Why is Senator Maria Cantwell Shielding NIST from Investigation?

Written by Jeff Rische
February 15th, 2012

AE911Truth Activists Turn Up The Heat

Editor’s Note: For over a year, Jeff Rische has reached out to the staff of Washington Senator Maria Cantwell and other federal and state representatives with the evidence of the controlled demolition of the WTC skyscrapers as presented by AE911Truth. We strongly encourage you to join in this vital effort by contacting Senator Cantwell’s office and letting her know that you want real answers about the destruction of the WTC skyscrapers. The contact information for Senator Cantwell and her staff is listed at the bottom of this article.

Despite acknowledging AE911Truth as experts and sitting in jurisdiction over NIST, Senator Cantwell has avoided taking any action on the explosive evidence

Let me begin by saying that I like Senator Cantwell. As politicians go, I think she’s better than most, which is why the last year has been so perplexing for me.

The evidence compiled by AE911Truth demonstrates beyond a doubt that the official NIST explanation for the destruction of World Trade Center towers 1, 2, and 7 is simply not true. The evidence shows that the Twin Towers and WTC Building 7 were not destroyed by fire as NIST claims, but by explosive controlled demolition. You don’t need an advanced engineering degree to verify this; a working grasp of 7th grade physics is sufficient to effectively disprove NIST’s conclusions. No conspiracy theories, just scientific fact confirmed by Newton’s laws of physics.

So why has Senator Cantwell taken no action since she was presented with this very same evidence over a year ago?

It can’t be that the topic is not important enough. I mean, we’re talking about evidence that pertains not only to America’s deadliest mass murder and the worst building failures in history, but calls into question the sole justification for a decade of war and the systematic dismantling of the U.S. Constitution. That’s pretty big stuff.

It can’t be that she’s unaware. I personally met with her Constituent Services Director, Ken Pierce, and presented the full gamut of evidence to him. We talked about the importance of WTC7’s free-fall, what causes molten metal and microspheres, the documented presence of nano-thermite, and the 100+ eyewitness accounts of explosions and flashes. Nothing was left out. I know for a fact that this evidence was forwarded to Senator Cantwell as promised because her Legislative Director, Mac Campbell, noted its receipt and acknowledged AE911Truth as experts. In an email response on behalf of Senator Cantwell, he stated:

“John is in receipt of the documents you sent to our office. In order to present your request for a new investigation of the tragedies of 911 to the relevant committees of jurisdiction, we would very much appreciate a formal letter requesting such an investigation.”

In reply, AE911Truth founder Richard Gage, AIA, sent a formal letter to Senator Cantwell on November 2010 requesting a Senate inquiry into NIST’s explanation of the destruction of the WTC skyscrapers. Based on these exchanges, I think it’s safe to say that Senator Cantwell is fully aware of the evidence and our request.

AE911Truth supporters Jeff Rische (center) and Ben Collett (right) present Washington Rep. Jim McDermott's staffer, Darcy Nothnagle, with the AE911Truth petition, now signed by over 1600 architects and engineers

Perhaps she thinks questioning NIST’s conclusions is not her responsibility. Well, not only did she authorize the invasion of Afghanistan and the Patriot Act based on the events in question, she sits on the Senate Commerce Committee, the very government body entrusted with overseeing NIST. Add to this her sworn oath to “support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic” and you’d be hard-pressed to find a public servant more responsible for rooting out the truth.

So all this leads me back to my original question: Why is Senator Cantwell shielding NIST from investigation? Why is she seemingly suppressing “expert” evidence that could potentially end a war, restore the U.S. Constitution, and shed valuable light on the murder of nearly 3,000 of her fellow citizens? And, most importantly, is she really willing to commit this country’s young men and women to the hell of battle, yet unwilling to commit herself and the Commerce Committee to a few hours in session to validate the reason for their deployment?

Only Senator Cantwell can answer these questions, and unfortunately she’s not talking.

Regardless, this I say with certainty: She may choose not to answer my questions, but until NIST is called upon to explain their deeply flawed conclusions, I will never stop asking - and neither should you. By accepting a seat on the Commerce Committee, Senator Cantwell agreed to oversee NIST on behalf of every American citizen. Please take a moment to contact her office by phone, fax, mail or email, and ask why, in the face of such compelling evidence, she has not yet fulfilled that obligation. Perhaps, with enough public pressure, she’ll start asking some questions herself.

