The Week Of Truth: April 16th - 22nd

Last night I took part in a conference call that consisted of many notables from the movement. People such as Janice Matthews, Kyle Hence, Richard Gage, Daniel Sunjata, Steve Alten, and many others. The purpose of the call was to discuss the "Week Of truth" which is being planned for April 16th through the 22nd. Each week the New York Times totals sales from Wednesday through Tuesday, at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Borders, and determines which books, of various categories, have made it to the top 10. If you do make it to their top 10, the chances of you getting onto the TV as an author grow significantly. For Steve, this is particularly likely because he's already been a top 10 author and guest on many National Television and radio shows with his other books.

As you know, this past Saturday I interviewed Steve Alten because I wanted to see what kind of person he was, and what kind of 9/11 Truth message he conveys. He seems like a really nice man, and I am confident that if he does get the opportunity, he will say the right things.

What we are proposing is that with "lazer-like precision", each member of this movement focuses on, for just that week, purchasing at least two copies of Steve Alten's "The Shell Game", and recommending to your friends and family to do the same. If we can manage to get 12,000 copies sold, Steve will most assuredly get on the New York Times top 10 list, and as a result, on the TV.

Steve has said that for every week he is on the top 10, he will donate $5000 to the FealGood Foundation.

We also talked about future collaborations having to do with getting the NYC Ballot Initiative off the ground, and many other things as well. I know that this might look like to some as a way to make Steve Alten some money. I know that some people might have a hard time promoting a fictional book that incorporates 9/11 facts in it. All I can say is, if Steve Alten manages to get on the TV often, and says all of the right things often, then I don't care how much money he makes. Especially if some of it goes to help the responders. As for promoting a fictional work, "Who Killed John O'Neill", "The Reflecting Pool", and several other works we've promoted over the years are fiction with facts stitched in. This is no different. I like to think of it as being "creatively brave".

So, between April 16 through the 22nd, buy two copies of "The Shell Game", and get your friends and family to do the same.

However, if you have already purchased his book, or don't have the money for it, here's what I recommend you do. Since the purpose of this is media exposure, during the "Week Of Truth", do your very best to call into different radio shows, and recommend that people buy Steve's book. That will also be extremely helpful.

Steve recommends that you purchase your books that week from Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Keep your eyes open for

Users who have read the book...

Please chime in once again with your opinions of the book. What I have noticed is that people who have actually read the book, like it.

This is not about endorsing a 9/11 theory, this is about getting the word out, and hopefully busting into mainstream media in a big, positive way.

For a factual book to promote, I recommend "9/11 Contradictions", it really is good.

I did this from memory...

Is it accurate to say that that is the week the NYTimes chooses its top 10 or is this just an arbitrary date?

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

Sounds correct.

From what I remember.

"9/11 Contradictions" is

unstoppable. Anyone who just sits their ass down and reads it will be on our side afterwards. And it is the book to get into the hands of, as it says, Congress and the Press. Keith Olbermann, for one, desperately needs a copy.

Griffin working on just that....

On Monday's interview with Carol Broulliet, Griffin relates he's working to put the book into the hands of Congress. It's a good interview which has some gems.

David Ray Griffin on 9/11 Contradictions

Griffin hr. 2

...don't believe them!

Campaign to Get 9/11 Contradictions to Congress

Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance would like to help get David Ray Griffin's excellent new book, 9/11 Contradictions: An Open Letter to

Congress and the Press, sent to Congress with the assistance of the publishers (Interlink).

So far $3000 has been raised and we hope to raise an additional $1144. If you would like to help with this effort please earmark your donations "DRG- 9/11 Contradictions." Donations can be made out directly to Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance or, if you would like a tax deduction, checks can be written to Agape Foundation- or you can donate through Agape's website. ( Mail check to Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance, PO Box 60511, Palo Alto, CA 94306)

I think this will be a good talking point for Steve Alten to mention- and will help all of us to put pressure on the politicians and the press. I wholeheartedly support the Week of Truth and will publicize it to our list, put it on my website, and buy copies of the book (just wish I could figure out how to get them by the case and get them counted- since I table SO MANY books...) I think the more efforts to publicize the Shell Game and the other excellent materials we have, the better, but let's especially focus on The Shell Game during the designated week.

