons within all of us. We are fighting human nature. If this was 1973, we'd be discussing the Kennedy assassination.

Our greatest enemy will always be the force within ourselves that we identify so clearly in the power structure we're up against. They are us. We are them.

We are up against monkey behaviorism sociologically elevated to the level of a quixotic power struggle. Somebody is geostrategically trying to be the alpha male and we're objecting, because this is no longer beneficial to the troop.

What we see reflected in the petty turf wars in the media is only a cog in the gigantic machinery of human inadequacy. 9/11 Truth is a manifestation of the drive in many of us to exorcise the demons of the power aphrodisiac. We are still apelike in our desires.

This movement has a corrective function in the sense of historical accuracy. But there is a larger philosophy: we should have evolved into a society of harmony and we haven't. Amplify your own shortcomings a thousandfold and transpose them onto a geopolitical context and you've constructed the scenery we're observing right now.

The American Constitution is a near-perfect reflection of civilized advancements. A compromise between the need of the many and the need of the individual. Somewhere in the coming years we must reinvent our value system or we will self-destruct. Therefore, it follows that our future is predetermined: either we evolve further into a state of harmony and prosperity or our internecine strife will Darwinstically render us obsolete.

Not our response to 9/11, but our response to Climate Change and our faltering energy resources is going to be decisive in the coming decades. Our survival rests entirely upon the ability of the six billion strong troop to adjust its course, so that we can convince this merciless planet to tolerate its obnoxious parasite (the human race) for a few centennials more, long enough for us to come to our senses and move beyond the trivialities of geostrategic power struggle.

We may be unable to come to terms with a singular event like 9/11, but the palingenetic shortcomings in our DNA that enabled it will continue to do us in until we overcome.

Might be that dash of neanderthal....

....we in the west mostly still have despite the original man coming out of africa and encountering neanderthals in europe and cross breeding

whereas when the original man went east to china some evolving happened but maybe not so much of a neanderthal input, and some evolution was perhaps possible due to a bamboo age- excellent for tools

(evidenced by the bridge of the nose of caucasians as opposed to less bridge of the nose of sub saharan africans and chinese?)

darwin might indeed have something to say-

i heard that when two cultures encounter each other , the more advanced one survives

The culture resident in the west exports violence and empire predicated on its own lies of 9/11

the culture resident in the inn of the seventh happiness exports trade and international cooperation

the culture resident in the west starves nations then bombs them

the culture resident in the east gives useful products and offers investment opportunities for companies to go and set up shop on their soil

The demons within all of us.

Right-on SnowCrash but that is all about to change. We are reaching a point in time when the human race is going to wake-up. I won't go into details but it can be proven scientifically. I am not a religious person but the Bible also talks about it. The human race is about to reach it's full potential. This is why the NWO is pulling out all the stops. They will loose. They can't stop evolution. I call the change Cosmic Consciousness.

More on: Demons within

Snow Crash, I meant to put this comment here, but inadvertently put it under another of your posts.

Not that it is so very wise. But I meant for it to go here.

The Fever Swamps

It looks like the 9/11 conspiracy theories are still sending those on the Left and Right into an apoplectic rage.

Media Matters,
Hot Air,

I remember back in the antediluvian days of 9/11 Truth, Andrew Napolitano was on Fox News and he was castigating some poorer truther, Kevin Barrett I believe, for all his crazy beliefs. I can't find the video on youtube though. Anyway, it seems that the good Judge has wised up a bit in the intervening years.

p.s. I'm amazed by all the comments at the Huffington Post!

I liked this one.

"Entire MSM sold out to the CAVE DWELLER conspiracy!"

The "HAMMER" hangs


The conspiracy deniers at Huff Po are out in force, in the comments... not doing very well, but lots of them and taking up lots of space. This got them going. Good to join in some.

4.093 comments on HuffPo and counting...

Nice balance of coverage with Fox News and AJ's radio show all the way to Alternet, Rosie O'Donnell and HuffPost. The truth deniers on HuffPost are getting drilled by our side. A few examples that I found witty:

.>>If the official story was correct we would never be able to BBQ.

>>It's a simple fact of life that NO ONE has been convicted of the 9/11 crimes-- not KSM, not Osama Bin Laden-- not even in absentia.
So why do you believe anything that the government tells you? Is it because they earned your respect with the Gulf of Tonkin and WMD in Iraq?

>>The PNAC did have a stated agenda that would have been difficult to carry out "absent some catastrophic and catalysing event-- like a new Pearl Harbor" (as they put it.)
Then, coincidentally, they got such an event, and were thus enabled to carry out their plans. EVen if we did not know any other facts, that would seem suspicious.

>>Wrong. According to the NIST report fires brought down Building 7 in an unprecedented manner called "thermal expansion." Fires have never brought down a high rises before or since 9/11. WTC 7 fell straight down into its own footprint at free-fall acceleration and left molten steel in its wake. You need to be pro-science and anti-censorship for a change. Check out http://www.Buildingwhat.org
(My response to someone claiming that debris from the towers hit building 7 and caused it to buckle and fail)

>>My hero Van Jones is a truther too. Maybe he and the judge can get together and swap sources..

etc. 4,093 comments.

P.S. BuildingWhat has fully-funded the Opinion poll. Cheers!

Very strange...

I was curious to see how Alex Jones wanted to portray this, but to my surprise, so far there is no mention of this on Infowars or PrisonPlanet, I even did a search on the sites, but found nothing (someone only brought it up in a forum).

