Congress Scams the 9/11 Victim Families with House Passage of JASTA on Sept 9

Sept 9th 2016
“BREAKING: Bill Passes House Allowing Citizens to Sue Saudi Arabia for 9/11 — But It’s a Cruel Hoax”
…it turns out that the bill offers nothing more than an illusion of the prospect of justice and accountability. It is, indeed, a cruel hoax.

A last-minute amendment to the final draft of the bill included a provision that allows for the U.S. attorney general and secretary of state to stop any pending legislation against the Saudis. The section that was quietly inserted into the legislation — “Stay of Actions Pending State Negotiations” — allows the secretary of state to simply “certify” that the U.S. is “engaged in good-faith discussions with the foreign-state defendant concerning the resolution of claims against the foreign state.”....

From what I understand...

On May 24th, Paul Sperry wrote this article:

The following day, families and lawyers wrote this article to counter what Paul Sperry reported on:

Kristen Bretiweiser just wrote an article that counters the "concerns" of the White House:

So far, NO 9/11 Family Member has told me that JASTA is a scam.

EDIT: With the exception of Bob.

Some people who are hell bent

Some people who are hell bent on only blaming Saudis should read this.

I'm not...

One of those people thank goodness.

just like JFK truth

911 truth will never see the light of day I am sad to say. :(

The families...

Are going to D.C. tomorrow to fight for JASTA. If you can go to support them, GO!!!

Friday afternoon...

Obama vetoes bill allowing to sue Saudi Arabia over 9/11 -

" the door to lawsuits...against US troops and diplomats"

President Obama Vetoes Bill Allowing 9/11 Victim Families To Sue Saudis | NBC Nightly News
Sept 23, 2016
"The Obama administration says would open the door to suing American officials and military around the world, but leaders in Congress say they have the votes to override the veto."
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One example is Chiquita Bananas which has spent close to $800,000 lobbying against the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA).

And Chiquita has intimate links to many, many other companies, including GE and NBC.

Derrick Broze - Sept 17 - Activist Post

...On Monday, White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters that he anticipates a veto from Obama.

“It’s not hard to imagine other countries using this law as an excuse to haul U.S. diplomats or U.S. service members or even U.S. companies into courts all around the world,” Earnest said.

The White House claims that allowing the 9/11 families to sue Saudi Arabia will endanger American lives and that it would leave U.S. officials open to lawsuits from other nations. Perhaps, this is because the government is filled with criminals? This is how you know the “Never Forget” mantra is simply propaganda. The powers-that-wish-they-were would love for the peasants to have a blind, jingoistic, unquestioning view of 9/11. “Just wave your flag and say ‘Never Forget 9/11’ like a good American.”

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that you stand up and question 9/11, challenge the government’s narrative, and support the 9/11 families in their fight for truth and justice.

"20 groups opposed JASTA" with Virginia Congressman Goodlatte
California State Firefighters Association

...When asked if Chiquita had approached Goodlatte’s office, and whether Chiquita had been the only group to express concerns, Somers replied affirmatively on both counts, according to three participants in the meeting. Asked which companies and groups oppose the legislation, Goodlatte’s office said 20 groups opposed JASTA but refused to name any of them....

NY Post - Schumer's cruel hoax on 9/11 Family members

New York Post - May 24, 2016 by Paul Sperry
Schumer upends 9/11 Saudi suit bill at 11th hour

...It’s more of a cruel hoax.

It turns out that just before the vote, Sen. Charles Schumer and other proponents of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act stuffed an amendment into the final draft allowing the attorney general and secretary of state to stop any litigation against the Saudis in its tracks....
...The quiet, behind-the-scenes watering-down of the controversial bill explains why it passed without a single Republican or Democratic objection. The White House had lobbied senators heavily to kill the bill....
...Still, 9/11 families say they feel betrayed.

“How do I feel about the Justice Department being given this power? Not good,” 9/11 widow Kristen Breitweiser said. “Their failure to bring their own Saudi indictment reveals how little they care about holding the Saudis accountable for either their funding or operational support of the 9/11 hijackers.‎”

Don’t expect the House to remove the stay provision....

I think the "Veto" is part of the dog-n-pony show.

"Dog and pony show" is a colloquial term which has come to mean a highly promoted, often over-staged performance, presentation, or event designed to sway or convince opinion for political, or less often, commercial ends. Typically, the term is used in a pejorative sense to connote disdain, jocular lack of appreciation, or distrust of the message being presented or the efforts undertaken to present it.