The First Transparent and Unbiased Computer Modeling of WTC 7

Today I’m thrilled to officially announce AE911Truth’s most important project in our nine-year existence: a two-year computer modeling study of World Trade Center Building 7’s destruction.

WTC 7 Evaluation is a two-year study by Dr. J Leroy Hulsey, Chair of UAF's Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, and two Ph.D. research assistants. It is being crowd-funded through the nonprofit organization Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Before you read any further, I invite you to watch our short WTC 7 Evaluation Video on and meet Dr. Leroy Hulsey, the principal investigator of this study.


Art by Abby Martin- Killing Hope

Killing Hope, 16” x 20” acrylic, 2011

MEDIA ROOTS- Never before Barack Obama’s presidential campaign had I ever seen a candidate brand themselves with a corporate logo. Obama’s official logo appears to be a giant blue “O” sun rising over an American flag horizon, symbolizing the supposed dawn of a new beginning. The manipulative branding of the loaded words “Hope & Change” worked beautifully- most of the world rallied strongly behind Obama as he took on the role of the new world leader.

Daniel Bland’s Open Letter to Eric Holder, America’s Attorney General:

Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States of America
750 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, D.C 20530

Mr. Holder,

The tragic events of September 11, 2001 have drastically changed the global landscape. We have passed new laws which have destroyed constitutional rights and freedoms granted by our forefathers. We have invaded two sovereign nations, the latter of which we now know to be based on deceptive intelligence and blatant lies by senior government officials. The global events that have transpired since that fateful morning have divided our nation and the entire world. I write to you because I have an idea regarding how we can prove to the American public the truth regarding what really happened on 9/11. We can settle the debate once and for all about who really murdered nearly three thousand of our fellow countrymen, and murdered millions more innocent global citizens around the world under the pretext of the 9/11 Attacks.

Murder Trumps Torture Says Bugliosi

Murder Trumps Torture Says Bugliosi

2003 State of the Union, Jan. 29, 2003. WikiCommons

Bush Crimes

"If we prosecute those in America who only commit one murder, under what theory don't we prosecute a president who is criminally responsible for over four thousand murders?" Vincent Bugliosi

Michael Collins

Impeaching Bush for Murder

Here is a good example of what can be done:

The 9/11 truth movement should support this because it can be used as a stepping-stone to 9/11 prosecutions as well.

At the same time, 9/11 truthers should stick to Bugliosi's arguments because prematurely bringing 9/11 into the case/argumentation/politicization of the issue (the latter being the main goal) would hamstring it.

So I see an opportunity and a danger here. Do "truthers" have enough self-discipline to do one thing at a time? Once we are well into prosecution for war crimes we can much more easily extend into 9/11 crimes.

Beware of those who ignore the elementary wisdom of this approach--and there will be more than a few.

Demand Local Law Enforcement Uphold Their Oath to Defend the Constitution . . . and Prosecute Bush and Cheney for Murder

I spoke with one of the leading constitutional scholars in the United States (he teaches at one of top law schools, and has literally "written the book" on constitutional law).

I asked him if there was any way the American people can force Congress to perform their constitutional duties to impeach Bush and Cheney.

He said no.

I persisted, by arguing that the founding fathers could never have envisioned Congress being so complicit with a rogue White House that they refuse to impeach, and instead cover up their crimes. I said there's got to be a way to force them to follow their duties, or to impeach or remove the congress people who are obstructing the rule of law.

He responded no. His last words to me were: "That's the way the constitutional cookie crumbles".

I was very disappointed, to say the least.

Is All Lost?

How to properly file an official FCC complaint against Michael Reagan for death threats against Mark Dice

How to properly file an official FCC complaint against Michael Reagan for death threats against Mark Dice

Martin Hill
Op-Ed News
Saturday, June 14, 2008

RELATED: Talk show host Michael Reagan calls for murder of anti-war activist

Radio host Michael Reagan made death threats against Mark Dice and 9/11 truthers. Show him that we will not stand for that. Demand the government prosecute.