I think Jon Gold's video interview of Steve Alten is also very compelling. Steve is a great guy with a capacity to reach a much larger audience than most of us can.

I do urge people to BE courageous, work towards the positive future that we want and not succumb to fear, and fear tactics in attempting to get our message across- I know that is a very hard thing to do, because our message is so frightening to most people. However, I know what keeps me going strong is being able to see beyond the "collapse of the Bush/Cheney/War Empire/Economy" and imagining what could replace it, if we could redirect human energy towards healing ourselves and our planet. Solutions are even more censored than problems. Fear is the tool of domination and control. Love is the liberating force that will move us towards a hopeful, life respecting future.

Carol Brouillet

Thanks Carol

Community currency is such a wonderful idea. Such a local way of measuring value, it really would solve so many of the world's problems, Instead we are dominated by a handful of powerful banking families who control most of the world's banking and currency. I wish more people knew about the way the financial system fucks them over everyday. Things would change really quick. Instead we get Bear Stearns or Enron to blame while they are laughing from the penthouse. They control your Federal Reserve, CIA, CFR, etc. I hope for a future in which community currency is involved in a big way. And I hope the dollars will be printed on hemp paper!

Funds Raised!!!!

I just got a note from DRG- funds have been raised to get his book to Congress!

Carol Brouillet

yes excellent book

but, for the week of truth we will have one very finely tuned action item involving Alten's book. I hope everyone participates!!! WE CAN DO IT!

Also, Alten's novel links to David Ray Griffin's book on amazon

IF, the movement can FOCUS for April 16-22nd to push "The Shell Game" to #1, Griffin's book, etc. etc. will benefit. If we can't keep our focus, we'll lose the opportunity to show the movement we have muscle, and all future efforts will suffer.

I've put together a package

I've put together a package of DVD's for Keith O. (which maybe he already has) and will include a few copies of DRG's Contradictions . . . and a copy of Alten's The Shell Game . . . Maybe will duplicate all enclosures for Rachel Maddow as well . . .

We'll get there!


Truth Assets

I'm at page 438 of 470 so I think I am qualified to give a fair review. The story moves along well and is easy enough to follow that it is hard to put down. The only negative i can think of was that it was hard to keep track of all the characters, but that's minor and I'm sure if the story wasn't so compelling I would backtrack to double check. The main characters are well enough defined to follow easily.
Now to the good part. Alten inserts a story within the story which is the main character's wifes "book excerpts." This is where he manages to throw in a lot of facts about foreknowledge, military stand down, the "put calls," the anthrax attacks and more.
The other good part is the insertion of very informative and familiar quotes at the beginning of every chapter including verses from the book of Revelations for extra dramatic effect. These quotes could have been borrowed right from the posts of 911 blogger, like Edmund Burke's "The only thing necessary for.... and
And at the end of the book is an explanation that although the book may be a fiction, quote, "some of the more disturbing passages and threads of information incorporated into the story line are indeed true."
Then he proceeds to offer references for every quoted fact so the reader can do their own fact checking.
My synopsis is that this book will definitely open eyes and minds. As I have stated elsewhere here, there are a lot of people who get their deeper messages from fiction as in parables, fables and allegories. Based on what I believe about 9/11 I can say the Steve Alten and The Shell Game are definite assets in the battle for truth.




Also, additional comments on "The Shell Game's" power as a truth tool:

"The Shell Game reveals in fiction the dark truth of government sponsored false flag terrorist attacks. This read may be a Trojan horse of reality - a final wake-up call to slumbering Americans - to examine and to expose the secret agenda of their own government before they no longer have the right to do so."