One would image that this would be all over his sites. Is he just really late in reporting his own news (he did after all interview the guy), or have we entered some extremely warped realm of double-speak where Infowars and Fox have flipped roles of truth-exposer and truth-hider?

Still nothing.

Its been over 24hrs and AJ's sites have been updated with new stories, but there is still no mention of his conversation with Napolitano.

The Huff Post has the report. Keith Olberman even mentions it on his show. But somehow AJ/Infowars is silent.

Am I the only one smelling something a bit fishy here?

Alex Jones Schmalex Jones Cognynph Jones


And to balance- something positive



doesn't have 20 years to wait for the truth on this one.

Example from Media Matters Comment Section

by all your eyes (November 24, 2010 2:25 pm ET)
"Here's the dirty secret of the 9/11 truther movement: it is a form of anti-Semitic consiracy theory on par with holocaust denial.
The 9/11 truther movement is led and its tenets devised by viciouis anti-Semites, like Jones, who sometimes try to veil their true colors. But it is obvious if you have ever engaged a well-versed truther, you'll find that the wild conspiracy theories that all link together in this twisted ideology root back to the late 19th century, through Nazi propaganda, and right on up to the present-day world of... dare I say it, Fox News".


so we need to be on guard, when they try to provide anti-semitic material to us, and also with material generating from ourselves we need to be mindful and fair to all races as a movement

im concerned about the mention of jew, jewish, rabbi, israel in this :


Huffington Post?

Huffington Post is allowing a 9/11 discussion?

Of course this isn't the first time, its rare that HP allows any serious discussion on 9/11 and this instance isn't any exception. Although its more truth than I've ever seen coming from HP before now.

Still can't help but believe this is going to be a breakout year for Truth. But it comes with the fear of retaliation. So be it, let here rip.

"Though the Heavens may fall, let truth be told."

The last time

They started off censoring but eventually they put up everything I posted, including a note to the mods ;-)

They even let me have the last word.

There have been over 4,000 posts in less than 20 hours on Judge Napolitano article. This is good.

Should FOX Fire Judge Napolitano

For Being A 9/11 Truther?

from: 0:30


Napolitano - Juli 17. 2010 - Utah

Sorry I am not impressed

If the judge is so impartial and wants the truth why is he even mentioning 20 years? Oh at the end of which we have a similar situation as the JFK riddle. Just great. But it's the most likely course of events and that's what he is really saying. Alex just tip toes around the whole situation by limiting his discussion to WTC7 and lets the good judge off the hook time and time again. Why? Because of his libertarian views? Because they belong to the Ron Paul fan club together? Oh and lets waste everybody's time talking about how the states can limit the federal govt as soon as our congress votes in that right. Sorry folks but after 9 years this is limited progress with vast potential for a limited hangout. At the end of the day the police state is still closing in with or without another staged terror event. The TSA will either photograph or fondle your junk and the US will still torture people. Want to be objective then email Jones and call him out on his soft treatment of the Judge and tell him we want more! Ron Paul isn't going to save us, we had better save ourselves.

Baby steps

The judge stuck his neck out. You expect him to go the hole 9 yards in one play?

He has to hedge as Geraldo did if he want's to keep his job but they are breaking it into MSM so be patient.

Ken Jenkins said something about going slow so as not to overwhelm and alienate them. I have made that mistake so I know what he is talking about. If you push too hard, they recoil.
Slow and steady. Be thankful for the progress.

need some more people to brave up

come on msm peeps MUTINY NOW !

AJ @ 3:51

3:51 AJ: "It's a subject I just leave alone with folks, cause I don't want to cause people problems, but..." (So much for that bullhorn)

his silence is deafening

Yeah, and there is no mention of this interview on Infowars either.

How to win an argument

Nelson Montana 1 hour ago (10:07 AM)

You can't disprove delusion, especially when it's so passionate. That's why these debates never go anywhere. There's really no debate. Just accusations, paranoia and indignation.

My reply:
That's because you don't post the solid evidence I've been posting like my debunking of Bazant and the Gulf of Tonkin conversation between LBJ and McNamara. I'm keeping a record of all my posts and will post some of them at 911Blogger. You will be shown to be censoring the most pertinent information and then making statements like the one you just made.

* * * * *
Several of the posters have been complaining about the censorship and those occasionaly get posted but the field is a bit tilted.
This is still a step in the right direction as the warriors for truth are holding their own and winning converts despite the blatantly rigged game.

That was eloquent, Snowcrash.

That was eloquent, Snowcrash.

Very well spoken indeed

To me it's always nice to recognize your own feelings and thoughts in someone else's posts. Makes one feel that little bit more connected, which is what we need here.

To everyone here

............. The time has come. There won't be another chance. The choice is your's.

"The choice is your's"...

Live or die (mankind), make your choice.

Let the game begin.



Breaking into the mainstream

It seems premature to see this as a victory though I was impressed that Fox News "pundits" like Geraldo and Napolitano are opening up to 911 truth. There is more than enough evidence, as Ruppert has pointed out - information and public access documents, even the official story itself and the fraudulent reports used to support the official story - to convict a helluva lot of people. The problem is getting the real investigation we all want to see happen. It seems to me that the issue now is not so much how do we disseminate information and convince people but how we break into the legal sphere. There were enough votes in NYC to put a new 911 investigation on the city ballot, right? but the powers that be wouldn't let it happen. It's the power structure that is the ultimate wall. I remmber, vaguley, a law suit (last year?) that 911 family members were seeking against the Saudi government with lawyers ready to go and a federal judge/DOJ quashed it.