Susan Wolfe: truth activist and organiser of the 9/11 10th Anniversary in New York

27 March 2010 | Hereward Fenton

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Susan WolfeToday I am joined by Susan Wolfe, who is organising the massive 9/11 truth gathering for We Are Change in New York, scheduled to coincide with the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  Susan is attempting to make this event a landmark in the history of the 9/11 truth movement, and she is taking all steps to help people get to New York and find accommodation.

News on the planned events can be found on the website NYC for 9/11 Truth.

During our interview we get into some really interesting topics around the issue of 911 truth activism - I'm sure you'll find the listen worthwhile.

Susan can be contacted via her facebook profile.

TNRA will be doing another show on Wednesady dedicated to the No Carbon Tax rally which is taking place in Hyde Park, Sydney on 2nd April - so please check the website again later in the week.

Thanks for listening!

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Organized Visits To NYC Mayor's, DA's And City Council Offices

Gatherings at this stage might only be useful if they center on confronting NYC government and demand they investigate the destructions of the WTC buildings.

I'm afraid that gatherings at Ground Zero like those in the past won't make much of a difference. Having done this personally on the 5th anniversary, gathering may provide a sense of empowerment, but doing so will not have an effect on those with the power to investigate - the local government.

good ideas..

I think your ideas for strategic actions are good ones. I contacted Susan on her Facebook page and invited to a 9-11 teleconference group, and plan to ask her about them.

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