Are Australian's Becoming Open to 9/11 Questions? Interview on 2WAY FM with John Bursill

A 45min wide ranging discussion in three parts on 2WAY FM.

The Time to Talk Show looks at September 11, ten years on and the persisting questions which, left unanswered, suggest the truth is not being told. 9/11 commentator John Bursill defines the issues.

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

Thanks to Tim from "Time To Talk" Radio Show on 2WAY FM for having an open mind on this issue!


Great show!

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Thanks guys...

I have done quite a few radio interviews over the tenth anniversary period which has been good!

I hope that I can build the picture for the audience to allow them the space to see the possibility that we have been neo-conned....for the science is not quite enough I feel to bring it home.

It now appears I have firmed as the main media contact for 9/11 truth in Australia which I take as a serious responsibility and I hope to continue to do a good job for many years to come.

Kind regards John

Yes - great news broadcast

It was a good discussion... What is the audience size for 2WayFM? However big it is now I think we should be able to multiply its listener base ;-)

Size of audience...?

Not sure exactly, it services the Port Macquarie District of the mid north coast of New South Wales. I would say it would be in the thousands not the tens of thousands...I will ask the host Tim for the stats and report back :-)

I do know that their phone lines were running hot during the interview...

The 2GB interview I did a few weeks earlier got to around 100,000 but it was tanted by the debunkers argument...

Kind regards John

Helluva Job John!

thanks for all you do.