Nigeria Will Not Try to Have Cheney Extradited

I just saw in Cyberpresse (Quebec french speaking newspaper Website) that Nigeria has accepted 250M$ to drop charges against Halliburton and Cheney.

Here's the link, for those of you who speak french. I haven't found any corresponding news in english yet, I'm sure there is somewhere.


surprise !

(What a surprise!)

As i thought if Chile cant get Kissenger for a coup then what are the chances of Royal Dutch Nigeria holding the ex Unocal boss' feet to the fire ?
Plus  the US (and one other place Tony Bliar works) doesn't observe extradition and international courts anyway
(of course our David Blunkett signed away the right for the US to extradite UK citizens, and his most memorable diary mention of the day when he flew state side to do it? - his mention of his firstist flight on concorde- hope he got to sit on the pilots lap)


but im not bitter  grrrrrrrrr!