Senator Cantwell Offices and Contact Information

311 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
202-228-0514 - FAX

Legislative Director: Mac Campbell
Chief of Staff: Jennifer Griffith

915 Second Avenue
Suite 3206
Seattle, WA 98174
206-220-6404 - FAX

825 Jadwin Avenue,
Suite 206
Richland, WA 99352
(509) 946-8106
(509) 946-6937 – FAX

2930 Wetmore Avenue, Suite 9B
Everett, WA 98201
425-303-8351 FAX

U.S. Federal Courthouse
W. 920 Riverside, Suite 697
Spokane, WA 99201
509-353-2547 – FAX

Marshall House
1313 Officers Row
Vancouver, WA 98661
360-696-7844 – FAX

950 Pacific Avenue, Suite 615
Tacoma, WA 98402
253-572-5879 FAX



It has something to do with the possibility she doesn't want to be seen to be different? Upsetting the applecart? Protecting her career?

She is human after all.


Maybe she has a sense of self preservation: not only her political career, but her life as well. Bad things can, and do happen to people who dissent, in the US of A, post 9/11.

Major Legislators & State Executives Unduly Influenced

Deep pockets and think-tanks control Washington, DC and state capitols. Politicians are mostly self interested puppets who trade integrity for reward. Government power has become a tool for control as opposed to a public service.

9/11 has become a powerful propaganda tool for criminal political and moneyed interests seeking to reshape America and the world. These people want to protect the myth, not expose it.

Less controlled local authorities in New York City and to a lesser extent Albany, NY might be more agreeable.

Already Tried That

As I've reported here, when the nanothermite paper came out I went to a community meeting and was able to explain the findings to Carolyn Maloney - who made me sit down with her to hear everything. When she realized she would be responsible for an investigation, she became silent and walked off.

At the same meeting, Assembly member Micah Kellner told me he already believed the government was responsible, and for me to tell him where to read the paper on line. He told me to speak in a hushed voice so no one would know he's a "9/11 truther."

Also, even before AE 9/11 truth went around to the various legislative offices, these legislators all knew what happened. Their silence or omerta is expected as they are all members of the same crime syndicate.

Must Keep Trying - New York Has Potential For Investigation

Perhaps future NYCCAN TV ads could publically challenge local authorities to examine the evidence of pre-9/11 WTC foul play. While small but powerful administrative interests within NY state and NYC government may resist such challenges, people within lower levels of NY state and NYC government (NY state Attorney General's office and the NYC District Attorney's ofiice) may be supportive.

We must keep pushing this matter. Doing it once or twice and stopping won't work. All 9/11 Truth awareness activity should focus on the NY state and NYC regions. Such efforts any where else will do very little to create an investigation.

P.S.: If I were still local to NYC as I once was I would do it myself. But the effort would be most successful involving those most affected by 9/11 - surviving families who support our point of view.

Finding out who was doing what within the WTC during the days and weeks before 9/11 will answer many questions.

What about at the state level?

Would the NY State AG have any authority to bring state charges in any manner considering the crimes against its residents and property? Is there an avenue there? thoughts?


C'mon, you're smarter than that

The overwhelming majority of politicians don't react to truth, facts or logic, they react to political expediency. Presenting the facts is only the first step. Telling her how you plan to make it an issue come re-election time -- and then delivering on your promise -- is what's gonna get her to react.

End of story.

Controlled Gatekeepers Come and Go

One is welcome to try to petition the federal mafia. But don't expect much. For one to believe that powerful interests will allow fair elections or the truth to jeopardize their control is naive with all due respect. Ask any Ron Paul supporter.

Major figures in Washington seldom if ever act independently. A simple example would be bills sponsored by individual legislators usually being drafted by outside interests. Washington is full of Woodrow Wilsons.

