BuildingWhat? New TV Spot To Be Unveiled at Hartford Event on March 26

The BuildingWhat? campaign is thrilled to announce that two weeks from now on Saturday March 26 we will be holding an event in West Hartford, CT to unveil our new TV spot and kick off a marathon six-month effort to create widespread awareness of the collapse of Building 7. With your support and the support of thousands of others, the TV spot will air in late April and be seen by millions of viewers in the New York Metropolitan Area, setting the stage for an even larger ad campaign during the week of the 10th Anniversary of 9/11.

Investigate Building 7

Investigate Building 7: A Call to Reexamine the Most Important Event of Our Time will run from 9:30am to 9:30pm on Saturday March 26 at the University of Hartford’s Millard Auditorium.  This historic event will feature the most articulate voices in the growing movement to bring about a new 9/11 investigation.  Experts who have studied the events of 9/11 extensively will introduce irrefutable evidence demonstrating the need for a new investigation, and they will be calling upon New York City elected officials and the media to reexamine the most important event of our time, starting with the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7.

A ticket for this full-day event is only $20.  We are counting on you to fill this beautiful 400-seat auditorium because major international news media will be filming the event, and we are also likely to draw coverage from domestic news media including live television coverage.

For more information and to buy tickets online through the University of Hartford’s box office, please go to  Tickets will be available at the door, but seating capacity is limited, so we strongly urge you to buy your tickets online now.

For those of you who are too far away to attend, we will be releasing the TV spot online as the event commences.  For those of you who can come, we look forward to seeing you there!


The BuildingWhat? Team

Hope Ad Contains Reference To WTC Dust Evidence

WTC 7 collapse footage appeals visually to one's curiosity but can also be explained away to some extent as demonstrated by NIST.

On the other hand, the evidence of advanced incendiary explosives in the post WTC collapse dust is the 500 pound gorilla that cannot be easily explained away. It was in lower Manhattan and should not have been. Why was it there?

And in this age of popular "CSI" television shows, such information could be met by an audience able to understand the implications.

I'll Run this on NY1

I don't believe the ad will reference the dust, Aidan, although the nanothermite paper IS featured on the BuildingWhat website. However I will run this Ed Asner spot on NY1 concurrent with BW's ads. I have the enhanced file and a Time-Warner contact ready to go.

McGee, Thanks for ramrodding promotion.

Your push for different types of dissemination certainly has an impact.
Thank you so much.

march 26 event/local advertising

i'm trying to access the hartford courant's free event listing in daily newspaper and online(if they have it) to see if this can get some newspaper publicity. the building what campaign probably has someone who should more responsibly do this. i think it;'s important to advertise (or at least try to see if they'll do it, even if a paid ad. the lowest "tag sale" type ad is $23. i will donate this if you can figure it out. lynn b


This Hartford event will be well-promoted.

The method is good and is an example to take up

Herblay FRANCE

the thing I like about this entry is that we can not yet see the new clip. Every time I reopen this page to see if there is any more I have a growing hunger to have this clip. I can imagine that I am not alone.
Makes me think of when they sell the latest game at midnight all over the world creating a free media buzz.
I am hoping that the mass media is getting as hungry as me and at last 911 truth will reach tens of millions.

The method is good and is an example to take up.




raison !

most important New England 9-11 event

Sometimes an event is meant to bring those working in solidarity together.. what follows is natural.. great public relations work based on a real community of survivors, researchers, first responders, a family of humankind. I am thankful for being a part of such efforts no matter outcome; the uniting of integrity, honor, and self respect has already has made this a winning effort. Thanks and congratulations for all those participating. I will link to this from Flyby News.

I was wondering if any

University of Hartford students are involved in this event & if the campus radio station will be airing any portions of it?

Let's find out...

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UPDATE: Yeah WWUH 91.3 is sponsoring the event. See flier above!!

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Video: Ad Demands Probe Into 9/11 WTC Building 7 Collapse

Video: Ad Demands Probe Into 9/11 WTC Building 7 Collapse

The group Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth claims that 1,464 verified architectural and engineering professionals and 11,470 other supporters have signed a petition demanding of Congress "a truly independent investigation" into what caused the collapse of WTC Building 7 on 9/11. And on Saturday, March 26th, there will be a big conference at the University of Hartford to dispute the official conclusion [pdf] that the 47-story tower collapsed due to fire, and raise money to get this commercial on the air:

The official report from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) concluded that fires following the impact of debris from the collapse of WTC 1 (the north tower) led to the collapse of WTC 7. But skeptics claim the building fell in a controlled demolition, and allege that the area around the building was suspiciously evacuated more than a hour before it fell in preparation. 7 World Trade Center housed SEC files relating to numerous Wall Street investigations, and files relating Citigroup to the WorldCom scandal were lost. The Secret Service also had offices in the building, and all their evidence stored there was lost.

Featured speakers at the conference will include author Craig Unger, New York University Professor Mark Crispin Miller, Professor Graeme MacQueen, Attorney William Pepper, journalist Leslie Griffith, author Dick Russell, architect Richard Gage, and mechanical engineer Tony Szamboti. Tickets cost $20, but you can probably pay in gold if you're not down with paper currency.
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Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Great group of truthers. If the average American would take the time to listen to these people they would find out that that Building 7 is the smoking gun of 9/11. It had to be an inside job. Buildings don't collapse on their own. Ruthless thugs!

I'd love to see a report on how this went

I'd love to see a report on how this went