-- Richard Gage, AIA, Architect

“. . . they [the majority of Americans] shall come to realize what I now realize… that the 9/11 Truth Movement are the real patriots in 21st century America!"
-- Steve Alten, New York Times Best Selling
author of “The Shell Game”

“The Shell Game is a new book that gives the mass public reality in the form of a novel interwoven with real events and people. I recommend it to everyone, especially those who believe the 9/11 Commission Report.”
-- Paul Craig Roberts (Known as the Father of Reaganomics, past editor at The Wall Street Journal, and Columnist for The National Review)

“Shell Game is grounded theory leading to fictional interpretations of the abuse of power by the Global Dominance Group within the US . . . This is a book that needs to be read and understood by all Americans.”

-- Peter Phillips; Director Project Censored

Author, Steve Alten, has put his long best selling novelist career on the line to educate millions across the nation of the importance and validity of the 9/11 truth movement. Listen to this 5 minute clip of the explosive interview Alten did on CBS National Radio to millions of listeners broadcast over nearly 200 stations nationwide. This is coverage, positive coverage, that the 9/11 truth movement has NEVER been able to obtain.


It's fixed...

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

Steve Alten

is doing a Great Job on 911 Truth.

I take back every negative thing I have said in the past and hope you will accept my sincerest apologies for being overly suspicious of the commercialization of 911 Truth.

Pls see:

Looking forward to any future sequel to the Shell Game by Steve Alten. Probably a good idea to work on a second book to further impact the masses.

I still think it is a good idea to consider writing something about the Plight of the 1st Responders and Family Members Struggle for Truth and Justice all these years.

Their story would be gripping and most compelling.

A great Historical Service.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

do we

have a flyer/banner yet???

OpEdNews: Week of Truth - HISTORIC !!

JOIN the WEEK of TRUTH: April 16th – 22nd; A Historic National 9/11 Truth Effort to Break the Media Blockade! Get involved at

Last Monday, March 31st, great American heroes, who have put everything on the line to protect their nation's democracy, assembled. It was meaningful this occurred the same month of HBO's release of John Adams. The result: April 16-22nd will be a WEEK of TRUTH !! You can get involved at


Three or four different people on the call last night talked about "lazer-like" accuracy with our focus. I made a funny.

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

Worth buying

The book is reasonably good. If you like the genre (spy adventure), you will probably like the book. More importantly, the page facing the start of every chapter has information on it favorable to 9-11 truth. If the book is widely read, if Alten gets onto talk shows because it sells too well for him to be ignored, it will help spread our concerns to a wider audience - probably much wider. It should be done. All of the sniping done at both Bill Douglas and Steve Alten seems absurd to me. Buy the book please, it can only help us.

Amazing book.

Amazing book.

Yes, one exciting thing about "The Shell Game" is

Yes, one VERY exciting thing about "The Shell Game" is that it has hit #1 on amazon for war-fiction.

THIS IS THE KIND OF BOOK, that war fiction readers need to be reading.

It blows their minds, and they never look at the world/govt. the same again.

That's good news.

Let us know what other things we can do to support the growth of awareness of Alten's work.

Perhaps Steve should participate in a number of 911 Truth Conferences and also concurrently publicise 911 Truth Conferences / Events while he is on a Book Tour.

A Joint 911 Truth Authors Conference with some Celebrity Appearances -eg. Daniel Sunjata, Willie Nelson, Charlie Sheen (who has been quite silent for some time) etc will be helpful.

No harm done in synergizing various 911 Truth Activities together with a Book Tour.

It will help build awareness and get people to start reading various 911 Truth Books.

Authors for 911 Truth could be considered - a forum for both Non-Fiction and Fiction Authors to pool resources, networks, ideas and campaign together for Greater 911 Truth Awareness.

