Over 700 pages of CIA 9/11-related records released

The CIA has released nearly 800 pages of newly declassified documents on Al Qaeda and the September 11 attacks.

The documents were released in response to an INTELWIRE Freedom of Information Act request for material referenced by the 9/11 Commission. Numerous documents were withheld, and those that were released have been heavily redacted. Despite this, it is highly unusual to receive any material from the CIA in response to a FOIA request, and they provide a fascinating look at the state of the agency's understanding of Al Qaeda over the years.

source: http://news.intelwire.com/2012/05/exclusive-cia-documents-on-911.html

Smells worse than rotting fish heads on a hot summer's day

Hmmm. It's over 10 and a half years since 9/11. That's plenty of time for the CIA to sanitize any 9/11 related material, carefully proof-read it first, perhaps edit it and even fabricate new material - and even redact/censor some to make it look "CIA kosher", for public consumption. Sounds like a case of damage control and manipulation.

They even censored the 1978 whereabouts

of Osama bin Laden *LOL

nethertheless I think we can cross check every single issue for searching for failures in their publishing/censoring.

Almost all of this

Almost all of this information was in the DOJ IG report with no redactions and was reported in the book “Prior Knowledge of 9/11” published in November 2006 almost six years ago.

Why some of this material is still redacted in unclear. In one case an email on August 21, 2001 from Margret Gillespie describing a meeting with FBI IOS Agent Dina Corsi had both Gillespie’s name and Corsi's name redacted. But these names have been known ever since “Prior Knowledge of 9/11” was first published. This material had very little if any new information.

What we need is documentation that shows where did the information that Gillespie had on August 22, 2001 that Mihdhar and Hazmi were inside of the US and were here to take part in a massive Al Qaeda attack that would kill thousands of Americans, go inside of the CIA. It is clear that it must have gone to Richard Blee, and then to Cofer Black and then on to George Tenet, but there is no documentation for this.

This information clearly went to President Bush on August 24, 2001 when Tenet and the President met in a secret 6 hour long meeting and then lied about this meeting at the April 14, 2004 9/11 Commission hearings to keep secret the fact that he had met with the President and has all of this information on Mihdhar and Hazmi. So why did the President not do anything to protect the Americans people if he had all of this horrific information.

the horrific information was a Patsy trail.

end of story