North Tower Exploding - ic911/NIST FOIA Images

After spending months obtaining and sorting the huge dataset from the ic911-FOIA

here follows the first post in a series focusing on the demolition of the North Tower .

Before you watch the images, I suggest you watch one of the best 9-11 videos made,

David S Chandlers 'North Tower Exploding' :


The first image-set is from release 18, the photographer is Noah K Murray .

Each image is approximately 1MiB in size !

We'll start with 2 contact-sheets, followed by the URL to the imageshack-album containing the images

in original quality  and a media-fire link for downloading the complete .rar-archive : 




All the above images can be viewed in my Imageshack-album here :

Or download them here in a .rar-archive (30MiB) :


Please note :

All files (except the contact-sheets, I made those with XNview )

have been kept as they where released .

Please try to keep it that way if you want to use the images elsewhere .

( If you want to manipulate the images (maybe align them and make a multi-layer animation)  I recommend GIMP from )

At the very least : DO NOT CHANGE THE FILE-NAMES if uploading elsewhere and please also link to the originals !

Finally, remember to credit the photographer !!


Can you see the 'pile-driver' ?? 





What do you say to the person who asks 'how do I know whether or not these videos and photos were doctored?'

Anyone can request these

Anyone can request these images from NIST under FOIA. They may have to pay $20 or so, but the photos are available from an official government source: NIST. Of course, the types of people who would lob such a baseless assertion would not dare be proven wrong by doing some actual investigative work of their own.

Pilot Observes "Plume" From Bottom Of WTC 1 During Collapse

An F-16 interceptor pilot describes an apparent plume of dust or debris from the bottom of WTC 1 as it's collapse begins.

Further evidence of demolition?

"imploding up on itself"

Is how he describes what happens to the tower.

Not getting crushed down, but imploding up on itself @ 1:04.

Good video, well worth watching.



a :

Well, if they are no-planers or hologramoholics you can say whatever you like, it won't make any difference anyway as
they will believe what they want to believe, disregard anything that doesn't fit with their unqualified opinions and
misrepresent anything that seemingly does . That would incidentally also apply to some die-hard Alex Jonesers ..
( And Alex Jones himself, look how he tried to establish Obamas long-form as a fake, based on a 'analysis' of a PDF-recreation of the jpeg-scan of the document.Or how he cherry-picked quotes out of context to make it look like a former Italian P2-mafiosi president confirmed that 9-11 was an 'inside-job' .He also said in that interview that all the 'bin-Laden videos' where produced in one of Berlusconis film-studios. Strangely Alex Jones didn't quote him for that ! I mention this because most of the outlandish 'truthers' do exactly the same : They use dubious sources, often youtube-clips of unknown provenance and transcoded God knows how many times, introducing all kinds of digital artifacts )

In contrast, these photographs have been submitted to NIST by the photographers who took them or the agency they work for .
They are all in the original quality (at least the ones I will be posting in the month to come), most of them contain EXIF-data, not necessarily accurate though,a surprisingly large number of photographers do not set the cameras clock and date accurately.
Also, some may have configured PhotoShop to strip the EXIF-data from the image or set everything to '00' .
(Many photographers use PhotoShop to import and manage their images, that's why you often can find the word 'PhotoShop' in the files meta-data/header .
It does NOT by itself prove or even imply fakery )

Another argument against the photos being fake is the sheer volume of material :
If you for example take the image named DSC_4996.jpg it is 1312x2000 pixels, a total of 2.624.000 pixels .
Each and every pixel would have to be made and placed perfectly, not only in correlation to the previous and following image,
but also to all other available images depicting the same scene .

In case the person making the claim hasn't painfully obviously skipped his medication for to long
or isn't wearing a tin-foil hat with the shiny side facing the wrong direction !! , you could always start by asking them :
' What makes you believe that ? '
If they then go on a rant about how all the Moon-landing photos are fakes, or the Zapruder-film is a fake,
you might want to consider if the 911 truth-movement has any need for their diminished brain-capacity ..

PS : The only videos I show to people who aren't already 'enlightened' are David S Chandlers, because they are NOT 'conspiracy-videos' .
I may also show them some slightly better versions of the footage Chandler uses, but that's about it .
There is no need for speculation on 'who done it', many people just won't have it, and we do not, IMO, have access to the right information needed
to even remotely 'prove' exactly who 'pulled the trigger' . But once people understand, or just consider, the science behind what they are seeing
they tend to acknowledge that a bunch of cave-dwellers on the opposite face of the Planet couldn't have pulled it ..

Thanks for posting

Particularly for including the Chandler video. Very helpful.

Thanks for looking !

I am hoping David Chandler will take a look ..
In one of his videos he mentions 'a reflection' in some steel, a few seconds into the explosion,
in the upper-right area of the North Tower . This 'reflection' is clearly visible in many of the photos
and also in many of the videos . I'm not so sure it's just a reflection, to me it looks a lot like that steel
is disintegrating in mid-air ...

The most powerful picture

It makes clear at least two things:

1) The top section of the building, which was supposed to crush everything below, is being ejected outwards.

2) Parts of the building are being ejected upwards. One large projective and a smaller one at the top right can be seen especially clearly.

Images like this should be heavily utilized, as "one image says more than a thousand words".

Amazing, isn't it?

That anyone can look at that and think they are seeing a gravity driven event.

Simply amazing [head shake].


True, however ..

In all fairness it should probably be noted that VERY few people have actually seen all these images or even a fraction of them !
The 'general public' may have seen a few High-Resolution images in the press, but those tend to be of the 'Hollywood special FX' -type,
ie spectacular 'fireballs' and other 'pyrotechnics' .. Not that there's anything wrong with pyrotechnics, applied in a responsible manner,
however, in the case of 9-11 we are seeing pyrotechnics applied in a 210% irresponsible manner .
In fact, NONE of the components contained in thermite/mate are officially (in the US) listed
as 'explosives' by themselves, they are categorized as 'incendiaries' ..
Therefore, even if 'Official' samples HAD been collected and tested for explosives-residues, they would not have been tested
for Aluminium and 'iron oxide', aka RUST !
Please check the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) list yourselves for confirmation of my postulate !

The *upward* ejections

of material and dust are just amazing, indeed. And it directly contradicts the 'gravity-driven' or 'piledriver' theories.

Bravo keep moving forward,

Bravo keep moving forward, public pressure slowly builds with more and more exposure to simple pieces of evidence, not with sensationalism!

This pictures are similar to the Asch experiments...

The Asch conformity experiments were a series of studies published in the 1950s that demonstrated the power of conformity in groups. These are also known as the "Asch Paradigm".