Just some thoughts.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Alten has absolutely exposed 9/11 truths in his publicity tour

After Alten's CBS National Radio interview on Jim Bohannan, he called me and said, "I may have just ended my career."

Alten spent many minutes in that interview extolling the 9/11 truth movement.

If the 9/11 truth movement is so suspicious of everyone who lays their career on the line, we will have less and less people lay their career on the line.

We will end our own movement with suspicion.


By, Cheri Roberts-Piper MTR News

There has been a lot of controversy within the 9/11 Truth movement about this bold new novel, The Shell Game by, Steve Alten. Some people passionately support it while others chastise the author for not including or coming to the conclusion of Inside Job. While the Author sources and presents evidence of vast criminal activity by the US government in relation to the attacks on September 11th, 2001 he does seem more inclined towards the let it happen theory. This has some within the Truth movement questioning Alten’s agenda for writing the book and why they should support it.

To those that are disappointed or suspicious of this book I can only ask that you set aside your bias for a few hours and read the book with different eyes. Of course this book cannot stack up to the full story some would like to tell, but that is because the eyes of those storytellers are already open. To new eyes, this story and its easy delivery has the potential to raise many questions in many minds that had never questioned before. Imagine the blinds slowly opening upon a darkened room on a bright sunny morning. Rays of truths that splinter behind the minds awakening eye – an undeniable new and unstoppable day has arrived. That's Powerful.

Steve Alten effectively interjects solid facts that relate to many 9/11 crimes (and other crimes) within this administration – as well as other levels of government, while telling what he calls a ‘cautionary tale’. Not only are these facts interspersed in the story, there are also multiple blistering quotes blatantly and heroically featured at the beginning of each chapter. The references to September 11th, 2001 are used as a foundation of ‘background precedents’ to help weave and move the story being told – which is the story of a coming Inside Job by way of a US government manufactured nuclear holocaust in LA. The attack needed in order to begin an attack against Iran as the presented perpetrator of the attack. . Sound familiar?

The Shell Game is an excellent book. Where I would normally describe a book this well formatted as an ‘easy read’, the gravity of the subject and the implications in the story are not easy. With three Heroines and a Hero this important political thriller is laid out in digestible chapters that quickly pull the reader deeper down the rabbit hole leading him/her to some potentially gut wrenching conclusions about what we don’t know.

Regarding "The Shell Game", did anyone else notice:

1) In chapter 11 Mr. Alten significantly re-frames the 1993 WTC bombing, excising the government's involvement in the bombing. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Emad Salem ask his FBI handlers to substitute a non-explosive for an explosive and was turned down? This re-framing is not minor as it turns an obvious government false-flag event into one of incompetence. When you then go to the "Fact or Fiction" notes at the back of the book you are given the distinct impression that this is all there is to the story.

2) In chapter 26 (p.189) he puts forward the blowback theory, ending the chapter by saying The United States' own foreign policy had indirectly given birth to Al-Qaeda ---the base. There was nothing at all indirect or accidental about the creation of the al-Qaeda myth, folks.

3) Finally the book ends with a limited hangout cover-up, not exposure of the deep politics which are still very much in place.

I'm not sure I'm one to critique its literary merits as it's not my genre at all and the virulent anti-Islamic tone in the book was deeply offensive to me. I found it to be a page turner because I just wanted to get to the end, be done with it and get back to my usual fare of fact-based, fully foot-noted non-fiction (9/11, deep politics and economics, primarily).

At some point in the future, if I have a lot of time on my hands, I may do a more thorough critique.

If Mr. Alten does get the media spotlight he seeks he will have to be precise with his facts and reasoning or he will get shredded. Based on the three interviews I've seen/heard, he needs to hit the books.

I know my comments will probably bring some heat, but I have very thick skin and am used to being a gad-fly (good traits for a truther, eh?).

Keep up the fight, brothers and sisters, the truth will out!