Big politics is big theater - like professional wrestling. Keeping the public on the Democrat/Republican merry-go-round keeps them off a path to progress.

global system of power explained

Absolutely, Aiden. Washington is several layers down the power pyramid. Please watch this phenomenal video presentation detailing the actual workings of power in the world today with appropriate emphasis on control of monetary policy. This is the best video presentation on the subject I have seen. Certainly there are many great books out there but I can't ever find time to read much these days.


We talking about Murder people!

People have been murdered, not just in this country but around the world as a result of the 911 crimes. How dangerous do you think it would be to put yourself in their path in a meaniful way ? Not talking about citizen advocacy here, we are talking official capacities. Let's stop wondering why Nothing is happening with a new investigation, we should know why, it doesn't matter what we want or what's right? It doesn't matter even when honest people do come forward nothing changes. What's the answer? Sorry but I'm not sure, wish I knew. Keep spreading the truth and maybe when enough of us can get together and have had enough we can end our participation in our corrupt system all together somehow.

Actually think the economic model will fail before the truth prevails and that will be the catalyst which will change the world.

Where Are We At?

You know the old joke: State School Student: "Where are we at?" Harvard Student: " At Haahhvad we don't end a sentence with a preposition!" State School Student: "OK, so where are we at mother ##@@**."

So where are we at?

A friend of mine took a history course in college that the professor had themed There Were No Good Old Days. The upshot of the course was that there was no Rousseauian ideal to get back to and that all the bad and negative things that we have with us now were always with us, in every epoch. But is that true? In the Watergate era we had The Saturday Night Masacre. The Justice Department wanted the Watergate Tapes and Nixon refused. Archibald Cox was the special prosecutor investigating the White House. Nixon insisted that his Attorney General Elliot Richardson fire Cox but he refused to comply and resigned. Then Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus resigned as well. Solicitor General Robert Bork was named acting Attorney General and he buckled although he did consider resigning. There was a hint of irony in David Halberstam naming his tome The Best and the Brightest. Because on paper the leadership of the U.S. at that time were but in action they fell short. So here we have an example of people in government standing on principle. What has happened since then?

Get This!

I can't remember precisely how all this unfolded but the issue of Nixon's turning over the tapes went up to the Supreme Court and they ordered Nixon to release the tapes. Now if memory serves me correctly, Nixon initially balked at the request. He did take six days to comply. And though I might be wrong I think this is were someone in the media weighed in. Regardless, the following event did take place. At he time of the Saturday Night Massacre there were only three major news outlets on American television. So when all this was going down there were reporters standing outside the White House following the news on the ground as it unfolded. I can't remember what network this happened on or who the reporter was but when Nixon refused to immediately release the tapes a reporter standing in front of the White House said on national television: Thank God the Army is at home in their barracks tonight! So we see that at least then the media had some kind of voice.

So where are we at?

Is YouTube conspiracy central? I kinda doubt it. I have a minimum service cell phone that my friends insist that I have. I don't use it much. One of the reasons they insist I have it is that I can call information for free and it costs them a buck fifty and they get mad if I leave it at home. But they do worry about me and will come and get me at the drop of a hat if I need something. Once I got caught in a cross fire lighting storm and they were there in minutes. (Google Tucson, lightening, images and you will see what I mean.) All of this is to say that I don't participate much in social networking. I see people texting all the time. What do you think they are texting? Probably stuff like "where are you at," or "I bought a really cute outfit!" I hardly think that that medium is geared to do anything profound like discussing 19th Century German Philosophy. Can you imagine the frustration of trying to type Wissenschaft or Vorstellungen on a little keyboard like that? But I do have a YouTube account. I have never posted any videos but you have to have an account to have a YouTube home page. On that page I have news feeds from The Associated Press, Al Jazera, Russia Today,Alex Jones (love him or hate him: I do both). (Remember Hillary Goebbels Clinton and her "can't touch this" moment of frustration over the State Departments inability to come up with decent propaganda like RT?) The reason that I mentioned social networking is to show how I envisage YouTube. Right here, on 911/Blogger, I would stylize this place as Conspiracy Central. Not YouTube: I see YouTube for the most part as Justin Bieber land. So try this, to see where we are at: pull down the AP on YouTube. They have a lot of celebrity fluff and sports and the like. Then see what hunger is out there for the truth. Whenever a sports or celebrity story is carried on the AP you can see a great back-lash in the comments: "This ain't news," "great job AP or should I say Tiger Beat...." that sort of thing. And whenever, on any of the news channels, that I have, a politician says just about anything the response is always "lies" and other negative comments. I know this isn't a scientific poll or anything but that is the vibe that I am getting and I, for one. think it is great.