How to properly file an official FCC complaint against Michael Reagan for death threats against Mark Dice & 911 Truthers

By now we have all heard about the disgusting criminal act commited by talk show host Michael Reagan, who threatened the life of Mark Dice as well as all 9/11 truthers on his nationally syndicated radio show on June 10, 2008 in the second hour.

[See INFOWARS story here and youtube video here

Michael Reagan Wants to Kill Mark Dice/9/11 Truthers

Neocon Talkshow Host Michael Reagan Wants to Kill Mark Dice

June 13, 2008

San Diego, CA) Radio talk show host Michael Reagan is calling for the murder of political activist, Mark Dice, after hearing that Dice is mailing letters and DVDs to troops in Iraq. Reagan wants to pay for the bullets.

Audio link:

Transcript of Reagan’s statements:

“Excuse me folks, I’m going to say this. We ought to find the people who are doing this, take them out and shoot them. Really. You take them out, they are traitors to this country, and shoot them. You have a problem with that? Deal with it. You shoot them. You call them traitors, that’s what they are, and you shoot them dead. I’ll pay for the bullets.”

Reagan adds, “How about you take Mark Dice out and put him in the middle of a firing range. Tie him to a post, don’t blindfold him, let it rip and have some fun with Mark Dice.”

Dice is demanding that Reagan be fired immediately. “Calling for the murder of someone because you disagree with their political stance is absolutely unacceptable, un American, and possibly illegal,” says Dice.

The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder - Peter B Collins Interviews Vincent Bugliosi

Thursday June 5, 2008

Vincent Bugliosi discusses with Peter B Collins his searing indictment of President George Bush and his administration and outlines a legally credible pathway to holding our highest government officials accountable for their actions, thereby creating a framework for future occupants of the oval office.

(25 Minutes - 9.5 Meg)

The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder

The Legal Framework for the Prosecution

Follow Bugiosi's lead

I have one suggestion and one question.

The suggestion is: Follow Bugliosi's lead and prosecute Bush et al. for murder in 3,000 cases for 9/11. Start by writing the book. I would do it, but I am not a lawyer. You lawyers out there, get together and write the book. Surely you can do as well as The Bug. Stop asking for a "new investigation" and start prosecuting. If Bugliosi can do it for the Iraq war, we can do it for 9/11. Not impeachment, because that is dependent on our lily-livered congresswimps.

The question is: Can anyone list up the past and ongoing suits so far on 9/11? This is for background info.

(I am referring of course to Vincent Bugliosi's recent book, "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder"; see my last blog for interview with him.)

Bugliosi interview

Here is a good interview with Bugliosi. Whatever his agenda and past misdeeds (obfuscation of the JFK assassination), he is good on this one. I wish we had him with us on 9/11:

BBC Caught Redhanded Censoring - Benazir Bhutto saying Bin Laden murdered omitted from BBC video

This is the edited and censored version straight from the BBC's website. They have completely and cleverly edited out Benazir Bhutto saying Omar Sheikh was the man who murdered Osama Bin Laden.

And here is the original version:

And the user has also made a video with both versions to compare here:

US Rep Gilmor looks into odd put options dead by unnatural cause(s)

COLUMBUS, Ohio - U.S. Rep. Paul Gillmor, who was found dead in his apartment in suburban Washington earlier this week, died of blunt head and neck trauma consistent with a fall down stairs, according to a medical examiner’s report released Friday.

This death was first reported as (mysterious) "natural causes", seemingly plausible for someone 68 years old.

Then, a couple days later, the blunt-force head and neck trauma involved came out. This was immediately claimed as above, "consistent with a fall down stairs", though one should expect to see trauma to more than the head and neck in such a fall. Rep. Gilmor was investigating the recent "put actions" placed upon the market, gambling that there would be a 50% drop in the market between Sep.14 and Sep. 21, like the put actions placed preceding 9/11/01.


original with links:

Be careful, and talk to your friends in the military