Invite Gravel to NYC or Washington for 9/11/07

Senator Gravel has been very supportive of the idea of a new 9/11 investigation.

He has a staff that is very friendly to 9/11 skeptics, and if we can show the campaign that we want a candidate that will stand with us, Gravel could be that man.

All 9/11 skeptics are hereby called upon to write an email to the Gravel campaign to invite Mike to attend the WeAreChange/Alex Jones fundraiser in NYC, or to come and join the festivities in Washington on 9/11/07.

No form-letter-template here, use your own words, and let Gravel know that you want a candidate who isn't scared to look 9/11 in the eye.


(Feel free to make the letter an open letter and post as a comment below.)

Who else?

in congress supports a 9/11 investigation? OR at least is open-minded about it? It would be helpful to have such a list.
From my state of Utah, none of the congressmen or Senators is open-minded about 9/11 -- based on my efforts to write or speak to them.

And what about Curt Weldon, R-Pa, who was not re-elected? That is, can we learn from him who in congress would be willing to LISTEN at least?

Curt Weldon's motives are

Curt Weldon's motives are less than pure in my opinion. i dont think he fully understood the implications of Able Danger and looking into that program. this is a man who was RABID for war with Iran and was caught red handed lying about one of his "contacts"(or at least the information he got from him) in that country. Weldon was one of the defense industries most reliable if not THE most reliable politician around. i dont think Weldon has any interest in helping the cause of 9/11 truth. i hope im wrong but the guy was just too shamelessly pro war for me to think hes genuine about 9/11.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

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New York - Sept. 11th, 2007

Yo Mike.

Please consider joining Alex Jones in New York on Sept. 11th, 2007. A lot of attention will be focused there and you could gain a lot of dedicated supporters.


(sent to

Dear Senator Gravel,

Six years out from 9/11 and there is more doubt about what happened on that day then there has ever been. Polls show a vast number of people just don't believe the administration line on 9/11. The 9/11 Commission Final Report is an obvious Whitewash, well-written, (better than the Warren Commission Report), but egregious in omission and investigation.

There is no debating the fact that 9/11 is the pivotal moment of this generation, initiating Neoconservative Imperialism that blends energy wars with a desperate gambit to float the U.S. dollar as the world's Petrodollar (as well as the preeminent Narcodollar).

The blame for America's current predicament is certainly bi-partisan, but a candidate not beholden to big money or the Democratic Party bigshots can say what he will on the national stage, can't he?

On 9/11/07, join 9/11 activists in NYC for a major 9/11 First Responder fundraiser, or in Washington DC as the latest 'Day of Infamy' is denounced as a catalyst for fascism.


(sent to

Vigorous Invitation to the events in NYC and DC surrounding 9-11

sent to

Mr. Gravel,
You're performance in the 1st debate electrified me and my friends. It rejuvenated my hope in electoral politics to see a man with so much experience running for President calling the military industrial complex the "military industrial complex" on live TV-in the future-in the future try not to forget the "congressional" part that they pushed Ike to take out. Your political track record of bravery and conviction is continued into the present with your unflinching approach to all issues, including the scariest.

It is for this reason that I invite you and urge you to come to at least a portion of the events taking place this September in NYC and Washington DC bringing together people to care for the 9-11 1st responders, expose the dark truths around 9-11 and push for impeachment, peace and rejuvenation of our constitution. These assemblies of We the People would love to have you stand in solidarity with us.

I leave you with the words of William Sloane Coffin:


“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush