Letter to the Editor - Daily Reflector - Greenville NC


A letter to the editor by RL McGee on the search for 9/11 truth was published today (Wed, Sept 3rd) in the Daily Reflector in Greenville, NC, today. The letter and any online comments can be read at http://www.reflector.com/opinion/letters/letter-seek-truth-911-attacks-2639965

Letter to the Editor - Greenville NC

Thanks RL!! More of this can be done...

Force Multiplier

"....a typical copy of the newspaper is read by more than one person." (Source: Wiki)

I think in a Com. course I took they said that as many as five people read a single copy of a newspaper.

McGee, You are a real promoter!

You are always getting the word out. You are bred for promotion.

rl mcgee's letter

good going, r.l.! i tried to post a supporting comment at the newspaper site, but the 'captcha' wouldn't let me finish the registration process. good summary you gave.
have all congressmen been able to read the 28 pages? thanks for writing. kevin ryan's book IS wonderful. lb in maine

Nice Letter

The letter is terse and the feeling I got from reading it was that it was not so much alarmist in its tone but questioning. It sounds like someone's neighbor wrote it and not an activist which is what is needed.



Cogent and skillfully understated letter. I agree that the tone is just right for communicating the message. Thanks again RL.

After leaving some supportive comments, I was struck by that all-too-familiar feeling that the "shills" were in full attack mode. They didn't seem interested in "discussing" H. Res. 428, but simply berated comments sympathetic with the Resolution.

How could anyone so vehemently oppose H.Res. 428 ?

Are the shills/agents working for the U.S. or a foreign nation--or both? H. Res. 428 may give us the answer to that question, and that will, in part, be gratifying.


To Ace Acme. Sorry about claiming you didn't want the pages declassified. I was writing/reading fast, and I did in fact conflate a comment of yours with one from hawkeye.

I pointed out in the text there that I had erred.

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