Let's make sure all 535 members of Congress and all significant members of the press get at least one copy of 9/11 Contradictions by Dr. Griffin as soon as possible. Preferably hand delivered by a local constituent with a short cover letter and contact info.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

I noticed those things also.

Yes, I read the book from cover to cover after paying for it, and in contrast to what Rep suggests, having read it, I think it is really awful. Its central aim is clearly to keep the myth of Islamofascism intact while allowing some critique of the OCT to seep in around the edges. It is badly written and poorly edited. Its promotion of "Obsession" is inexcusable, and the amount of actual Truth material in the book (versus on some website) is almost nil.

Anyone who thinks it better to promote this over DRG's 9/11 Contradictions needs his or her head examined ASAP. At the very least, the book should be bundled with a DVD of the BBC series "The Power of Nightmares" and have the link to "Obsession" excised.

Cassela and LeftWright: help reach a LOT of people QUICKLY

If you have been paying attention, this is a fiction/reality vehicle that can reach a LOT of people QUICKLY. Because it IS "fiction," it can reach a LOT more people that would have been missed. And if you have watched the two recent interviews including the excellent one with Jon Gold, you can see just how well Steve Alten comes across. And by getting his book (it doesn't matter if you don't like the aesthetics) way up on the best seller list, he can break out into the MAIN STREAM -- as in MEDIA. He's almost there. Time is of the essence!

Look. If they did it once they can do it again. And it looks like they plan to do just that!
What if it is the "American Hiroshima?" Have you read about it?

FBI director Robert Mueller in an interview said, he wakes up at night thinking about
nukes here in the U.S. because "it feels so real!!" (of course it won't be al Qaeda)

Warren Buffet said nuclear explosions her in the U.S. are a "virtual certainty!" He doesn't know when, but even he says it could be TOMORROW!!

Bush has even said the next 9/11 will make the first 9/11 "PALE by comparison" (11-11/07 and 2-13/08) and "WREAK HAVOC THROUGH DEATH!!." (8-3/07)

There has been al Qaeda (not publicized) messages saying they have warned us three times. There will be no more warnings:

The threat was picked up by DEBKAfile’s monitors from a rush of electronic chatter on al Qaeda sites Thursday, Aug. 8.

The al Qaeda communications accuse the Americans of the grave error of failing to take seriously the videotape released by the American al Qaeda spokesman Adam Gaddahn last week. “They will soon realize their mistake when American cities are hit by quality operations,” said one message.

Another said the attacks would be carried out “by means of trucks loaded with radio-active material against America’s biggest city and financial nerve center.”

A third message mentioned New York, Los Angeles and Miami as targets. It drew the answer: “The attack, with Allah’s help, will cause an economic meltdown, many dead, and a financial crisis on a scale that compels the United States to pull its military forces out of many parts of the world, including Iraq, for lack of any other way of cutting down costs.”

Possible named sites for the "American Hiroshima:" (Hiroshima means nuclear) NYC, DC, Miami. Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco. And I am not just talking ONE of these; I am talking ALL of these simultaneously!!!

Time is SHORT!! "contradictions is a GREAT BOOK too. I think we all understand that. So Help Push THE SHELL GAME ..... and ..... Griffin's "9/11 Contradictions."

"The Shell Game" and Griffin's " 9/11 Contradictions" can be bought in combo on Amazon. (But buy between April 16 and 22.)

I believe saw where Seymour Hersh and Scott Ritter say another false flag operation could happen this month. ( Don't quote me on that.)

Even Stephen Jones says its time to get ready for another event. He said it in comments to his own post yesterday:

JodieMudd has been infecectd w/ Bill Douglas' CAPS virus too?

Rep? What's going on here? Is there any relation to the people I've seen recently behaving (IMO) like Bill Douglas, to the actual Bill Douglas who's been pimping "SHELL GAME" for months here at 911blogger and various other places?

