New Videos From The International Center for 9/11 Studies

The International Center for 9/11 Studies has posted four new videos on its YouTube page. All of the videos were discovered in the materials received by the Center in response to its Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for all of the photographs and videos it used or received during its investigation.

The first video is an excerpt of an interview with 9/11 survivor Paul Lemos. It was extracted from Release 25 (42A0106-G25D16). Mr. Lemos describes what he believes are bombs exploding at the World Trade Center, well below the area where the airplane impacted the building. Interestingly, he refers to an architect "they [the authorities?] pulled in" who explained to Mr. Lemos that it wasn't explosions he was seeing.

The second video is an excerpt from a talk given by Leslie Robertson, who worked for the engineering firm that built the WTC Towers, at Stanford University. It can be found in Release 25 (42A0346-G29D32 and 42A0347-G30D1). Robertson tells an anecdote about his exploration of the WTC site after the buildings fell, when one of the firemen he was with moved a block of concrete down at the B1 level to reveal a "little river of molten steel, flowing." This video also has a clip from a BBC special, where Robertson discusses the fact that the Towers were designed to survive the impact of a Boeing 707, the largest airplane of its day.

The third video is helicopter footage of the North Tower collapse. We aren't sure if this footage has been widely available to the public. It has a fairly clear shot of the portion of the North Tower that remains standing for a few seconds after most of the building has been destroyed. This portion of the North Tower is sometimes referred to as the "spire."

The fourth video contains excerpts of an ABC special run on the first anniversary of the attacks. The firemen who were in one of the Towers when it collapsed describe a number of booms that took place during the event.

All of the materials that have been received from NIST can be downloaded using bittorrent. The bittorrent files can be found at the website and are linked below: 17 MB 664 MB 42 MB 11,092 MB 1,699 MB 34 MB 2,125 MB 8,538 MB 40,405 MB 65,581 MB 4,134 MB 73 MB 1,003 MB 86,008 MB 964,524 MB 40,464 MB 850 MB 253 MB 2,577 MB 12,705 MB 4,981 MB 6,684 MB 1,689 MB 542 MB 7 MB 195,351 MB 6,968 MB 438,378 MB 97,830 MB 30,199 MB 16,297 MB 539 MB 19,889 MB 4,860 MB 68,607 MB 90 MB

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WTC 7 in the background of the Paul Lemos video.

WTC 7 is in the background of the Paul Lemos video near the end.

No damage or smoke emanating from it is visible.

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911 - World Trade Center Eyewitness Paul Lemos NIST FOIA

Great Job James.

This came from your treasure trove I believe

9/11 Pentagon - Multiple Secondary Explosions

We are Change New Jersey has been posting the best of what they find.

The Robertson finding

is a good one, up to now we did not have the evidence he said it. And he later denied it.

I've no recollection of having made any such statements...nor was I in a position to have the required knowledge.

A story itself!

Interesting to note...

How Mr. Lemos describes the explosions coming from the corner of the building. He doesn't say what the "architect" told him what it was, maybe they were more "dust puffs" or "pressure pulses". Has he ever been interviewed again? I'd like to know what he was told by this so called "architect".

The Leslie Robertson piece should be going viral. We know he was quoted as saying, "3 weeks after the collapses, molten steel still flowed.. " This statement is somewhat different since he specifically says, he was there in the B1 level and was shown the "little river of steel" as he puts it. His other quote was by a Canadian journalist right? There was a transcript and audio of the statement right or is my old age affecting my memory? You learn SO many things once you decide to research 9/11 that I think overflow begins. It sure seems to have happened to me. I have hundreds of bookmarks now that I so badly need to reorganize. It would take days to do so. It would be interesting to find out if he could remember the firefighter's name that removed the concrete for him and showed him this interesting phenomenon.
Should we email this to John Gross along with lie that he has heard of no one that mentioned molten steel, seen it, produced evidence of it?

peace all


These videos are amazing and

These videos are amazing and important! Thank you Mr. Gourley, you are doing an amazing service to mankind and you are a credit to people of conscience everywhere. Repost these videos everywhere, get people to see them, let go lets go!!

I agree

These videos are amazing and important!

Thanks for the update, but

Thanks for the update, but what's up with the fourth video, the ABC special with the two lieutenants and the bad audio and horrible edits? 30 seconds is all we want to hear from them? Really?

I know it's not faked, but honestly, if you tried to fake a video testimonial you would probably come up with something like this.

Great to finally see

some evidence of explosions heard at the Pentagon. The "Powers That Be" sure have done a better job of covering up the Pentagon anomalies than the Twin Towers and Building 7.