Art by Abby Martin- Killing Hope

Killing Hope, 16” x 20” acrylic, 2011

MEDIA ROOTS- Never before Barack Obama’s presidential campaign had I ever seen a candidate brand themselves with a corporate logo. Obama’s official logo appears to be a giant blue “O” sun rising over an American flag horizon, symbolizing the supposed dawn of a new beginning. The manipulative branding of the loaded words “Hope & Change” worked beautifully- most of the world rallied strongly behind Obama as he took on the role of the new world leader.

Two years and three months into Obama’s presidency, his administration has not only continued most of the corrupt, unjust and inhumane policies of the criminal Bush term, but in many cases his administration has exacerbated them. After the escalation of the Afghanistan war and drone attacks in Pakistan, the unconstitutional bombing of Libya, the financial and political backing of murderous governments, the further dismemberment of the Bill of Rights as well as the unabated support of Bush’s “War on Terror”, it’s more than fair to say that the Obama regime has blood all over its hands.

My interpretation of Obama’s logo is one where the American stripes are spilling into a deep pool of blood. The dripping blood represents the carnage and death that has resulted from the perpetuation of these horrendous policies. The blood also represents the slow death of the false sense of “hope” that Obama’s campaign galvanized. Broken promise after broken promise, more people are breaking out of the baseless propaganda and empty rhetoric and starting to acknowledge that true change and hope can only be sustained through love, strength and peace- not a corporate marketing campaign financed by corrupt banks and bloodthirsty military contractors.

Abby Martin

This piece is going to be part of Abby Martin’s upcoming art installation called Dystopian Musings at Mama Buzz Gallery on May 6 in Oakland, CA for the monthly art murmur. Her new series of mixed media work intends to provoke a stark reflection of modern day politics and society by visually critiquing major players, events and unsettling trends. To check out more of Abby’s art go to

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