Grand Opening – May 21, 2014: National September 11 Memorial Museum


History has shown us that in order to maintain an official myth, there must be an official consecration of that myth. Unfortunately, this is what will be taking place at Ground Zero on May 21, 2014.

It's the opening of the 9/11 Memorial Museum, an elaborate, taxpayer-funded, public relations campaign to forever cement the fantastic claims of the official conspiracy theory into the history books. And that is why we are now reaching out to you.

Museum visitors will be presented with a first-rate “Madison Avenue” account of September 11th that has served as the justification for two wars, demolished our national economy, and deprived us of our privacy and civil liberties. This historical revisionism needs to be countered with an all-out effort of the truth of 9/11. By printing thousands of educational flyers and distributing them via teams of AE911Truth volunteers at the memorial grounds entry, we can inform the public as to why the 9/11 Memorial Museum is largely a fraud.

And we can do it with facts – facts that will educate museum visitors enough to ask a few simple questions: “Where are the exhibits of red/gray thermitic chips or the displays showing melted steel? Where are the photographs of the explosive “squibs” – the videos showing WTC 7's seven-second collapse? Where are the archived accounts of elevator rebuilds – the fleeing Ace Elevator mechanics – the wall plaques with quotes of the first responders citing countdowns and explosions?

If we can get the truth in front of the public, we can show the impossibility of the official story and why it has no good place in the world our children will inherit.

We hope to present the truth about 9/11 with a live multimedia speaking engagement with Richard Gage, AIA: “9/11 Blueprint for Truth” on Saturday afternoon, May 24, at 4 PM at the Community Church of New York.

But it can't happen without you. If there ever was a time to jump into the fray, the time is now. Your donation is immensely appreciated and will help us to set the record straight!

And join us if you can in New York on Wednesday, May 21, and Saturday, May 24, for street-level education of the public – and the days in between if possible. We’ll be at the memorial grounds entry at the corner of Greenwich and Liberty streets -- starting at 10 AM. If you can’t join us, you can sponsor someone else to come!

Thanks so much for your commitment and support,

AE911Truth Team

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I am so there, and I hope many of you out there go too.

This is a fantastic opportunity for making breakthrough's with individuals . Many tourists and locals. If you are going to go, I've found a few things work well.

1. Clean Up

Shave. Put on clean clothes and get the grease off of your shirt. If you know someone who's going who ex Military, Police, FD, encourage them or go in uniform. It's so powerful when the public sees that our cause has men and women who've served are public and vocal about 9/11 Truth.

2. Be helpful and friendly to the people you talk to and the other activists. Listen to what they are saying, ask them questions and don't fly off the handle into a barrage of technical jargon unless the one your talking to brings it up. If you don't know something say so. And for goodness sake..

3. Stay on message. This is not an END THE FED or "FREE ENERGY" rally. It's about the things the museum doesn't think are relevant. The message is "All that money spent on a huge memorial and only a third of the story told? That's like going to the Lincoln's birthplace and the owner leaving out the part that Abe became the president."

As the above notice reads.."get the truth in front of the public, the impossibility of the official story and why it has no good place in the world our children will inherit".

Which third?

The message is "All that money spent on a huge memorial and only a third of the story told?

Which third is that, would you say?

They got it right about

They got it right about happening in NYC..and involving mass casualties and thats about it.

don't expect ...

,,, an exhibit on the history of the 9/11 Truth Movement inside, either. lol

good idea to be there with the presence A&E has planned!

Shameful Conduct

Three years ago

Foundation President Joseph Daniels, 38, pocketed $371,307 after receiving hefty raises three years in a row — 28 percent in 2006, when he was promoted from acting president, followed by 12 percent and 6 percent.

Museum director Alice Greenwald made $351,000, and capital planning Vice President Joan Gerner soaked up $337,143 before leaving last spring. Development director Cathy Blaney raked in $322,292.

Obama: 9/11 memorial is 'sacred place of healing and of hope'

Let the BS flow like molten steel. I'm so glad the museum is open. Now activists all over the world have a clear target. The official institutionalization of the "big lie". Hope you've got your game face on truth warriors, because the next level in the battle for the historical record has begun.

Pres Obama at opening.

'Here, at this memorial, this museum, we come together. We stand in the footprints of two mighty towers, graced by the rush of eternal waters. We look into the faces of nearly 3,000 innocent souls — men and women and children of every race, every creed, and every corner of the world.'

Read more:

Corbett Report on 9/11 Memorial Museum

From the Corbett Report. The relevant segment runs from 5:30 to 11:54:


Truthers produce deceptive look-alike brochure for 9/11 Memorial Museum opening

Image Description

A group calling itself Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth will be on hand this week when the National September 11 Memorial Museum officially opens to the public in New York City, handing out brochures detailing their version of the events of September 11, 2001.

The AE911 truthers, many of whom are volunteers coming from out of state, will be handing out the mock brochures on opening day, Wednesday 5/21, and again on Saturday 5/24.

CNN covers it and mentions 3 buildings...

(CNN) – The National September 11 Memorial Museum opens to the public this week in lower Manhattan, and some conspiracy theorists, who are apparently no strangers to Photoshop, plan on attending.

The group "Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth" plan on standing outside the entrance on opening day to hand out fake museum brochures, designed to look exactly like the real ones, according to The Village Voice, which first reported the story.

Inside the brochure, they claim they've compiled "a vast amount of evidence proving that all 3 World Trade Center skyscrapers were deliberately destroyed by explosives on 9/11."

They actually don't prove anything, except man's capacity for believing crazy things, and man's insensitivity to the families of the 2,753 people killed in New York, the Pentagon, and in a field in Pennsylvania, killed by Islamic terrorists with al Qaeda as every credible investigation has actually proven.

Why do so-called "truthers" have such staying power?

Slate editor and New York Times Magazine contributor Emily Bazelon weighs in.

"These Buildings Were Designed To Come Straight Down..."

"These Buildings Were Designed To Come Straight Down If Anything Happened"

Duped. Sad to see.

This canard was previously commented on here:

Apparently Peter Jennings didn't get the memo--stating on TV that one needed to 'get to the underlying infrastructure' in order to have collapses like that.

I wonder, did the NIST or FEMA reports make any such 'they-were-designed-that-way' claims in trying to account for the symmetrical manner of the buildings' descent? Or did they simply pretend the question didn't exist, and whistle right on past it?

I wonder what architectural schools would say if we polled them: 'Just what are these built-in symmetrical collapse techniques you've been teaching? And why haven't they rendered the controlled-demolition industry obsolete by now?'

I can imagine the name of such a class--'Sudden, Fast, and Straight: How to Do Structural Failure RIGHT.'


and if my memory serves me right, NIST specifically claimed that WTC 7's design did not play a part in its collapse.

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