Richard Gage on CCTV

China's CCTV interviews AE911Truth's Richard Gage, AIA

Why Is This Not on the NEWS Page?

One story on the NEWS page for days in a row is not helping this site.

60 Million People Heard this Interview.

40 million English-speaking Chinese and 20 million others outside China heard this interview on Dialogue -- a STAGGERING sum, indeed. The most EVER.

It took place last Sept., but this was just released onto video, so it is news to everyone here. The biggest audience for the 9/11 truth message of all time. Definitely front page.

It is on AE's facebook page, which has hit 30,000 fans now! A 50% percent increase from Oct. 4, 2010 when I did the facebook story.

This is uplifting and important news!!

I am flubberbumfungled why this does not receive greater attention on 911blogger. ...I almost missed this because it was on backpage.

One of our greatest challenges is the dissemination of 9/11 Truth.
This news clip was excellent exposure, excellent dissemination to an important demographic.
(I emailed our local Chinese newspaper publication about this important news.)

Let me start this by saying I

Let me start this by saying I think 911 blogger is one of the best sites for 911 researchers to learn and interact. I believe in the internal criticism that we afford ourselves through the point system and everything. Having said that I think there is sometimes a problem with the news page. We should focus on putting the best evidence based stuff on the front page. When I see for example an anti-Obama petition up there I think what would a neutral person think of all this content on the front page? What does opposing Obama have to do with the evidence that the official story of 911 is false. I am here just picking on one case, but in general I think the front page should focus more on evidence based research than on the "pet" activism strategies of some of our readership. Sometimes new videos of the attack or new discussions of the researchers and their evidence are not found on the front page while something Orwellian about a dystopian future is. I don't know, I don't want to complain but I just think the further we go on the path of getting the evidence to everybody and the less we appear driven by a political posture the more credible we will appear to a wider audience. Of course, we have the blogs page, and that should have broader content. I also agree that more frequent updates of the news page is desirable if practicable.

Just a quick follow-up. We

Just a quick follow-up. We need to remember the EVIDENCE IS POWERFUL. Sometimes I feel like people are forgetting that. When a person is made aware of how CD is clear from the evidence they understand everything else very quickly. The further we get from the attacks I think it is increasingly important to remind people and instruct young people who may not remember first hand that these collapses were seriously strange. That is the core of the whole movement! And people shouldn't be afraid to push that line hard. Sometimes people say, I don't want to stand behind CD because it is too narrow of a focus, but I disagree. It is the horse we need to ride, because without it there is no reason to even doubt the official story except for the lack of air response which is less conclusive by itself than CD. We wanna say lets have a new investigation, and we have to give people reasons why we feel that way. It's good if those reasons don't presuppose a given political outlook, and that means we have to show why the evidence requires a new investigation. This interview is a great example of the type of information that more people need to see.

When Obama repeatedly uses "9/11" to justfy...

his ramping up the wars and a petition signed by MANY 9/11 Truth Activist and "official" story critics
comes out stating an intent to oppose Obama's re-election if he continues to force wars upon us...that is news. Even more so that it was actionable by adding your name with "9/11 Truth Activist" onto the petition adding to our visibility and credibility. If that petition gets some Obama Devotees to take off their blinders then it was worth it.

Have you not realized that we have been taken over? That Obama is merely a puppet? That he is used by the PTB to perpetuate the MYTH and Cover-up? That the whole system is rigged? That nothing will change until the masses wake up to those facts.

ADD YOUR NAME Click here to sign:

*first name, last name...followed by 9/11 Truth Activist

We Will Oppose Obama As Long As He Supports War


I seem to recall an editorial decision made by Reprehensor a few years ago which remains in place, and which I agree with -- that this site would not focus solely on 911 but all 911-related news. False flag operations, deep politics, assassinations, torture, civil liberties -- all of these are related to 911. The Obama administration's continuation and acceleration of the 911 wars and other disastrous policies certainly qualifies as 911-related.

If anything I think there should be more front page coverage of these topics. I would also like to see a return of "open threads" to discuss current events. While the majority of front page material should and does focus strictly on 911, it's also vital to place 911 in a broader context. Without doing so we play into the hands of those who insist that we stop talking about 911 and "focus on other, more important issues". Well, those "other, more important issues" are directly related to the fallout from 911.

I've never thought of the 911 truth movement as a single issue movement anyway (or, as Amy Goodman dismissively referred to us, as a "conspiracy movement"). We are above all a peace and justice movement, imo. If we weren't I wouldn't be here.

"open threads"

I'd like to see a continual "open thread".

A third column.

"We are above all a peace and justice movement, imo. If we weren't I wouldn't be here."

We are the TRUE Anti-War Movement.

Good points Danse

"I've never thought of the 911 truth movement as a single issue movement anyway...."--Danse

Well done!

Well handled, Mr. Gage! Your rebuttal was brilliant!

Richard is a professional who will stick to reality and facts

It was great that someone like him got an opportunity to discuss the evidence for the enormous reality of what had to cause the collapses of those three high rise buildings in NYC on Sept. 11, 2001 to such a large audience, and rightly cast aside as a silly notion and distraction the point of whether a mosque at ground zero is even a problem.

Quite right

I thought Richard did a superb job of putting that shill in his place and explaining the situation clearly.

It's amazing to think that this single broadcast reached more people than any other in the annals of 911 truth -- minus Loose Change, perhaps, on the WWW. Perhaps there was a broadcast in India I missed, though only a small proportion of East Indians own televisions.

Napoleon remarked of China that it was a "sleeping dragon". Well, here it is. And the Pentagon is all bent out of shape, terrified of the Red Menace yet again.

Unfortunately neither state nor corporate governance has made things much easier for so-called "average" Chinese People. 60% of Chinese products are manufactured on behalf of American corporations -- Nike, Apple, Ford and so forth. The other 40% is administered to the Chinese State, where they dole it out according to peculiar preferences. Workers in China are amongst the most exploited in the world. Naomi Klein called it "McCommunism".

I long for the day when the Chinese people and the American people, and the Venezuelan people, and the Canadian people etc., realize that we are in the same boat. Many have already. It's not about nation vs. nation anymore, if indeed it ever was. It's about honorable "average" people being enslaved and fighting against the parasitic ruling class, of which both the Chinese and American guvs are perfect examples.

Viva la Revolucion

And thanks Richard.



Um, yeah

Um, yeah


I dont want to start another bruhaha about it but the Chinese workers are not the most exploited in the world regardles of Kline´s opinion. Ive been there, albeit before the "market reforms", but I observed no unemployed begging on the street. There was at that time, 1973, virtually no crime, certainly no death squads, everyone guaranteed education, REAL health care, housing, cultural opportunity, housing,etc. I suppose they like to calculate the hourly wage based on the value of the yuan on the world market and extrapolate. But I can tell you for certain that we should save the tears for the workers in El Salvador and Indonesia where workers enjoy none of the above and half the people work in the "informal sector" and dont even earn the government mandated "minimum wage". Same here in Mexico.