"If I had just paid $20 million for the NIST report, I'd be asking for a refund!... The trouble with the NIST Report is that it isn’t even science because it's not capable of being verified or negated!"
-Dr. Frank Greening

Are you requesting an IP check, stallion4?

Now, that's just not nice....

***wicked grin***

But, since YOU asked...

What's the deal here, Rep?

Are some of these new folks making you work overtime?

I love this place and I sure don't want to see anyone burn it down with flame wars or stink it up with rotting SPAM.

I hope that you and yours are well, s4 and Rep.


The truth shall set us free (and I'll get to dance more, yea!)

Love is the only way forward.

Please explain to me how a book and an author

can PREVENT another 9/11?

This is one of the most ridiculous and specious assertions I've ever encountered on 911Blogger.

If you all keep this* up I will write a full critique of the book and post it on every site I can find, that's a PROMISE.

* hyperbole and browbeating tactics

Chill out and think about what you are doing, ok?

The truth shall set us free (while some others may sell a lot of books).

Love is the only way forward. (no books required)

Good observations...LeftWright

You make valid points and I'll keep them in mind as I read the book. It's not my genre either but feel compelled to do my part to push this into the mainstream if at all possible?

Alten wrote this book, as I understand it, some time ago, perhaps he wasn't fully versed? It may be these are just defeciencies in his own knowledge? I could read Peter Lance's "Triple Cross," and John Miller's "The Cell," and come away with a similar impression. WTC 93 has been a more sanitized story until recently. The internet has made it difficult to keep official versions untainted by truth.

It's sad you anticipate blowback from your comments. I wouldn't worry about Alten, I think, he's proven himself. It seems, he's paid a price for the novel. He seems to attribute the stress of writing the book to the onset of Parkinsonism?

...don't believe them!

The Shell Game review by Jehan Abdur-Raheem

- - The Shell Game review by Jehan Abdur-Raheem

The following is transcribed from hand-written correspondence from
Jehan Abdur-Raheem, a so-called “Muslim of Influence” kept in isolation
since 2005 without disclosure of where accusations are coming from to keep
Jehan isolated for such a long time, which borders on torture in our prisons.

There can be no progress, no achievement without Sacrifice.
-- James Allen

Peace Brother Jonathan,

The book arrived roughly a week ago. I didn’t want to write you about it until after I had read, and now that I’ve read it, all I can say is “Wow!” You’ve already read it, so you know what I mean.

When people compliment a book they usually begin by saying, ‘I couldn’t put it down’ … Well, I couldn’t put it down (smile). But I stopped reading it at several points because the book made me realize how humongous our task is. The insanity is not national; it’s global; and with the Neocons in control of the mainstream media, mobilizing the masses is virtually impossible.

The book is fictional, but the characters and situations were very real to me because I’m conscious enough to know that these things happen daily. Truths and facts interwoven into the fabric of story hit hard at the conscious and conscience of the reader … It made me feel little…microscopic actually, when compared to the size of the problems that confront us because of greedy, selfish power-mongers.

The end saddened me because it showed just how any such reality would end. Cover-ups, pardons and the token prosecution of minions. The spin doctors would still point their fingers in directions that most expedient to whatever party held the most power, and the media would be led like sheep. They, in turn, would mislead the masses by telling them what they actually wanted to hear; which would be anything that supports them in their ‘comfort zone’ of self-righteousness.

Like no one condemned Roosevelt for Pearl Harbor, no one would formally charge Bush and Cheney for the murders of 9-11; and all the hearings transcripts would become classified documents, and Americans would remain in the dark about leaders they elected.

I got a little upset considering this fact because I’ve spent the last 30 years of my life with men sentenced to 20 years in prison for selling $50 worth of crack, or sticking up some mom and pop grocery store with a Saturday-night special, while Bush and Cheney raped the planet and earn an honorable place in our history books.

