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Saudi 9/11 Alert: Here’s That Missing Lloyd’s Lawsuit

Russ Baker has found a copy of the original Lloyd's lawsuit against alleged Saudis monetary involvement into 9/11. Link to the original article

A 9/11 Coloring Book

Even though the White House itself came back (many times) on its original story on the Bin Laden raid, someone is still pushing that story to kids.... Not unlike the Nazis propaganda tools fed to the Hitler-Jugend...

Nigeria Will Not Try to Have Cheney Extradited

I just saw in Cyberpresse (Quebec french speaking newspaper Website) that Nigeria has accepted 250M$ to drop charges against Halliburton and Cheney.

Here's the link, for those of you who speak french. I haven't found any corresponding news in english yet, I'm sure there is somewhere.

US Intelligence Analyst Arrested in Wikileaks Video Probe

It will be interesting to follow this...

U.S. Intelligence Analyst Arrested in Wikileaks Video Probe

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Just a Thank You Note

This past Monday, I had the great privilege, along with a spectator-filled room in Montreal, to attend Richard Gage and David Ray Griffin's presentations.

Even if I have been following on a daily basis for the past few years all the News available regarding 9/11, I still learned a few new things from these very efficient speakers. Which just goes to show how important work they are both doing, investigating and constantly reporting new developments regarding the events. They are, truly, OUR mainstream media.

The evening started out with a great introduction where the Maître D' asked the Radio-Canada crew (french equivalent to CBC) reporting the event to stay for the evening, instead of leaving 10 minutes into the first presentation... which they did anyway, of course.

Then DRG stepped up to the plate and delivered another of his precise and fact filed presentation about the legality of the wars going on and giving us an interesting glance at his next book.