911 Mobile expo Paris France 5 sept 2011 . Again a great succes before the 11th sept 2011 despite rain

John MITCHELL, Herblay FRANCE Sunday 4th September 2011
 FLASH NEWS from Yves Ducourneau PARIS FRANCE
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                 despite the changing decisions this morning do the gathering, to cancel it, to do it,, cancel it .... because of the threat of heavy rain, the mobile expo finally took place, though with a lot less 911 truthers. I had a mitigated memory of Sundays but reality contradicted me today: hardly had we started to put up the photos and just  to the moment taking them down, we were surrounded, I could have said bombarded, by an open minded and very interested public. The photos speak by themselves

Notice how Jean-Michel fidélise his public, who follows himt in the various parts of the expo.  In front of (Twin Towers):  


On the side ( tower 7, Pentagon, etc.) :


Amazing success !  


And it was like that even after 20h00 the time limit for this manifestation...…

Because of uncertainties over the weather, we were only 3 today:  Jean-Michel, The Flipside  (arrived a little later)  and me.  That shows at which point a mobile expo can be implemented  easily, and at which point Jean-Michel's expo solution is practical.  Moreover it is really the most relaxing means to speak  about 11-September.

I took photographs and  I am preparing a small photo report on Jean-Michel's expo technique that can be use world wide.  (PS:  and as well it is water proof:! )  

by Yvesduc (Yesterday 22:20:22)

Great work!


I love seeing these actions!

We are all glad that ya'll are doing what you do. Thanks partner!!