The Shell Game was well written. The research extensive and Steve Alten bravely put in everything that needed to be said, pulling no punches. The Mulligan speeches should be given to Obama and Hillary… The positions they take are weak, when stronger, more radical stances are called for to attract conscious Americans. I agree that the issues that confront us are ‘black and green’. That freeing us from oil dependency would solve 65% of our problems in the next 10 years. Reducing the global populations through education and birth control initiatives would give us head start in surviving until the next Century. Islamic Radicals were ‘made’ by America’s greed and insensitive attempts to control the world’s resources. Fossil fuels will be needed for years to come, as the transition to alternative fuels will take time, but putting a new infrastructure in place would solve the unemployment rate, foster new nationalistic pride, and Marshall in a new era of ‘Green’ that will preserve the planet and its inhabitants.

As a Muslim, I appreciated the balanced way in which Steve outlined the Muslim dilemma. The historical accounts were accurate, and just so you’ll know, many Muslims worldwide are unhappy with the Royals in Saudi Arabia. If it were not the place of Mecca and Medina, not even their wealth would have protected them from right-thinking Muslims who want a just, fair, and peaceful society as promoted by the Teachings of the Prophet Muhammad and the instructions of the Quran. Make no mistake, Muslims are also enjoined to fight in defense of themselves, their property, their religion, etc., but the Prophet would’ve never blown up a marketplace filled with women and children, or made war on non-combatants. War for us is the last resort; not the first choice. Left alone, most Muslim countries would gravitate towards democratic reforms, as the sheer number of people in the overall community dictates progressive change. I’m offended when Neocons describe Muslims as ‘peace hating people’; or people who hate the American way of life – Muslims don’t hate America; they hate the policies and practices of the American government. These policies and practices are motivated by America’s greed for oil … Adopt fossil fuel alternatives and get out of Muslim countries, and 65% of our problems will be solved. No wars or terrorism, because “WE” created these things. Steve was brave enough to see this.

Why he’s not #1 on the NY Times best seller list is an easy question to answer. It’s not just because of the ‘powers-that-be’ … Not even they will be able to stop the momentum once we get “The Shell Game” into more hands – and more of the right hands. Has he sent a copy to Oprah and Montel? Has he sent one to Sharpton, Jesse, T.J. Lakes – don’ underestimate the power of the Black man. Send Denzel a copy and one to Russell Simmons. I’ll personally tell friends and family members about the book. Those who read it will tout it –guaranteed. I’m excited about the future of this book, and I can understand why you are too.

I feel honored to have had you share this book with me – Would you like me to return it to you, pass it to another conscious mind? The book was well thought out; it progressed smoothly. The characters were believable and it flowed. No one will mistake this book for a NOVEL even though that’s what it claims to be. This is like Orwell! Years from now people will refer to it as though it were text.

Enough for now- I look forward to your next letter. Stay strong and trust me to do the same.


