South Tower: Exploding Projectile

A close-up view of debris being ejected from the South Tower of the World Trade Center as the 30-floor top section falls to the east shows numerous smoking projectiles that look like comets. Several of them can be seen to explode. One such exploding projectile is followed here. It ejects two fragments, both of which undergo secondary explosions. (Note, the rising fragment to the left of the projectile under consideration appears to be a tumbling object that alternates from black to white to invisible. It passes behind one of the fragments described in the video.)

--David Chandler

I love the last sentence....

I love the last sentence.... well put, and funny in it's obviousness. Cutting through doublespeak like a hot knife through butter.

The Clincher

Impressive, and evidence that is easy to understand!

The first piece that comes off the comet-like object can very clearly be seen to explode in a classic style explosion. That is the clincher! It clearly explodes!

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

More projectiles
More projectiles. Some from area of white smoke many stories below impact zone. Start at 8:15 when the camera finally adjusts for light. Projectiles at:
8:26 - 8:30, 9:16 - 9:21, 9:28 - 9:32, 10:14 - 10:28.

Some of these projectiles appear to be traveling faster than free fall.

Show "Could a micro wave canon like the THEL ignite particles invideo?" by mouv4x8

Keep 'em coming!

Love all your videos David! You make simple powerful presentations. I see a documentary of all your incriminating observations ;)

Keep 'em coming!

With you in the struggle,
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North Tower Exploding

Here's David Chandler's classic analysis of the North Tower exploding for anyone new to blogger. Watch this clip too in conjunction with his latest work. (This convinced many faculty of a university I shared it with recently! At 1-min. mark on the left side are clear upward-and-outward explosions of material with streaming tails.)

I would advise caution...

... in interpreting small objects on a fuzzy low-res video.

Caution on this video

I just spent some time emailing back and forth with a friend who is a staunch denier.

He did point out that there is a piece of something that actually hits the object being discussed at about 0:31.

This is not clear if it is hitting it, but it does coincide with the event, so just be careful. You can see a little shiny object just before the "explosion".

This particular event may not be an explosion but a collision between two objects.

See what he has to say

about More Projectiles [in my previous post]

More white smoke driven projectile
watch from 1.33

I have noticed these two huge chunks of something that shoots out from this angle (with very clear white smoke trails) way faster than the rest. I am no physics expert at all but after seeing Daves videos on this subject I thought I might ask for comments on them here.. One of these chunks of metal can be seen in other video angles too, but only for a brief second. This vid shows two very clear.

They sure look like rockets or as their path is amplified by something (must be way faster that gravity). The white smoke also looks very "active"/hot to me.

Please comment

Claes N