Mister Smith Goes to Washington

So now we have Jeff Rische asking why he can't get any traction with his Senator or Congressmen and we can't fault him on any level. That is the prudent thing to do in a representative government that guarantees the rights of citizens to seek redress, as much as we know otherwise; that is the first step. I did wonder, while reading the article about the Congressional aid of Rep. Jim McDermott, Darcy Nothnagle. Darcy looks like an earnest young woman to me. What happens to these people do they get turned somehow or are they self serving and duplicitous from the outset? So Mister Rische gets mildly chastised for his earnest attempts at democracy: "Big politics is big theater...." "C'mon, you're smarter than that..." to "already tried that..." When all he was doing was exercising his rights. The problem with that is that those comments are true but they don't tell the whole story. There has always been corruption in government from the Latifundistas of ancient Rome, a conciliatory church, The Junkers and Industrialists of the Third Reich and today's Military Industrial Complex. But none of this addresses the infantile posturing of the masses, the malaise ridden and uniformed populace, who are complicit by their silence which forms, in effect, as much of a monolithic block as the intransigent government itself and silently acquiesces through the consent of the governed.


Who is Dolemite? Dolemite is the baddest mother * that ever lived! ("Shut your mouth" // "I'm just talking about Dolemite!) Dolemite is the central character of an epic black poem Dolemite The poem is a masterpiece of ribaldry on par with The Miller's Tale from Chaucer. One day, perhaps Norton's Anthology will pick it up if not for its epicness, or its facile ribaldry then for its internal cohesion: Dolemite is bad! I see Mr. Rische's attempts at democracy as heroic even if they are somewhat naive. Aidan Monaghan states: " Big politics is big theater - like professional wrestling." But this is, in effect, as naive as Mr. Risches efforts. Why? Because theater is a rational attempt at casting and staging to present a simulcrum of reality. But in Congress we have the Theater of the Absurd : this is an existential problem. But I don't share Sartre's pessimistic view of the absurd. However, that is the kind of theater we face. I have quoted this guy before and also mentioned my reticence in doing so as we need real heroes and not acetate ones but this is true: “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”― Frank Zappa And what of Dolemite? Well, if I can, I just want ot borrow Dolemite's badness; if I might. Remember the secret congressional settings? Kusinich wouldn't attend; was that theater or participation? I don't know. So Congress opened secret hearings, and that is where Dolemite comes in. He goes into the joint session and states (to borrow a phase from Dolemite): " ....He slapped his Pappy's face And said, "From now on, *********, I'm running this place." There are two kinds of heros in literature: the suffering hero and the conquering hero but they are heros none the less. Rische is a hero.

Because it's FUN

to be a salesman for the War on Terror! !

They get to sit around, play politics, feel vitally important to the ignorant morons who still believe the 9/11 OCT (even if loathed by those whose eyes are open).
They LIKE to show up to those VIP functions ... AND get WELL-PAID for it !! All just to PLAY BALL !

They don't like ridicule, threats, career obstacles, etc ... of course that's OK for all you 9/11 truth activists, but that's just because you have no life anyway. Remember, CONSCIOUS = NO LIFE.

Maria is nothing special ... no worse than nearly all the other politicians. Just like all the maggots on a dung heap are similar.


Jeff Rische is a good model and great example. We should all be more motivated and encouraged to contact our representatives in government after reading this.

Great stuff Jeff. Thanks for doing it!!

Great Campaign

I faxed a copy of our family Christmas photo to all offices asking Senator Cantwell to look into NIST and the destruction of WTC 1, 2, and 7 for the sake of our families futures. One fax or call to a politician can make a difference as you are planting a seed. The more people who question the official story the better. Look how far we've come. We live in intersting times, be part of the action and don't worry abaut the results. In the time it takes to write a short comment another person could be contacted.