Originally posted at www,

March 20, 2008 - Shell Game Ballot * Glaciers * Reign of Terror

News fit to transmit in the post Cassini flyby era
<>~<>~<>~ ~<>~<>~<>
~~~ for life's survival in the 21st Century ~~~

Truth or fiction?

I wish to be associated with 9/11 truth and an informed and educated public response to government in general.
In the event of having to choose between a work of fiction and the work of individuals who have sort with integrity and intelectual curiosity to expose the facts regardless of their popularity, I shall always choose the later.
I consider the choice of book not the best, putting it up as a flagship suggests that 9/11 truth is happy with fiction.
The fallout from this may be grave.

The Tipping Point, by Daniel Sunjata

I Play a FDNY Firefighter on TV - It is TIME to HONOR Them By Demanding 9/11 TRUTH

"A tipping point has been reached in The People's 9/11 Truth, Peace, and Justice Movement. That tipping point is embodied in Steve Alten's new explosive historical-novel entitled "The Shell Game."

"However, a tipping point is just a tipping point until somebody (in this case, the entire 9/11 Truth community) lays hands upon it and DOES THE TIPPING." – Daniel Sunjata


"The Shell Game" exposes the fallacy of the "official" 9/11 theory of conspiracy in a way that is at once terrifying, entertaining, provocative, and informative. In so doing, Mr. Alten has provided the missing fulcrum with which the truth about 9/11 can finally be leveraged into the mainstream of public discourse, which as we all know is exactly what is needed to cement the achievement of what has been our collective goal for almost seven years now; a national resolution of 9/11 by a truly independent, unimpeachable investigation WITH POWER OF SUBPOENA which will finally hold to account the true perpetrators of this horrendous crime against humanity, our country, our constitution, and our citizenry.

However, a tipping point is just a tipping point until somebody (in this case, the entire 9/11 Truth community) lays hands upon it and DOES THE TIPPING. Already, Truth leaders from across the spectrum including Professor Steven Jones, Dr. David Ray Griffin, Richard Gage (AIA), Paul Craig Roberts, Jack Blood, various chapters of We Are Change, Dylan Avery and Loose Change, and many many others have pledged to unite in support of a one pointed initiative. We are calling this profoundly important initiative, "The Week of Truth Buy-In," which will be from April 16th-22nd.

The plan is to push sales of "The Shell Game" as high a possible, elevating it above #10 on the NYTimes Best Seller's List, thereby securing multiple platforms of mainstream media exposure which Mr. Alten has pledged to use in order to spread the message of the 9/11 Truth Movement and to challenge the establishment media to allow healthy, fair, fact-based discussions and debates featuring our most credible, erudite, and scholarly advocates (like those mentioned above). Once the likes of Griffin, Gage, or Jones get hold of the microphone on a national platform, I think we can join John Kusac in saying "The gig is up." Their house of cards will then, inevitably, begin to tumble and fall!
You can see Steve Alten's commitment is for real in his recent ABC 6 TV Interview linked at
So please,

If you can afford to

Buy multiple copies of "The Shell Game" between April 16 – 22nd during the "Buy-In for Truth" Week (make SURE you buy between the 16 and 22nd, because that's the count to raise it on the NY Times list). Give them to friends and family who still believe the official 9/11 myth as gift.
If you can't afford to buy multiple copies urge your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and associates, ESPECIALLY those who you know still believe the official lie, to purchase this vital book during The Buy In Week (April 16th-22nd).
For every week that The Shell Game stays above #10 on the Best Seller's list, Mr. Alten has pledged to donate $5,000.00 to The Feal Good Foundation to help the sick and dying First Responders, our national heros who were lied to by the EPA when they were told that the air in lower Manhatten was "safe to breathe."

I think this gesture speaks volumes about Mr. Alten's sincerity and his commitment to this cause which we all support. So let us rally around this unique opportunity and combine our efforts which have thus far been splintered and diffuse, for a fist is far more powerful than a single finger. With The Shell Game as our standard and flag, let us unite into an army of truth and peace. The time is NOW. PLEASE GET INVOLVED - THE WEEK OF TRUTH IS COMING SOON -

Justice, then Peace...
Daniel Sunjata

[Daniel Sunjata, Tony nominated actor, and a long time 9/11 truth activist. He stars in the FOX TV series, "Rescue Me," where he plays a New York City firefighter.]

Shell Game Question

We are being asked to buy multiple copies of the Shell Game, right? I have a simple question that I humbly ask. Help me understand, and I will gladly participate.

If people are having trouble being persuaded by the facts (10 second freefall, etc.), how can a work of fiction do any better?

We're at 203 overall...

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

Shell Game... Sales Rank: #177 in Books

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison? Sales...

Rank: #147 in Books

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

Well I

bought my 2 copies today!(and I am on unemployment so no excuses!) One for me and one for someone I know who works close to a gov.

Contact your represenatives!